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At/below the noise floor here.

1145 - Interesting. I'm getting 555 here. Except for some slight fading, the quality is just like a MW AM band here in town.

Must have needed to go show the WKRP Carp who's boss of Cincinnati.

0239 - tuned in just in time to hear one song end and a new one begin.
0244 - next song. Most likely these tunes are DJ creations.
0250 - next tune
0255 - SSTV - Pee Wee Radio - and OFF

Great clear signal here in Denver. Thanks for the show!

QSLs Received / Re: Radio Casablanca eQSL
« on: April 23, 2016, 0239 UTC »
Same show, different eQSL. Thanks very much Richard Blaine!

0028 Great signal here for a pirate. "1999" by you know who.
0032 moonlight ID and email

Thanks for the show!

Spy Numbers / Re: China vs Taiwan spy station V13 (Xing Xing BS)
« on: April 22, 2016, 1526 UTC »
If I may interject with a question... is the V13 transmission at this time in AM or USB? I've had trouble tracking that bit of information down when searching online (priyom reports that their mode is "USB + carrier (H3E), AM," which makes little sense to me, and the schedule provided by Ary doesn't say what's used when). My meager equipment can pick it up, but just barely, and so it would probably help if I knew whether or not I needed to fine tune the BFO knob or not.


@ RW, it's the reverse for me - I try to catch KBS but apparently the sun is rising too late for it still. I tried just this morning, but got nothing but static.

That stuff was incredibly loud for me - see my notes about it on the XLR8 thread. I'm glad someone else heard it. Nobody else mentioned it last night.

EDIT - I got that wrong - I was hearing that on 6960 during RFW's show.

I had similar reception at this time too, but I was listening on 9435 kHz.

Huh? / Re: Tire Pressure
« on: April 21, 2016, 0445 UTC »
My wheel barrow's tire ALWAYS needs to be checked for air.  >:(

0119 tuning into electronica. Good signal.
0134 still hearing dance music, unfortunately lots of QRM tonight. Didn't even hear the station ID at 0127 at all.
0139 all right, here we go. "Looking For Your Door," Chrome
0143 more electronica, Shazam couldn't ID this song
0147 XLR8 ID
0148 More rock, reminds me of someone familiar but can't say who
0150 "Ask Me a Question About the Atom" Ancient Greeks
    sun has just set, concurrent improvement in reception
0154 something reminiscent of Gastr del Sol but that's not what this is, I'm pretty sure
0158 XLR8 ID
0209 "Four Sticks" Zep
0215 "Furniture Music" Bill Nelson's Red Noise
0219 XLR8 ID
0238 band with OM singer covering Romeo Void's "Never Say Never"
         Signal has been really good at times, barely there at others. There was lots of interference (I'm a noob, but I'm guessing it was lightning crashes others describe) but that seems to have subsided.
0305 "I Got a Right" Iggy! Signal quite faded now unfortunately.
0311 faded away and/or off

Thanks for the show! Interesting and different tonight

2339 tuning in to decent signal, some QRM and fading but music clear. "This Must Be Home" P-Sol
2349 OM speaking but some local beeping signal is destroying the transmission here.😞 (Just to be clear this sounds like a beacon of some sort.)
2358 whatever it was, it's gone. Hopefully for good. NIN playing.
0002 Signal MUCH improved, now I can enjoy the show! DJD talkiing, more HFU shoutouts, (not that I heard the first ones due my reception issues, but thanks for that). Into "Do You Love Me" Guster
0009 "Saint Joe on the School Bus" Marcy Playground "
0012 RFW Station ID into "Steady As She Goes" a classic from The Raconteurs
0016 RFW Station ID into "Dirty Sheets" The Orwells
0018 DJD talking
0019 some classic shoegaze - "Chrome Waves" Ride
0023 "Afraid of Everyone" The National
0028 "You Kill" Eternal Summers
0031 DJD talking
0032 "Drugs" Dreamers
0036 "High Party" Ted Leo
0041 "Habits (Stay High)" Tove Lo
0044 RFW station ID into "Under the Pressure" The War On Drugs
     BTW I'm getting this on the PL 600 without the external antenna. Hard to get the BFO right in it, but there it is.
0052 DJD thanks to listeners and OFF.

Thanks for the show! I have to agree with the others, this is the best sounding transmission I've heard you yet.

QSLs Received / TCS - Unchained - 4/15/2016
« on: April 20, 2016, 1922 UTC »
Another lovely eQSL. Thank you John Poet!

@ Skipmuck, never heard Can? Good time to learn about them.  ;D

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