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Good rock and techno music with effects to make this a great sounding show. Signal is S9 and very clear. Thanks for the great sound tonight.

Very good audio and signal is S9 with some local disturbances. Wonderful tunes. Thanks for the great sounding show!

Pretty good audio. Rock tunes sound good. Thanks for the decent sounding rock tunes.

Big, very big signal. Station is S8 and loud. There has been music from Rush to Fogerty, with some unknown and great sounding techno. Thanks for the show!

The music sounds good and the signal is S8. Good tunes to enjoy. Thanks for the broadcast and SSTV images.

Very good signal, playing good rock. Signal is a steady S7. Thanks for the good stuff tonight.

YHWH is coming through for periods of a minute or so. I can't understand what is being said, but I can hear it being spoken. For YHWH this is really good.

I'm using a Wellbrook 1530+.

Do you remember KMUD? They transmitted from the same hunk of desert as YHWH. The equinoxes were about the only time you could hear them this side of the Mississippi. That's a lot of dirt, rock, and, mountains for a weak signal to cover. KMUD ran 20 watts of blistering AM.

I don't think I logged them. You could get Ca. if the operator had a full meg of power like KDED had. He got reports from Alaska. :o

Station is S8 and the oldies sound very good. Thanks for the show!

The signal is okay at the moment. MTQ has a good point.

Really good techno and rock. Signal is S7 to S8 and sounding good. Thanks for the broadcast!


Very good signal bouncing from S7 to S8. Audio is clear and sounds good. Top 40 tunes playing. Thanks for the show.

Saturday in the Park

i'm barely able to hear small bits of his voice. That part sounds fairly weak. I'm in Alabama, so it's a long haul for the signal to make it out here. But, thanks for the broadcast and keep safe and free.

Very good station signal coming in. Station is S7 and sounding clear. Nice tunes. Outhouse Radio ID. Thanks for the broadcast.

Great sounding and looking music tonight. Great tunes and the look in the waterfall is beautiful. Thanks for the show!!

Hey Skippy, you're S7 tonight and sounding good. Keep it up.  8)

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