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2125 Have had an S5 carrier here for a while, no audio.  Perhaps Liquid Radio?

2146 still carrier, still no audio, still dunno
2152 trace mx from time 2 time
2211 v..e..r..y tent ID, hearing the thumps now

Weak and at the floor - S3 - with electronic mx and an ID; sounded like "Amphetamine Radio"

2215 AR ID
2227 ID and freq given multiple times, and into an audio clip - commercial?

Thanks AR; good to hear you again!

No ID yet
Uncharacteristically weak at S4

0139 Come As You Are - better now at S8
0143 TCS ID, then Rush
0149 Live Godzilla
0156 Run Like Hell
0200 Get Outta Denver
0204 CB TCS spot, ID, Took the Words Right Outta My Mouth
0215 back down to the floor, and very hard to ID mx right now

Thanks TCS!

1205 Playing some blues at S5
1219 R&B tune - can't remember the title and signal is very choppy now
1227 Marley - Exodus
1236 Another Pleasant Valley Sunday, Reelin' in the Years
1243 Safety Dance, 1910 FGC - Simple Simon Sez
1249 Teach Your Children Well
1302 I Walk the Line (Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm)
1307 off w/o ID

Thanks for the show!

0038 Bohemian Rhapsody
0044 You Sexy Thang
0047 Jailbreak
0051 Poss ID over Lay Lady Lay, Life in the Fast Lane
0059 Marrakesh Express - sounds like DJ talking over mx, so let's call this RGG
0106 Nights in White Satin Parody
0110 Stand, Jimi SSB
0116 ID, thanks for tuning in, and have a nice weekend
0117 off

S4 and at the floor, occas ute QRM
Thanks RGG!

1105 Crime Drama
1109 Amphetamine Radio ID
1126 faded down to the floor now, but still on

S7 and sounding great; thanks for the show!

0130 On with "Check 1, 2, 3"
0132 into mx - the Dead?
0138 IDs, shouts (TY!), ment of not trying to be too political; "Theme From Shaft"
0150 Playlist, QSL info, closing announcements
0152 off

Right at the floor tonight, and very tough copy here
Thanks ROR!

QSLs Received / Radio KHAT eQSL
« on: July 15, 2015, 0006 UTC »

Thanks MEOW!

Weak, and I think 2 images sent.  ScottieDX.  This is the second, which was capped in split frames.

Thanks KHAT, and thanks Chris for the ID!

0137 Flaming Lips - With All Your Power
0141 unid tune
0145 ROR ID, Armour Hot Dog Commercial
0147 Brylcream commercial
0155 IDs, shouts (TY!), Mr Clean commercial, sounds like the "I am the Frito Bandito" commercial
0204 pretty tough copy now
0207 barely hearing ROR ID, poss shouts
0213 Do You Realize peeking above the noise
0216 "Yo Ho Yo Ho"
0217 IDs, closing announcements. shouts
0219 off

S4-S5 here tonite, and fades down to the floor
Thanks ROR; very good to hear you!

Scottie 1

The carrier has been visible for a while now.

0400 Hearing fair audio now with COTBR off the air

0407 OM talk, and back to mx
0410 poss promo for Artem's World of Music?


Poor copy right after the Wolverine SSTV, also Scottie 1

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925 AM *0142 UTC 4Jul15
« on: July 04, 2015, 0151 UTC »
0142 Big S9+5 o/c
0145 BOC - "Reaper"
0150 Strawberry AC - "Incense and Peppermints" - has now tailed off to near the noise floor
0154 BTO - "Roll on Down the HiWay" - pretty much gone now

From another thread, seems this might have been Liquid Radio.
Thanks for the show, and Happy 4oJ!

YL voice comms.

Sounds like the Amelia Earhart recreation?
Poss the UNID CW rptd in "Other" was a part of this?

0104 hearing calls NRUI (USCG Itasca)  and KHAQQ (Earhart)  Wx bc by OM

0105 Amelia comms
0108 Amelia calling Itasca with position
0111 Amelia thinks she is abt 200 miles out
0112 Itasca can't take a bearing; switch to 500 Kcs
0113 Amelia thinks she is abt 100 miles out
0114 Itasca still can't take a bearing; switch to 500 Kcs
0121 KHAQQ calling Itasca; she definitely has panic in her voice
0122 Itasca to Earheart; ARE YOU THERE?  Nothing heard...
0125 dead silence

Thanks again for the great show!

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