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North American Shortwave Pirate / WPIG 6925 USB 2323 UTC 25Apr15
« on: April 25, 2015, 2326 UTC »
Hearing weak mx at S4 in heavy storm QRN

2333 not sure if it's there still, or not
2342 hearing OM talk
2351 again hearing mx

0005 carrier on @~ S5
0006 mx, poss dance
0020 sig picking up now at abt +.110; poss ID by OM that sounded like the LR op, but a static crash boogered up the ID
0023 LR ID; thanks!
0034 ID, and back to the show
0106 big peak now to +5 and very good audio

Thanks Liquid!

Started a recording at 2211 of an AM on abt 6925.04.  Essentially heard dance mx fading up and down until s/off.  OM talk and poss ID at 2236z; it might have been Liquid Radio?  Freq drifted throughout the show, so a strong het by s/off.

Equipment / Radio Shack Bargains?
« on: April 18, 2015, 1548 UTC »
I needed another antenna rotator, and had been shopping around.  The RS 15-1245 - renowned as a POS - would fill the bill as the rotator head was going to be modified anyway (shorten the gear train, replace the sync motor, and add a position feedback pot).  This had been trending at around $45 lately (down from the usual $60) and since I was going to just use an old gift card balance for the purchase, no worries.

Just got back from the local RS, and found out that the 1245 was on sale for $30, and was just one item on an 18 page list of 50% off items.  I was able to get 2 for a net cash outlay of $14...score!

This might be a good time to check out RS online for your needs!

0150 Riders on the Storm in the LSB
0155 off

'round an S8 with very heavy barber-pole-ing

0157 CCR very weakly in the USB
0203 still mx in the USB, but I can't ID it in the crashes - it's "California Dreaming"
0208 "Star Spangled Banner" after some talk
0210 Everyone seems off now, so time to watch some Puck.


Someone starting up here now on 6935 with what sounds like blues.

0117 Seems off now
0139 seems on (now on 6940) right after Casablanca s/off, with blues

Weak here in high strom noise.

0132 just coming on with a song by YL
0134 punkish sx
0139 Grapevine cover
0146 now a much stronger S9 w/ unid song - the spectrum is beginning to look somewhat familiar...
0149 XLR8 ID
0153 ID w/ just a tich of reverb, and back to mx  --  really sounding great now
0157 sounds like Senegalese mx?
0219 ID over Western instrumental
0222 great show tonite! TY!
0234 Franco & TPOK Jazz - Ndaya (you rock!)  --  a song about a guy dancing for joy after escaping an arranged marriage
0308 ID  --  props still holding up nicely
0318 ID and off; very much appreciate it

S5 here initially with some ute QRM

There seems 2B some (vestigial?) carrier there; don't know who it belongs to
Carrier down to 6940 ~0140z

Thanks for the show, XLR8!
Got any Franco & TPOK Jazz?

0033 carrier on
0036 Dance mx
0101 ID and back to the mx
0117 Suicide Blonde, MT Coming Home, ID, More More More

S7 here with fades
Thanks Liquid!

0250 Dance mx at S4
0255 OM talk over a mx bed; hard to understand, but I thought I heard "northern Minnesota", and back to mx
0300 LR ID

Thanks again!

QSLs Received / Friday Nite Radio eQSL
« on: April 04, 2015, 1541 UTC »

Thanks Mister Fridaynite!

1201 Scottie 1

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925 USB 2138 UTC 3Apr15
« on: April 04, 2015, 1300 UTC »
Recorder Catch on 6925 kHz

2138 Who - "Fooled Again", Steely Dan - "Don't Take Me Alive" (TY!)
2153 break
2157 mx by Hendrix, Cash, and others.
2220 off

Announcements at 2201 and 2219 UTC by a gravelly-voiced op mentioned 50,000 kW (poss 50,000 mW?) of power.


North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925 USB 0417 UTC 31Mar15
« on: March 31, 2015, 1213 UTC »
Recorder Catch on 6925 USB

0415 DTMF tones
0417 Very weak music first noted.  Poss a country tune sung by OM, which faded out around 0420z.
0427 Noted some talk by poss 2 OMs.  Something along the lines of "This is Robert (Stone?) from Allentown, PA... radio...the Voice of (Tomorrow?) has (now begun?)...Here's one for the road.  Have a great one and look forward to seeing you next time."  This was followed by a YL country tune.
0431 off

Very weak with a few pop ups to audibility, and thanks!

0043 T123 IS
0046 ID, and into the show.  Beginning to sound like a "devil" theme.
0104 "Devil in Disguise", "Devil w/ a Blue Dress", "Sympathy For the Devil"
0121 Dead - "Friend of the Devil"
0140 J Cash - "Devil's Right Hand"
0147 Echo ID, Scottie 1 SSTV
0150 off

S9+15 initially and thanks!

0026 Hearing mx near the noise floor
0029 YL ann, then back to mx
0031 more YL tx
0032 off then CW Vs, OM test counts on 6952 USB
0036 "Let's hear a show" 6952 USB

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