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I would like to Thank everyone who tuned in today and to all our past broadcasts.  I hope 2019 brings Health Happiness and Propagation.  Happy and Safe New Year to all. 

Thanks for listening


Equipment / Re: General Coverage Comms rxer down to 20KHz?
« on: December 27, 2018, 0001 UTC »
My WJ 8718 will tune down to 5khz  I think the Racal will too

2355z   last bit of Indian 12 days of Christmas

Thanks PIR  for the Broadcast

General Radio Discussion / Re: 4085 KHz, good choice or not?
« on: December 17, 2018, 2331 UTC »
I'm thinking 5060 - 5070 ?? I can tune to 5 Mhz   I'm not able to tune 4085 at this time I'd have to put up another antenna.   


0142z Pete Shelley Homosapien 
0242z Cover of  In The Air Tonight
0340z  Devo Working In A Coal Mine

Good Evening Redhat    Thanks for the Broadcast.

It has the potential for private entity's such as NAB or NYBA to buy time on the birds to police problem areas ie New York or Miami. The 3 letter agency's have had this capability since the 80's It's a possible tool against the 100w ERP+ FM and AM pirates making Uncle Charlies job a bit easier.  Do I think it will affect 43m band activity.. No the HF Traders are doing that for us with spread spectrum data blocks. 


0320z   Pretenders   
0330z   Falco Vienna Calling
0340z   Johnny hates Jazz   Shattered Dreams
0345z   Bryan Ferry  Don't stop the dance
0411z   Beck  I Think I'm In Love
0413z   B52's  Mesopotamia
0423z   Leon Russel  Tight Rope
0456z   Visio 

Calling it a night here Thanks for the Broadcast Redhat.   Another Great Show for the Books

S9+10 Good Audio SDR Huson MT

Thanks for the Broadcast X-FM

00:30z   some kind of nautical song    Great Audio S9+  Great Surprise on a rainy Friday
00:37z   The Clash London Calling..
00:53z   Talk Talk   It's My Life...
01:20z   Signal in the noise now down to s3-s5  Great show tonight Thanks for the Broadcast 

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6975 AM 0002 UTC 1 Nov 2018
« on: November 01, 2018, 0009 UTC »
00:08z  Everybody Knows
00:09z  Holy Smokes...   Sounds like Redhat  X-FM Id
00:20z  Oingo Boingo Deadmans party
00:43z  Doors  signal in the noise now
00:58z  Michael Jackson Thriller s9+10 on SDR in Lamont, Alberta, Canada  Armchair Copy
02:10z  Pink Floyd  Breath
02:18z  Blue Oyster Cult  Don't Fear the Reaper..    I Need more Cow Bell !!

Great to hear you Redhat  Thanks for the Broadcast

18:42 Z   Fleetwood Mac Rihanna    S9+  Good Audio..   

Thanks For the Broadcast

sorry Channel Z   No joy anywhere..   

Thanks for the Broadcast

General Radio Discussion / Brooklyn Pirate Radio
« on: October 29, 2018, 1609 UTC »
Pirate Radio is Alive and Well in Brooklyn..


2203  "Africa" but not by Toto..    s7 - s9  Good audio some fading
2220  Shout outs  Still s5 - s7  Good audio

 Greetings Comrades  Thanks for tonight's broadcast 

21:00 UTC  S7 -S9 Peaks  Good Audio   Greetings Comrades
23:23 UTC  Band has gone long... Thanks for the Broadcast Comrade

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