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Very good signal coming in at S7. Station is clear. Unknown song by unk artist. Thanks for the broadcast.

Weak signal that sometimes is audible, but mostly noise. Wish I could report more signal. Thanks for the show in the waterfall.

Voice heard talking a little above the noise. Waterfall images are a bit unusual for pirate radio. Signal is S7. Thanks for the broadcast.

Catching the Captain on 6934.290 AM. Great old time songs tonight. Signal is S9+10, somehow. Most songs are tending to be drinking songs and oldies. Thanks for the show.

Funny show coming in around S6. Sort of cool audio clips such as Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, and All in the Family. Good signal all the time. Thanks for the show.

Hello, Outhouse Radio. It's good to hear your show again. Audio is really good tonight with songs coming thru very good. Good selection of tunes. I'm hearing some really good tunes. Thanks a lot for the show.

Sounds of Alvin & the Chipmunks, adults, and other animal sounds. Some are computer generated. Show appears to hit S6. Audio is hard to hear and there are many sounds all over the place. Thanks for the show as it is unusual and possibly geared towards children.

Same boring content. Nothing new and nothing interesting. Sure am glad I'm not an Irishman.

Signal is S6 and not very loud. Still, it's a good station most of the time. Other times, it's tough to dx. Thanks for the show.     0 0    hi Andrew Yoder
                                                                                                                                                                                       <    /

Very good signal. Really clear reception tonight and the station is sounding strong. Thanks for the show!

Good signal and very clear ID. Nice music and studio work. News from Ukraine.

Good signal for Cloudsplitter Radio. The station is coming in with mostly S8. The polkas sound great. Nice studio work to get the broadcast all tuned up. Station is hitting S9 now. Thanks for the show.

Zeeky apologizing for yesterdays ranting. He's apologizing but then sort of taking it all back with his chatter. Lots of mentions of Irish things. Talking about circumcision and other ridiculous things. He really seems to have some personality disorder.

Fair to good signal. Rock music heard. The station is showing S8 at the moment and is getting stronger. Thanks for the broadcast.

Maybe Zeeky ranting and raving again...it could be him. There's an echo in his audio. He is ranting about Stumpy Radio now. My money is on this being Zeeky with different studio settings.

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