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2339 ZZ Top, ID, Clapton - "Cocaine"
2342 "...the only pirate powered by pure nuclear energy..."  Doors - "LA Woman"
2340 ID, rpts to radio mushroom at gmail dot com, Beatles - "Come Together"
2354 bells and alarms going off now...  Heart - "Barracuda"
2358 "...we gotta run for our lives..."
2359 off

Good sounding S7 signal here, and good to hear you again RM!

Just came over the wire...

Other / UNID 6937.5 LSB 0008 UTC 25Mar15
« on: March 25, 2015, 0013 UTC »
Occas dance mx being heard here, poss a pesc.

Freq is my best guess; a bit of trouble finding the best sound.

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6939 AM 0236 UTC 22Mar15
« on: March 22, 2015, 0238 UTC »
0236 Sounds like "Man of Constant Sorrow" right at the S3 noise floor
0238 off

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6923 USB 0210 UTC 22Mar15
« on: March 22, 2015, 0212 UTC »
0210 CW sx
0214 Scottie 1 SSTV and off

around S6 here

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925 AM 0159 UTC 22Mar15
« on: March 22, 2015, 0202 UTC »
0159 dance mx at S5
0201 off
0202 back stronger now - this be Madonna? guess not
0204 off again

2220 Carrier noted with JBA music.
2250 Still not very much audio - poss ID at 2253
2256 believe I heard the ID
2302 solid ID during a brief signal fade up
2310 F Mac - "Dreams"
2328 sounds like SMB - "Take the Money and Run" ?

Based on Harry's song IDs, this is likely another relay of FTR.
Based on Harry's ID, that was the case.

Thanks FTR, Harry, and relay!

Weak S3 carrier here with occasional snatches of mx.

2323 Scottie 1

Thanks RGG!

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925 Mode? 0416 UTC 14Mar15
« on: March 14, 2015, 1237 UTC »
Recorder Catch on 6925 USB

0416 I am hearing LZ - "What Is And What Should Never Be" very weakly.

I can hear frags of mx about 10 minutes before and after this time, but not enough to ID.

No ID heard

Longwave Loggings / Spring NDB Logs
« on: March 04, 2015, 2001 UTC »
Don't care what the calendar sez; we're calling it Spring here!
New or interesting logs while testing a working model of the ferrite loop which went through several stages of prototyping over the Winter.

