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22.52 UTC Herman Monster is calling CQ (ha, funny)
22.53 UTC "Under Jolly Roger", then jingle, VNV Nation - Off Screen
22.58 UTC VNV Nation - Chrome
23.02 UTC Station ID by OM, comedy and entertainment, VNV Nation - Carry You
23.05 UTC German ID and e-mail given enterhaken@gmx.net then break
23.05 UTC VNV Nation - Gratitude, announcement, jingles, again Herman Monster
23.08 UTC VNV Nation - Off Screen
23.20 UTC off suddenly

nice on a NE US Kiwi SDR, no direct reception due to STANAG QRM on this QRG 

21.40 UTC SSTV freezes at the end
21.42 UTC off

21.11 UTC PJ Sparx announced WREC and another piece of music
21.12 UTC Jane's Addiction - Mountain Song
21.17 UTC HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU with farts (great stuff)!
21.17 UTC Station ID by PJ Sparx, birthday today, 54 years old
21.18 UTC CoComelon - Happy Birhday Song
21.19 UTC Grupo Celebracion - Mariachi
21.21 UTC The Weeknd - Blinding Lights
21.24 UTC PJ Sparx announced Halloween and spooky birthday, about HFU and thanks
21.26 UTC Bob's Burgers - The Bob's Burgers Theme Song
21.27 UTC Fleetwood Mac - Silver Springs
21.33 UTC The's - Woo Hoo
21.35 UTC DJ announced preceding song, about B-Day program, Halloween, HFU
21.38 UTC talk about QSLs, e-mail, promises, mention of preceding records
21.39 UTC Stevie Nicks - Stand Back
21.44 UTC Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers & Stevie Nicks - Stop Draggin' My Heart Around

strong on the AB1KW, Concord, NH KiwiSDR! Happy B-day OM! Have a great day!
Welcome back PJ, thanks for the tunes and please eQSL to my addy below, if possible.

20.08 UTC advertisement, Horror sounds, announcer
20.10 UTC fresh blood, Frankenstein, monster
20.14 UTC question to Klaus, ever saw Hamburg?, slight German slang faked
20.15 UTC about anniversaries, foot of the hill
20.17 UTC about evil, OM and YL (actress)
20.20 UTC talk about Frankensteins woods, Station ID by YL ION RADIO, e-mail
20.21 UTC advertisement, child talking with man, happy ending, special cake
20.22 UTC the driver was speeding, thunder&lightning, accident
20.23 UTC this message brought to you by General Motors Corporation 
20.25 UTC audience in background, nothing special happened, Flip,
20.26 UTC House of Horrors mentioned, Klaus, first dates, tunnel of love
20.29 UTC a voice with echo talked
20.31 UTC phone call, they want us out, Baron of Frankenstein
20.33 UTC ...a trick of your imagination ..., killed in war...midnight
20.33 UTC Thanks for listening to ION RADIO, e-mail, story continued
20.35 UTC YL talked about lying in bed, panic, nightmare perhaps with German accent
20.36 UTC castle of bad dreams, pitch, unordered merchandise, advertisement
nice reception on the W1NT, Newton, NH KiwiSDR!
Thanks for the entertaining Halloween show! My report will be on the way to you!

15.38 UTC Lou Bennett Quartet - Brother Daniel
15.43 UTC instrumental trumpet jazz sound
15.46 UTC Eddie Vartan Et Son Orchestre - S.L.C. Twist
15.48 UTC Lonnie Mack - Memphis
15.50 UTC Jaques Denjean And His Orchestra  La Route
15.53 UTC Instrumental (André Brasseur?)
15.55 UTC Alex H & Lumidelic - Never Too Late
15.58 UTC Gary Glitter - Rock And Roll Part II
16.01 UTC Librairie Musicale - Piont D Interrrogation
16.02 UTC Station ID by OM, 77LJS, date given
16.02 UTC fast instrumental sound
very good signal and good audio on the AB1KW Concord, NH KiwiSDR
Thanks for the alternative music selection. Please e-QSL to my address below, if possible.
Thank you very much in advance!

