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Just found this: Scottie 1

At 2332:  Also Scottie 1

2334 CW   I couldn't decode it all, but it did end with "...XMINUSONE"

0118 just signing on w/ synth mx
0119 IRR ID, conv between Sheldon and David; ment that they were being carried by some adventurous pirate out there.  News about the Montreal radio biz.  Talk about $22,000 fine to an ARO.

0133 Weather, terrestrial and otherwise

0135 Pirate Radio Report from correspondent Chris Lobdell.  Brockett 99 clip at 0138z.  Cold Country Canada clip at 0141z?  End of PRR.

0142 Talk abt BBC show archives - signal is now getting pretty torn up.

0145 Show wrap up
0147 off

S8 on peaks initially, and thanks!

0104 on and right into dance mx with major thumpage

An un-retouched screencap of actual thumpage:

0209 Still a solid signal here at shutdown

Thanks Liquid!

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925 CW 2254 UTC 22Aug15
« on: August 22, 2015, 2256 UTC »
Very weak and not able to decode it here.

S4 carrier with only trace audio noted.

2053 up to + .150 with definite mx being heard

Recorded audio while running errands, and solid LR ID at 2148.

Thanks LR!

Longwave Loggings / Testing
« on: August 20, 2015, 1918 UTC »
Doing a dress rehearsal on the remote Ferrite NDB Loop today preparatory to getting it sited outdoors.  Maybe next week.  Here we were able to run the loop at the end of a 50 foot cable set (power, RF coax, and communications which is a CAT5 cable employing a pair of USB to CAT5 converters.)  Able to log quite a few locals even though the Ferrite Loop is sitting just above the basement floor in a pretty noisy environment.

All logs 1800-1900z.

212    VP    Valparaiso, IN
251    JZY   Macomb, IL
272    IK     Kankakee, IL
275    RF    Rockford, IL
293    UI    Quincy, IL
329    AAA  Lincoln, IL
334    LH    Bloomington, IL
356    IUL   LaPorte, IN
356    PI     Peoria, IL
379    UG    Waukegan, IL
382    SP     Springfield, IL
389    EN    Kenosha, WI

And no exceptions thrown in the software today!

0045 Bohemian Rhapsody in USB @ S7
0047 Switched to AM
0050 faded to below the floor
0052 rebounding to S4ish with We Are the Champions
0054 BGs - To Love Somebody  --  JBA
0057 Take It EZ
0101 BGs - Should Be Dancing?  --  in another deep fade
0105 Desperado
0109 ZZ Top - Sharp Dressed Man
0113 Petty - Free Falling
0117 OM talk, and I couldn't understand it
0117 Shout Shout in USB; OM gave an ID over the mx, and I just can't get it after several listens.  The USB is much better here, though there is a lot of selective fading
0125 Hold Me Now
0129 Magic Carpet Ride  --  ID is sounding like "? It Down Radio" now;  listening to a recording, I agree with Burn It Down Radio
0134 Wind of Change
0139 "BID Radio...Burn It Down", rant from "Network"
0145 ID and off

Thanks BIDR!


S5 carrier came up, no audio heard yet

0041 Trace audio from time to time

Thanks LR and MTQ for the ID!

Scottie 1:

Found these 2 caps in MMSSTV.  Both reported as MC180-N.



Thanks AR!

A couple of SSTV frames were sent at this time.  Quite weak here, with heavy pesc QRM, and I could not get any capture.  Guessing that the freq was somewhere around 6923.3 kHz.

0231 Now hearing unid mx ( w/ SFX and burping sounds) in USB closer to 6923.0

0238 SC2 120

0241 SC2 120

0253 Star Spangled Banner
0257 Hendrix SSB ('bout SIO 333 now)

0302 SC2 120

0309 SC2 120 (Hmmm...seems like I'm getting other people's mail here...)

0158 S8 carrier noted
0159 started to hear dance mx

Tuned off for a bit, and at 0205z re-check, it was gone.

0110 Bad to the Bone
0115 tent Cold Country ID
0116 a couple of solid IDs here
0125 solid ID and into Queen - announcements are at much better level than the mx here

S4 and get pummeled by storm noise; thanks CC!  Still the best I've ever heard you!

Kinda sounds like the TCS "War Is Not the Answer" show

0151 One Tin Soldier
0153 War
0157 Bad Moon Risin'
0159 Blowin' In the Wind
0202 Fortunate Son frag and off abruptly
0207 back on w/ 0202 Fortunate Son  
0214 Eve of Destruction
0216 off
0222 back on in USB with Eve of Destruction
0223 Peace Train
0231 Iffin I Had a Hammer
0233 "I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take this any more", Knockin on Heaven's Door
0238 gone

S9 with pretty good audio; thanks!

0105 weak mx being heard on abt 6949.9  --  poss blues?
0111 blues with harp
0117 OM ID, tent Captain Morgan Shortwave
0125 deteriorating signal quality now
0138 carrier got the wobblies there for a few seconds
0140 sounded like Captain Morgan, QSL info, and off

S4, and Thanks Captain!

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