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Radio Free Whatever in S-7 into Northern Virginia
ID @ :56.
01:02 Dickwweed talking about Antique Radio and new Beck Album..face paced and new.
Dreams 01:04.
Signal dropped to S-3 but popped back up to S-7 at 01:19.
DW talking about Amy Winehouse.
01:18 You know Im no good-Amy Winehouse.

Yeah DW..KMD3HR was an old swl callsign from the past! It is bad! lmao.
Thanks for the mention!

Iron curtin amp...60 watts and Iron Curtin Antenna.

Congrats to the new Cherry popped on HFU! TOM CAT!!

Dont give a shit about bad breath.
Young Buffallo song
RFW ID 01:40

Great Show tonight DW and Stavin! Best audio on the air! Hope the herpes go away! lol

Picking up a weak carrier here in VA, but nothing else...picking up music, but just cant pull it out for id

X-FM into Northern Virginia just above noise level..
Music SINPO 22222.
03:11 X-FM Id and talk from OM
ID and email at 03:16 xfmshortwave@gmail.com
03:17 ID and requests.
Signal better now.33333....going back to 2009 for next song 03:23 Female singer
03:30 X-FM ID and OM talk.
Talking about posts on HFU.
Power of X and Crow calls 03:35.
Van Halen song at 03:36.
Talk about longest day of year and summer 03:46.
03:49 talk about FCC.
:54 ID and Email address

Thanks for the show

XLR8 into Northern Virginia with many Ids and Punk Music.
02:44 song with female singer lots of sighing.
XLR8 ID at 02:51.
Punk song with lots of guitar at 02:52.
XLR8 ID at 2:58 Then off.
SINPO 33333

No SSTV tonight??? Thanks for show!

Liquid radio here into Northern VA just under the noise with talk and music SINPO 22222 QRM from storms

Does anyone know if OTR has a qsl address or eqsl info?

Nothing but the FSK qrm.
Got the music now, but weak

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6950USB 02:40UTC
« on: June 13, 2015, 0309 UTC »
XLR8 into Northern VA SINPO 33333.
Several tunes
Station ID XLR8 :13.
:41 Song with bells, chimes driving base in it
:48 SSTV then more music.
ID then off :53

Thanks for the show and interesting music tonight!

Carrier here in northern Virginia, no audio

Shortwave Ghost coming in well into Northern Virginia.
Sinpo 444444.
:31 UTC Bells tolling with email address male operator.
Unidentified tune
:35 UTC "Sister Morphine

Crystal Ship passing by here in Virginia S-4.
:09 Scorpions...No one likes you.
:13 Ah Leah Donny Iris.

Signal up S-5 some fading.
9:18 email address twice..female.
Crystal Ship Id :20 OM
:22 Bruce Springsteen. Thunder Road
:35 The Crystal Ship Relay Network ID OM

Thanks for the Show

Old Time Radio into Virginia S-3.
00:28 Song with female singer.
00:30 Cigarette commercial.
00:30 Jack Benny Show.
00:37 Song with female singer.
00:42 Comedy show with female..Gracie Allen maybe?
00:55 Only you can prevent forest fires commercial.

Thanks for the show OTR

Dick Weed coming in full scale to Virginia with testing
Your making good Dickweed!
Came up for tests three times starting at 23:30 UTC when I came on.
Its working here in VA 23:37.
No distortion here.
Light copy that time 23:42..your sitting there waiting

Shortwave ghost into Northern Virginia with music S-5. With some static.
ID at 03:00
Song with what sounds like lots of electric violin.
Female voice.
ID at 03:14.
Rawhide or Ghost Riders at 03:25 Bells tolling
Rawhide or Ghost Riders again
Off 03:26 UTC

Thanks for eerie sounding music tonight SG

Radio Appalachia on tonight with lovely S-9 signal.
Various Blue grass tunes.
Radio Appalachia, you are listening to Radio Appalachia…the free voice of the Ohio Valley. Broadcasting from high above Moundsville, West Virginia, this is Radio Appalachia.” IDs several times.
Songs like Camping on the Hill. .41.
Walbash Cannonball cut short .46.
lost signal then back on .47
Later Johnny Cash Burning Ring of Fire. .58
3 stooges Hello Hello Hello.
SINPO 55555 Thanks for great Americana on Memorial Day.

Pse QSL if available! Dan Meushaw 180 Beach Street Warrenton, Virginia 20186 Thanks

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