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There coming to take me away

Good signal
Lets get Physical - Oliva Newton John
S-6 Signal Some fading but pretty good audio
Dont Stop Believing - Journey 00:03
Some loss of signal but loud now S-9
00:06 Money is for Nothing - Dire Straits
00:09 Take on me Ah ha
Looks like an 80s theme
00:13 Dont You Forget about me Simple Minds
00:18 Out of Touch Hall and Oates
00:20 I love Rock and Roll Joan Jett
00:25 Centerfold J. Giels Band
00:27 Van Halen
Loss of signal
00:32 Back on Unlnown song
00:35 signal dropped alot
00:37 This is it Kenny Loggins
00:42 Best of Times Styx

I got them now S-4 with music
00:55 TCS ID into
00:55 Heat of the Moment - Asia
00:59 I melt with you - Modern English
01:08 The Waiting - Tom Petty
01:09 Styx
Picking up alot of noise qrm
01:26 Addy given by YL into Bruce Springsteen - Thunder Road
01:41 TCS ID

Thanks for the show JP

I have them now, but signal not the best..lots of noise S-3
00:32 Midnight Confessions - The Grass Roots
00:33 Young Girl - Gay Puckett
00:36 Cry Like A Baby
00:41 TCS ID and addy given Good Vibrations clip
00:45 I love you more than yesterday
00:48  love you so..I need you so?
00:50 98.6 - Keith
00:53 TCS ID
Noise and qrn bad tonight
01:11 Who will stop the rain - CCR
01:15 TCS ID Good Vibrations
01:15 Bob Seegar
01:18 Spooky - The Classics V
01:25 Moondance - Van Morrison
01:29 YL giving addys TCS ID Good Vibrations
01:29 You Showed Me - The Turtles
01:35 Smile a little Smile for me
01:43 TCS ID Good Vibrations
01:43 I saw her again last night - Mamas and the Poppas
01:46 The Lovin Spoonful
01:48 Something - The Beatles
01:55 Wouldnt it be Nice - The Beach Boys
01:57 Dont Walk away Renee - The Left Bank

Thanks John for the show and alert

I have them now S-4

Got them now S-4
Heavy metal

Got weak with Cabby Calloway music

I have them now with music...
Male DJ mentioning transmitter and Frank Zappa
Frank Zappa song

Got it with CW over top of numbers station

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: TCS 6850 0012z 4/4/16
« on: April 04, 2016, 0040 UTC »
Got em now S-5
00:37 Hurty Gurty Girl - Donovan
00:38 TCS ID
00:47 The Doors Waiting for the sun
00:51 Space Oddity David Bowie
00:56 In the Year 2525 Zager and Evans
01:01 Yosemity Sam TCS ID
01:01 I am a Walrus The Beatles Everybody smoke Pot
01:05 Manic Depression Jimi Baby
01:09 Unknown...,Sounds like Robert Zimmerman (Dylan)
01:11 Poco Harem Whiter Shade of Pale
01:15 TCS ID into Stones Paint it Black
01:20 Jimi Hendrix All along the Watch Tower
01:23 Ohio CSN
01:26 Ode to Billy Jo.. Bobbie Gentry
01:31 The Cream Brave Uylisses (sp) Clapton on Guitar
01:34 TCS ID into Santana Black Magic Woman featuring Carlos Santana
01:38 Unknown?
01:42 No Time The Guess Who
01:46 The Zep Dazed and Confussed Plant, Page, Jones,
01:53 CSN
01:55 TCS ID with addy YL
Fair Spanish Ladys Capt Quint
01:57 Off the Air

Great set tonight John...Feels like 69 and 1970 again! Conditions did improve last half hour S-7
Tough copy tonight Thanks for the show John P

Got em great signal
00:41 Old time music
00:42 YL singing old jazz or Blues song
00:45 Another old song by YL Sounds like 1930s
00:48 WR ID into another Blues song YL
00:51 Another Blues song Male singer I rather Drink Muddy Water
00:54 Male Singer Old tune Milk and Water Now
00:57 WR ID into Blue Grass Song I Wash My Hands in Muddy Water
01:00 Your well running dry Male/yl
01:02 YL singing Rather Drink Muddy Water
01:05 WR ID into Dirty Water 1960s
01:07 Rock me on the Water J. Brown
01:11 Old Black Water  Doobie Bros 1970s
01:16 WR ID into unknown song
Signal dropped alot..getting hard to hear
01:30 Old Jazz song I am up a tree Ella Fitgerald
01:37 Dont Sit Under that Apple Tree
01:43 Money Tree Blues

Thanks WR for show S-9 great signal
Water Theme and now Tree Theme

Got them now with music and static crashes
00:10 SWG ID
00:12 SWG ID
00:12 SWG ID
00:26 Squealing noises or feedback back into music
00:31 SWG addy ID Spooky music
00:33 Tolling Bells
00:34 SWG addy several times
00:35 National Anthem by GaGa Superbowl
00:37 SWG IDs
00:38 Off air

The Crystal Ship
23:51 Down in the Boonedocks
23:52 You Got Your Troubles..The Fortunes
23:54 The Crystal Ship.com 2 x YL
23:55 TCS ID  
23:55 Can't Help Myself The Four Tops - Motown
23:59 Marvin Gaye song
00:01 My Girl The Temptations
00:04 Hang On Sloppy The McCoys
00:07 Feel the Heartbeat Herman's Hermits
00:09 Do you Believe in Magic - The Lovin Spoonful
00:11 The Birds and the Bees J. Atkens
00:13 Eight Days a Week The Beatles
00:17 TCS ID
00:18 Stop In the Name of Love Supremes
00:27 Unchained Melody Righeous Bros
00:30 TCS ID Tarzan yell
00:31 Mrs Brown you have a lovely daughter Herman's Hermits
00:35 Ferry across the Mersey Gary and the Pacemakers
00:40 The Four Tops

Thanks for the show JP

I have them but weak signal
03:01 BJ Radio ID

Life Theme ?
01:47 Booming signal with old time jazz
01:49 Another old song..sounds Country with steel guitar
01:51 Sha Boom Life could be a Dream 50s Rock and Roll
01:54 WR ID
01:54 Song from 60s British - Run Little Girl Beatles...should have know better
01:56 Animals son
01:59 Run into My Life
02:02 WR ID
02:03 George Harrison What is Life
02:06 Unidentified
02:10 EWF Got to get you into my life
02:14 WR ID
02:15 Life of Illusion Joe Walsh
02:22 Walk of Life Dire Straits
02:25 WR ID
02:26 Wild Wild Life
02:27 My Life BB King?
02:37 WR ID and off into SSTV image
Plus two more Thanks for that SH** WR

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