203    DMZ   Dickson, TN (11Mar15 0300z)
206    IIB   Independence (Wapsie), IA (8Mar15 2300z)
218    AL   Alton (Alpos), IL (14Mar15 0300z)
221    ARV   Minocqua (Arbor Vitae), WI (14Mar15 0300z)
223    MW   Franklin (Onida), OH (9Mar15 1300z)
224    BK   Baker Lake, NU (14Mar15 0300z) booming in above usually dominant MO
227    YAC   Cat Lake, ON (9Mar15 0400z)
230    BU   Columbus (Bouton), OH (11Mar15 0300z)
233    HEM   Sparta (Huchn), TN (9Mar15 0400z)
233    ZFD   Fond du Lac, SK (9Mar15 0400z)
233    BR   Brandon, MB (15Mar15 0400z)
244    TH   Thompson, MB (4Mar15 0300z)
245    FS   Sioux Falls (Rokky), SD (3Mar15 0300z)
245    PWF   Batavia (Sportys), OH (6Mar15 2300z)
248    FRT   Spartanburg (Fairmont), SC (3Mar15 0300z)
250    UGS   Athens/Albany (University), OH (6Mar15 0400z)
250    FO   Flin Flon, MB (4Mar15 0300z)
253    GB   Marshall (Garno), MN (3Mar15 0300z)
253    DD   Columbus (Cobbs), OH (14Mar15 0300z)
254    HLB   Batesville, IN (10Mar15 2300z)
263    DYQ   Greenville (Dulaney), TN (11Mar15 0300z)
266    IN   Indiannapolis (Pully), IN (3Mar15 0300z)
269    ISB   Sibley, IA (5Mar15 0200z)
271    HXO   Huntsboro, NC (11Mar15 0300z)
273    FK   Fort Campbell (Airbe), KY (11Mar15 0300z)
274    RG   Red Wing, MN (7Mar15 0600z)
275    CW   Mosinee (Danci), WI (9Mar15 0400z)
278    EOE   Newberry (Enoree), SC (9Mar15 0400z)
278    HOC   Hillsboro, OH (9Mar15 0400z)
280    MQW   Mc Rae, GA (9Mar15 0400z)
282    OXD   Oxford, OH (3Mar15 0300z)
282    ROS   Rush City, MN (7Mar15 0600z)
283    SCO   Scobey, MT (7Mar15 0600z)
284    RQY   Elkins (Randolph Co), WV (10Mar15 0400z)
284    PTB   Petersburg, VA (11Mar15 0300z)
284    QD   The Pas, MB(5Mar15 0200z)
290    QR   Regina, SK (7Mar15 0600z)
299    HW   Washington (Cubla), OH (4Mar15 2300z)
309    GPI   Guapi, CLM (7Mar15 0600z) LSB and USB nicely straddling the SD DGPS station
315    AT   Dayton (Bruny), OH (4Mar15 2300z)
323    EBS   Webster City, IA (4Mar15 0300z)
326    PKZ   Pensacola (Pickens), FL (31Mar15 0400z)
327    JMR   Mora, MN (3Mar15 0300z)
331    JV   Jeffersonville (Catch), IN (6Mar15 0400z)
334    BNR   Findlay (Benton Ridge), OH (10Mar15 0400z)
335    LUK   Cincinnati, OH (3Mar15 0300z)
335    COQ   Cloquet, MN (7Mar15 0600z)
335    BV   Batesville (Almnd), AR (31Mar15 0400z)
337    FF   Fergus Falls (Hamre), MN (3Mar15 0300z)
340    GN   Lexington (Brindl), KY (6Mar15 0400z)
341    CCJ   Springfield (Clark Co), OH (10Mar15 0400z)
341    ZLP   Toronto (Mississauga), ON (7Mar15 0600z)
344    JA   Jacksonville (Dinns), FL (6Mar15 0400z)
344    BKU   Baker (Timber), MT (6Mar15 0400z)
344    YC   Calgary, AB (7Mar15 0600z)
344    ZIY   Georgetown/Grand Cayman Island, CYM (10Mar15 0400z)
347    AIK   Aiken, SC (31Mar15 0400z)
348    MC   Mason City (Surff), IA (10Mar15 0400z)
349    FV   Indianapolis (Larez), IN (5Mar15 2300z) Seems 2B negative keying "IAS" in carrier which explains an unid on 348
349    APG   Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD (6Mar15 0400z)
350    NY   Enderby, BC (6Mar15 0400z)
351    PH   Mosinee (Bayye), WI (5Mar15 2300z)
351    MSQ   Culpepper, VA (6Mar15 0400z)
353    PG   Portage, MB (7Mar15 0600z)
355    CGE   Cambridge, MD (6Mar15 0400z)
356    IUL   La Porte, IN (5Mar15 0200z) noting weak 2X USB harmonic
356    RCX   Ladysmith (Rusk County), WI (6Mar15 0400z)
361    HB   Burlington (Himun), NC (6Mar15 0400z)
362    AK   Akron, OH (6Mar15 0400z)
362    SUR   Fitzgerald, GA (6Mar15 0400z)
365    MRJ   Mineral Point, WI (10Mar15 2300z)
365    PAL   Palma, EQA (31Mar15 0400z) Booming in, actually
367    FVX   Farmville, VA (31Mar15 0400z)
368    PNM   Princeton, MN (6Mar15 0400z)
374    EE   Alexandria (Tamie), MN (3Mar15 0300z)
376    LC   Columbus (Pickl), OH (31Mar15 0400z)
376    ZIN   Matthew Town/Great Inagua Island, BAH (3Mar15 0300z)
379    MDE   Cincinnati (Madeira), OH (3Mar15 0300z)
385    EMR   Augusta (Emory), GA (3Mar15 0300z)
388    CDX   Somerset (Cumberland River), KY (3Mar15 0300z)
392    XVG   Longville, MN (3Mar15 0300z)
392    AGZ   Wagner, SD (3Mar15 0300z)
394    AI   Anderson (Video), IN (9Mar15 1300z)
400    UWI   Dalton (Whitfield), GA (3Mar15 0300z)
401    LA   Lafayette(Earle), IN (6Mar15 2300z)
404    XCR   Little Falls (Ripley), MN (3Mar15 0300z)
415    DJD   Canton, GA (15Mar15 0400z)
415    CBC   West End (Cayman Brac), CYM (15Mar15 0400z)
420    TU   Tupelo (Veron), MS (15Mar15 0400z)
521    GM   Greenville (Judky), SC (3Mar15 0300z)

basically sounds like an old radio show?

0204 OM talk - weak
0205 brief audio hum, then into mx ending with applause
0206 ment "International Polka Festival" in MN, and "...world's smallest drummer..."
0211 Spike Jones like music
0214 sure sounds like a polka
0215 YL talk about a new generation of music listeners. "Playmate, Come Out and Play With Me"
0220 o/c
0222 "Rocky Mtn High"
0226 OM: "This is the story of....Let's begin now..."   radio drama which I am having trouble following with the fading
0237 dance music, followed by several other diverse musical selections
0257 Random Radio IDs
0301 This is not Random Radio IDs
0305 off after o/c

S5-6 here, with fades
Thanks Random; sometimes very tough copy, but interesting listening!

North American Shortwave Pirate / XLR8 6950 USB 0148 UTC 4Mar15
« on: March 04, 2015, 0153 UTC »
Played a funky organ track then off at 0151z.

0154 back with a blues track
0159 XLR8 IDs

S6ish here, and thanks!

2359 o/c on abt 6925.2 AM
0000 EDM
0021 a USB came on over this; there also seems to be a weak carrier on 6925.0, and pescs in the LSB
0029 up to +.310
0035 thought I heard an OM say "rock and roll shortwave", whether this was an ID or not...
0039 some mix sounded kinda like "Within You Without You" now at +.340
0043 OM ment "...music...radio station...576...", 80's girl group remix
0049 "Relax"
0106 finally solid ID here, and back to the mx

S9 here
This might be Liquid; might be tough to ID in this mess  really boogered that one up ::)
Thanks for the show!

Thanks for the ID, oly!

Have been noting an S8 carrier w/out audio here for a while.  Very quick periodic fades.

0220 Possibly hearing mx with a thump
0224 OM talk, but can't get any detail
0253 hearing what sounded like RTN's voice until a pesc came up in the LSB
0256 pretty sure I heard the ID, then back to the mx
0302 Sounds like "Black Betty"
0309 solid ID

Great to hear you, RTN; audio is impressive as always on the few signal peaks there have been tonight!

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