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Good signal showing S8. Good station ID as Ball Smacker Radio. Thanks for the show.

Listening to you on my vintage WinRadio G33DDC Excalibur Pro.

Very good reception of S7 signal. Good rock tunes being played. Audio is very good. Thanks for the show.

SSTV didn't trigger.

Zeke...enough said.

Good signal on 6285.045. Nice rock heard. Signal dropped suddenly at 0130 utc. No idea what is going on. Thanks for the broadcast.

Wiggling connections at the headphone plug fixed a bad connection, and the signal jumped to S9 with dips to S8. Good sounding audio now.

Got the signal here. Sign off by Zeke.

Seminole Wind by John Anderson heard from a great sounding S8 signal. Really solid signal. The Mighty Quinn playing now. Thanks for the show.

Nice sounds making it here on 6931.077 AM. Audio heard of OM speaking; just not enough time to ID. Thanks for the broadcast!

Good tunes playing blues, etc. Very good signal. Thanks for the show.

SSTV (color) had a lot of noise that effected the image.

Good rock tune heard. Station is S7 and sounding good. Unknown band. Thanks for the show.

Pretty good signal at the moment. Station isn't very loud, but is clear most of the time. Rock tune heard at the moment. Nice guitar highs. Thanks for the show.

For some reason, I'm not having much luck in getting good reception. This is a first for X-FM...unfortunately. Maybe better luck next time. From what I did hear it was a great show.

Signal is S7 and sounding good. African derived music and barking dogs at times. Thanks for the broadcast.

OM with long dead air sequences. Different speakers heard; some with laughter. I don't know what genital mutilation is all about. I'm more confused than I was earlier today. I need to find some reality in my favorite Xbox game. Thanks for the show.

Neat programming and good music coming through at S7 most of the time. A puppy can be heard in the background. Thanks for the show!

Old fashioned head banger metal. Signal is very loud at S7. Thanks for the show.

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