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That's De Witte Reus (=The White Giant)

Thanks a lot, Paul! Did you already succeed?

12.50 UTC Kenny Chesney - Summertime
12.54 UTC Station ID trailer by OM The Gringo is back, Joe Diffie - Pickup Man
12.58 UTC Josh Gracin - Telluride
13.01 UTC Station ID trailer GRINGO with Lorne Greene's Ringo
13.01 UTC Loverboy - Lovin' Every Minute Of It
13.05 UTC Station ID by OM, Don Williams - I've Been Loved By The Best
13.09 UTC Station ID trailer again, Brad Paisley - Ticks
13.13 UTC Gerry & The Pacemakers - How Do You Do It?
13.15 UTC Reba McEntire - I'll Be
13.19 UTC Station ID trailer again, John Denver - Wild Montana Skies
weak but audible in NW Germany
Thanks for the music! Please eQSL to my addy below, if possible.
Thank you very much in advance!

QSLs Received / Re: Boombox Radio eQSL - DEC. 2
« on: December 03, 2023, 1049 UTC »
I received the same one! Thank you very much DJ LT!

Is there any e-mail contact to the station available?

15.08 UTC music detected
15.10 UTC Jingle by YL ... all nations
15.10 UTC Above & Beyond - We're All We Need (feat. Zoe Johnston)
15.13 UTC male DJ annouced preceding record,...BOOMBOX
15.13 UTC Royal Tongues - The Balance (Savoir Adore Remix)
15.17 UTC jingle by YL: BOOMBOX RADIO - all nations
15.17 UTC funky sound, male singer
15.20 UTC The Presets - No Fun
15.26 UTC male DJ about the track, ... suga suga... on Boombox Radio
15.27 UTC Baby Bash - Suga Suga (Jerry Folk Remix)
15.30 UTC RAC - Cheap Sunglasses (feat. Matthew Koma)

fairly good on the AB1KW, Concord, NH KiwiSDR

Thanks for the show. Please - if possible - eQSL to my address as shown below.
Thank you very much for your response in advance!

This was Radio Dolfijn KG from the Netherlands

16.58 UTC Love And Money - Strange Kind Of Love
17.00 UTC jingle, ID by OM Kiss is here
17.00 UTC The Dukes - Mystery Girl

weak to fair in NW Germany

16.51 UTC Station ID by OP: Radio Kilohertz, final words, test
16.52 UTC The Rolling Stones - Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
16.57 UTC bad mode on the mike, test, thanks for listening, bye bye
sign off

fairly good in NW Germany

QSLs Received / Re: Dimension FM eQSL
« on: November 28, 2023, 1648 UTC »
I received mine also! Thank you very much!

13.40 UTC very fast techno sound and a male announcer within
13.43 UTC shoutouts, several names mentioned, about Dimension DJs
13.44 UTC numbers given by OM (DJ with British accent)
13.46 UTC another music, DJ about the broadcast, male announcer
13.50 UTC Scott Brown - Pilgrim ? Shazam seemed to be confused...
13.54 UTC male announcer within the track, very fast techno style
13.57 UTC DJ about the studio
13.59 UTC talk by DJ into the record

Was it the Telford free radio station?
Fair reception on the AB1KW, Concord,NH KiwiSDR
Thanks for the music, even if it's not my taste. Please eQSL to my addy, if possible!
Thank you very much in advance!

23.25 UTC announcement by OM, Bill Haley - Rock Around The Clock
23.27 UTC jamming station now on, DJ announced preceding track
23.28 UTC male announcer called another person, Radio Gaga, who are you?!
23.29 UTC The Rolling Stones & Lady Gaga - Sweet Sounds Of Heaven
23.33 UTC male announcer, into Moon Mullican - I'll Sail My Ship Alone
22.38 UTC another song
23.41 UTC talk by OM, male singer
23.43 UTC briefly Barbara Mason - Yes, I'm Ready and others (e.g. Mr. Tambourine Man)
more short extracts of songs
23.56 UTC Them - Baby Please Don't Go
23.58 UTC male announcer, about great show and sunday morning
23.59 UTC The Fortunes - You've Got Your Troubles
00.01 UTC silence and the male announcer about Shroomer
later some waterfall pictures, but illegible here
clear sound in NW Germany, so, fairly nice signal in Europe!
Thanks for the show! Please eQSL to my addy below! Thank you very much in advance!

QSLs Received / Re: Jack In The Box eQSL
« on: November 25, 2023, 1844 UTC »
I received the same one super fast! Thank you very much!

18.16 UTC music
18.17 UTC male speakers talk about "The Shadow"
18.19 UTC about driving, police, fingerprint, laughing
18.20 UTC narrative, male, male, female (high pitched voice)
18.20 UTC did you hear that?, "The Voice", Shadow, organ
18.23 UTC Mr. John Barclay introduction, train servicemen police
18.24 UTC blue code, thank you, Shadow magazine, laughing gnome
18.25 UTC The Shadow knows... 
18.26 UTC carrier only and sign off

nice on the AB1KW, Concord, NH KiwiSDR
Thanks for the show and please eQSL to my addy! Thanks in advance!
Wow, and thank you so much for your very fast eQSL!
The test of the new 8 element octopus antenna was very successful indeed!

QSLs Received / Re: Sternradio eQSL - Nov.19
« on: November 20, 2023, 1954 UTC »
I received the same one! Dankeschön!

22.23 UTC Die Form - Tote Kinder (content e.g. : A train to Cologne is late...)
22.27 UTC Dead Can Dance - I Am Strechted On Your Grave
22.30 UTC Laibach - Yisra'el
22.34 UTC Ulver - What happened?
22.36 UTC sign off

nice reception on the K3FEF Milford, VA KiwiSDR. Thanks for the show!
Please eQSL to by addy below, if possible! Thanks very much in advance!

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