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Station into Northern Virginia S-5.
Comedy talk with british sounding OM and YL.
Sounded like SSTV sig underneath?

Northwoods Radio into Northern Virginia S-9.
Various punk music selections and IDs.
Northwoods Radio from the Great Lakes.
Pre recorded.

Thanks for the show

Thanks for the nice eqsl Ghost!

I have SWG now S4 into Northern Virginia.
03:07 Free - Its Alright Now.
03:14 Rainy Day Woman ...Everybody must get stoned...Bob Dylan.
03:28 News reporter segment..female.
03:30 Shortwave Ghost.com twice.
Bells tolling.
Shortwaveghost.com again.

Thanks for the music SWG!

Just to weak for me to pull out tonight...Having a big thunderstorm in Northern VA.
Here the music.
01:18 Cars Gary Numan
Popped into AM mode...much better.
Nope! Isnt going to happen? Just cant hear it.

Thank JP and Relayer! Conditions bad here in the east

Got station but weak into Northern VA
Blowing In the Wind - Joan Baez.
:26 Walk Right In
:28 The Four Tops - Cant Help Myself
1 2 3 4 Count down.
The Doors- Break on Through
The Doors Whiskey Pub..Get it Ray!
Loosing signal....
Just cant pull it out...I hear it, but propogation must not be good??? Started off S-3

I had them S-9 into Northern Virginia.
Was going to listen until I saw RFW pop up

Jimi with SS Banner! Classic.
S-9 into the Nations Capitol for the 4th.
DW ears are bleeding...screaming orgasm.

S-7 Signal into Northern Virginia

Youngblood by the Coasters.
The Stones
02:15 Wolverine Radio ID.
02:16 Johnny Cash Flesh and Blood.
02:27 WR ID.
02:34 Blood suckin son of a gun??

Blood theme??
Wolverine always delivers Thanks

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6950 USB 0310 7/4/15
« on: July 04, 2015, 0332 UTC »
Got them but pretty weak into Northern Virginia...picking up digital or very high speed cw over top???? FSK??
Signal up a bit...Ol Blue Eyes crooning!
Signal improved quite a bit S-9
I only Have eyes for you..Frankie Baby.
:47 Dancing Cheek to Cheek.
Thanks for the show COTBR!!! Happy 4th
Is thier any qsl info on them?

Got them S-4 into Northern Virginia with music.
Sounds like early 50s Pop music.
:15 Wolverine Radio ID.
:15 Devil or Angel.
:18 You are my Special Angel Bobby Helms
Up to S -9 now.
:20 female singer? Patsy Cline???
:23 Wolverine ID.
:23 BB King
:27 Angel Eyes.
:30 Wolverine ID

Thanks for the show Wolverine and the Angel theme!

Nice cw being sent...sounded good here in Northern Virginia.
Voice comms female vvv vvv vvv code now.
:13 Male announcer coms.

100 miles out Ameila Aerhart comms! Cool!!
Last I heard..she was missing?
Code again with callsigns. nrui

Love this format! Something different and nostalgic.

Cw transmissions again
Amelia announce frequency change??
:19 more Amelia voice and cw transmission.

Yup! Got em here in Northern VA above the noise level! Hello DW! I have em better on 6951 S -3 S-4

The Crystal Ship with 80s Time Machine with Back to Future Theme.
SINPO 55555 Sounding good in AM.
Various TCS IDs with Back to Future Segments and 80 music.
Thanks for the time travel John Poet! Great stuff!
8675309 Tommy T...Classic
Email addresses given.
:16 Billy Jean  Michael Jackson.

Yup! Repeat of show

I have them just above the noise level with Doors music. Crystal Ship ID with J. POET 00:41
Starship Troopers-Yes.
S-3 signal with fades..better in USB.
:57 TCS ID.
:57 Hush DP
01:01 No sugar Tonight TGW.
01:13 FCC Statement and ID.
01:14 Bad Company
01:20 Steely Dan - Deacon Blue.
01:26 The Boss Spirits in the Night
Signal up to S-5 now.

Thanks for the show John Poet!!!

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