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Fairly loud signal. Country song heard at the moment with some fading now. Thanks for the show.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: WART 6955 khz 5/26/2024
« on: May 26, 2024, 0059 UTC »
Good signal and very clear. Art Bell was great late night entertainment from the Ca desert.

The show is getting louder tonight. Thanks for the show.

This signal is coming in loud.The songs sound really good. This is a really good show for tonight.

Very good signal tonight and the songs sound great. Thanks for the great show, Sycko Radio!

Good audio on a strong signal. The station is switching modes between LSB and USB. Thanks for the good show!

A little tough to tune in but sounds good. Rock tune at the moment. Thanks for the show.

Iím getting a good signal at times, but the station is gone sometimes. Good music! Maybe conditions will improve quickly with sunset. Thanks for the show.

Iím hearing about the same as what Skip and others are logging. Itís a pretty good signal getting out. Thanks for the Monday nite tunes.

Very good, very loud signal. ID by a female. Thanks for the show.

Show is mostly hits from the past.

The signal is coming thru most of the time. Hard to tell whatís being said right now. Thanks for the show.

Very nice signal coming in from Wolverine Radio. Clear audio heard of some blues with an additional harmonica. Good  stuff.

Wow, the signal is really getting out now. Very loud and clear.  Thanks for the show!

Good sounding rock tune heard. The signal is in and out tonight. Thanks for the show.

Weak signal with voice heard often along with bits of music. No idea what was being said. Station off around 2356 UTC as I was entering this log. Thanks for the show, whoever you are.

Unknown station playing light rock with a signal of S7, and not very loud. I can make out one male who is possibly doing the intro for each song. Sometimes the station seems to be gone, but it always comes back quickly. Whoever you are- thanks for the show.

Excellent signal with quiet conditions. Really great propagation. Signal is S7 & music and audio is very clear. Thanks for the show!

Unknown song & group
Parody about phone calls to random numbers.

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