22.36 UTC Announcer about dead air, the ID Radio Free Whatever
22.38 UTC A Cloud Of Ravens - Old Ghosts
22.41 UTC "Whatever", then into Mildreda - Blame It On The Moon (feat. Cyan)
22.42 UTC dead air again
22.45 UTC restart of the show?!, IDs like 22.36 UTC: A Cloud Of Ravens - Old Ghosts
22.53 UTC song
22.56 UTC Echo & The Bunnymen - The Killing Moon

fairly good on the K3FEF Milford, PA KiwSDR

22.01 UTC station ID by OM, then song
22.04 UTC Station ID by YL "with Halloween special"
22.05 UTC Mr. James Franco, all time is all time... story
22.06 UTC talk about Tralfamadore and ups and downs
22.09 UTC talk about Jimmy, timewarp, automobile, tourists in the canyon
22.10 UTC musical break?!, Montana, music started The Zombies - Tell Her No
22.12 UTC ID The Voice Of Tralfamadore presents... by... short story, gospels
22.13 UTC about people, outer space, thunder and lightning, sun, creator
22.15 UTC Station ID by YL, story read by James Franco, about inhabitants of Tralfamadore
22.16 UTC miles away, robot city warehouse, couch, though it goes, applause
22.17 UTC Male speaker, Montana was asked, Bunny have you seen Montana
22.18 UTC The Zombies - She's Not There
22.21 UTC Station information and station ID, Bunny laughs, live story, James Franco again
22.22 UTC gas masks, Montana and Billy naked,
22.23 UTC Montana screamed, fantastic architecture, station ID, special guest Zorg from planet
22.25 UTC about Marco and Billy and planet, after each question always some beeps before answer
22.27 UTC about farts and poop, Poo Fighters, final words and thanks for interview
22.29 UTC Hello ID by YL Montana, The Zombies - This Will Be Our Year
22.42 UTC off

Good on the K3FEF KiwiSDR in Milford, PA
Thanks a lot for the Halloween show! Please eQSL to my address below, if possible. Thank you in advance!

19.09 UTC elima, ekolo, elua, eha....and other strange words by OM
19.10 UTC another OM said something twice and sign off

very well on AB1KW KiwiSDR in Concord, NH
Thanks for the numbers - whatever they should mean - and please eQSL to my addy below.
I made a short recording for the OP, if interested. Let me know!

18.14 UTC Sydney Fresh - Devotion
18.16 UTC DJ Alligator - Lollipop
18.20 UTC Ixiomara - The ABC Of Love
18.28 UTC La Poche - Big Frogs
18.30 UTC Say - Winner Of The Game
18.35 UTC Euro Dance Classics Allstars Mix
18.42 UTC Ace Of Base - All That She Wants
18.46 UTC Eila Korhonen - Tangatyttö
weak signal but fairly good audible, only slight QRM here first
but then STANAG interferences and fade out also

Thanks for the show and please eQSL to my addy below, if possible

00.44 UTC Sublime With Rome & Sightly Stoopid - Cool & Collected
01.14 UTC s/off?

direct reception in NW Germany again! SINPO 21321, due to heavy STANAG QRM
There was also an AM carrier visible on 6868 kHz until 01.23 UTC

16.29 UTC transmission started, a child was singing
16.31 UTC male announcer in Dutch Radio De Mi AMIGO
music by Vrazels Polka Band - John Deere B Polka
16.34 UTC André Brasseur - The Kid
16.37 UTC Al Stewart - On The Border
16.40 UTC The Everly Brothers - Bye Bye Love
16.40 UTC Station IDs again... test...Radio De Mi Amigo
16.42 UTC Thanks to a listener, The Fortunes - Freedom Come, Freedom Go
16.45 UTC Golden Earring - Dong Dong Di Ki Di Gi Dong
16.48 UTC Meister Martijn - Es Die Trommel Sjleit
16.51 UTC Sir Douglas Quintet - Mendocino
16.54 UTC Elvis Presley - Suspicious Minds
16.58 UTC Mouth & MacNeal - How Do You Do?

good signal here but strong QRM by STANAG

QSLs Received / MIX Radio International - eQSL - Oct 1st
« on: October 22, 2023, 0758 UTC »
Sorry for being late with this great eQSL! Thank you very very much, Mr. MIX!

just a carrier here, no audio comes through. Pity!

16.55 UTC Rockmusic instrumental
16.56 UTC HF Undergroud mentioned by male DJ, way too much echo
16.59 UTC announcement by OM in EE, much to heav echoooo, rock music, male singer
song is called "Pirates For Peace"
17.02 UTC Give Peace A Chance, about war, pirates for peace
17.03 UTC Peter Gosling - Peace, This is Free Radio - we are Intersound Radio, by OM (100% ID)
17.04 UTC Stereo MCs - Connected

good signal in NW Germany but overmodulated audio

21.25 UTC Glenn Miller - Over The Rainbow
21.28 UTC Glenn Miller - In The Mood
21.31 UTC Glenn Miller - Polka Dots And Moonbeams
21.35 UTC Glenn Miller & Marion Hutton - Ain't Cha Comin' Out?

weak in NW Germany

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