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Do have a carrier, but cant pull it out of the noise. Music is playing but nothing here in VA this time around..Somebody tried to tune up

Booming signal S-9 DJ Dick Weed Radio Free Whatever
Then disappeared...announced down to 2 watts..stand by
Back on with technical difficulties
Maybe a Thermal event?
Show dedicated to Milfs
Playing pissed off chick songs
Honey Blood with Super Rat
Play you Son of Bitch!!! per Weed
Great Show Big Show DJ Dick Weed Jingle
2 more songs
DickWeed says he is an idiot lol Talk about his soft and hardware
Bell and Sebastion sp Song
Nobodies Empire S9 Signal again into Virginia
DJ Dickweed ID
Radio Free Whatever ID
Back to songs
Florence and the Machine with What Kind of man
Dickweed with dedication to all MILFs for Mothers Day
Gang Way by Guster
Jenny Lewis Just One of the guys
DJ Dickweed email address given dickweeddj@gmail.com
Request played for a listener
Sun Cisco song
Another requested song for Oly 1959 guy in MN
Aeroplane RHCP
Some fading here..S-7
Dickweed peeing in jar..realizes he had another thermal event..signal dropped but back up to S-9
Dedication to Milfs who brought us into world
Funny Dickweed meltdown about technology
wondering to end show
one more tune Gemini
End of show 01:55
Will get amplifier fixed for next show
Great MILF Spectacular Show!

Thanks for great show DickWeed

I picked this up also at 22:44 But qrm from what sounds like a net..possibly Mars on LSB

Im getting a faint SSTV signal

All Im getting is just a continuing tone

Picked up at top of the hour and lost into noise 23:20 UTC
Heard male announcer and music, but couldnt make out titles. Sunset here in east

Started out strong at top of the hour..Rock Radio with various hard rock music..S5 then down S-3 here in Virginia

Can barely pull them out of the mud..do hear music but hearing someone chatting over top here in Virginia

Caught loud signal with Talking Heads Burning down the house
Barry McQuire Eve of Destruction
Commercial male voice
The Young Bloods Come Together
sign off 04:06 UTC
S-5 Signal No ID given

Way down in the mud...also someone tunning up on freq

Channel Z radio with songs from early 1960s to 1980s...Plenty of station IDs British accent male dj
Andy Walker Listener rollcall given of listeners..plenty of Eqsl and snail mail qsl addresses given...Started light and Signal came up to good audio S-3 up to S-5 Great show with songs not often heard! Thanks for the show..some qrm from 6930 Spanish stations booming in..More audible for me on AM

Liquid radio heard with rap/hip hop dance type music...Heard the ID. Male voice...Static crashes and someone tuning up for long period..Just under the noise level then started losing it about 01:48

Utility / NMG New Orleans Wefax Broadcasts for NWS - 8503 USB
« on: April 27, 2015, 0139 UTC »
NMG New Orleans with Weather Fax broadcasts 8503 USB at 00:35  24, 48, 72 Hour Wind/Wave Forecast charts Emission type F3C Decoded HF Weather Fax for mobile S-5 Great copy

Other / Army Mars Net, 6904 USB 01:00 UTC
« on: April 27, 2015, 0004 UTC »
MARS Net  in USB held with various stations checking in...No traffic passed..S-5 Signal here in to Virginia
Net Control AAA4NC North Carolina Region

Just caught this tunning around
Close encounters 5 note theme...a jass song played with heavy guitar in it..Id with we will be back MYLQ
Then Close Encounters notes again then gone

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