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For a couple hundred you can get an HP 8901 Modulation Analyzer on Ebay   It has audio output and is good to 1Ghz  will do all that you want and more  Can set display for peak hold as well.   I run the CRL AM 4 Mono system  Great System but can get grungy fast especially with low bit rate MP3  If your handy there is a Texar Eagle on Ebay that will do a good job of processing your sound


If only Joe worked for ACME   8)


I bought these on Amazon for experimentation

Ltvystore 2600pcs 130 Values 1 ohm - 820K ohm 1/4W Metal Film Resistors Assortment Kit Assorted Set

Can't beat the price.. Xicon at Mouser are about 10 cents each same for Ohmite or KOA. I have bought large lots of Ohmite on EBay including the nice Ohmite cabinets

Electrolytics I buy from Mouser  I have found some bargains on EBay for Mylar caps 

Transistors only from Mouser or other reliable source.  Way too many fakes out there

There are a lot of Electronic surplus stores online where you might find other items at a good price I have bought from a few over the years   Switches/Fuse holder/ etc

I have 40 years of purchases in stock  lot's of UnObtanium on hand to keep my 30+ year test equipment and audio equipment working


General Radio Discussion / Re: WABC Radio Sold for $12.5 Million
« on: June 30, 2019, 0225 UTC »
I was there about a year ago  main tower guys need attention lots of lack of maintenance over the years.  Main is DX50 if you consider the property value alone they gave it away at 12 million  Would make a real nice pirate station


General Radio Discussion / WPLJ Goes Silent
« on: June 01, 2019, 1854 UTC »
A Sad Day in New York Radio. 

After 48 years, beloved radio station WPLJ/95.5 FM entered radio silence Friday.

The last song broadcast from the top of Madison Square Garden was John Lennon’s “Imagine,” released in 1971, the same year the station went on the air.  Just before the stroke of the station’s 7 p.m. demise — a fitting snippet from the Beatles’ “The End”: “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.”

The station was one of six purchased for $103 million by the Educational Media Foundation, a religious-programming group.

At 7 p.m., the station joined the K-LOVE network, and will now broadcast Christian contemporary music.


From what I've seen the SDR is replacing the traditional receiver so the home listener has a chance to hear a stations broadcast regardless of his or her location. so there is always a chance of an arm chair copy somewhere. regardless of brute force "carrier power" I only know of a few ops who can do AM 250W + carrier but if processed right even the 20w guys can sound like a powerhouse station somewhere on sdr so why not go the High Fidelity route.  If your sound can't keep the audience tuned regardless of format then why bother.  Spoken like a true FM guy..


I'm running the full CRL AM System 3 Processing chain using the AM NRSC standard pre emphasis I have the ability to adj the cutoff point and i'm set for 12khz  I also use an SRS processor before the CRL chain I think that it's one of the best sounding signals on the air


2333z  Id with Email  S3-S5 Good audio but at the noise level
2338z  Id with Email  S5  Some QRM from other station

Thanks for the broadcast Recycle Radio  First I've heard you in a while

0215z   X FM interval signal  S7 S9  Alberta SDR

0345z   I'm still awake  Soup in the bag..  Sound good

0448z   Peg   Steely Dan   Thanks Redhat 

Thanks for tonight's broadcast I'll try to stay up for the whole show

Probably Not Relay Station if transmission is in USB

In light of all the "Financial Penalties" I'm afraid I must now ask...

Dear Home Listener.....

As you know February is Pledge month for all the public stations in the country.. As you may know we're a Pirate outfit and get most of our funding through Plundering and Pillaging.. How ever we find the cost building new equipment and paying the government imposed financial penalties so you the home listener can enjoy our programs has exceeded our treasure chest.. So we must also turn to Grovelling for Dollars.. Your generous gift allows us the ability to explore new and exciting areas of Pirating. and the ability to afford "Girlfriend Experience Wenches" and to use financial lubrication to prevent detection As a Pirate Radio supporter, You can rely on our trusted fake news and Premier High Fidelity Programming today, tomorrow and in the future. So Mr. or Ms. Home Listener, we are a Pirate Station on the move. We have a super promotional idea that can bring Radio Illuminati from $500 million, to $1 billion in gross revenue. That is not about white power, nor is it about black power. It's about green power! Money! M-O-N-E-Y! We're talking about geometric progression. One... four... eight... 16... the numbers boggle the mind! So in conclusion, all we have to do is to get off the dime, and put this show on the road. Thank you very much.


Another worshiper of the Cult of Ma Bell.

Cult you say...  I thought we kept that a Secret..  BTW  I'm a Bell Labs Veteran 15+ years .. Would you like to come over for some Tang..  We don't drink Kool Aid any more  ;D ;D

Another Bell Labs Innovation..   Ah I miss the old days..

1740z   talking about the Yosemite SAM station broadcasts and other mystery signals..  I     wonder how many mystery signals were originated with "Pirates" ???

Thanks ION Radio for the Broadcast.. 

0140z  X-FM on the air Redhat on the mike  "The Contest you cant' win"  S9+ 10

Thanks for the Broadcast

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