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Perhaps ironically, I'm listening to the Voice of Turkey on 9515 right now (0325).

0024 At the noise floor here.
0029 just enough to Shazam "Like the Moon Above You" by Kitty Kallen.
0039 "The Very Thought of You" Billie Holliday
0042 "Moonlight Serenade" Glenn Miller
0046 "I Hear a Rhapsody" Helen Forrest
0049 "I Only Have Eyes For You" I recognized the tune without trouble but Shazam came up with "Various" as the artist. No Shazam. Bad Shazam.
0051 "I Wanna Be Loved By You" Helen Kane
    signal is getting better, I'm able to hear more music, sometimes very well for a few seconds at a time.
0054 OM speaking
0056 "How Could You Believe Me When I Said I Loved You" Jane Powell
0059 Shazam isn't able to help me with this one
0102 "Let's Dance" the almighty Benny Goodman
0104 OM Radio Casablanca ID (first time I've been able to hear it clearly) with email for QSL's, into soundclip from film.
0106 "Tu Es Partout" Edith Piaf
0108 "No Other Love" Jo Stafford
0112 "Fools Rush In" The chairman of the board
0114 Casablanca station ID with email address
0115 clip from movie into "Night and Day" Ella Fitzgerald
0119 "How High the Moon" Benny Goodman
0122 "Dancing Cheek to Cheek" Fred Astaire?
     signal deteriorating now
0125 "It's Only a Paper Moon"-Betty Grable
0127 Radio Casablanca ID, movie clip
0128 I don't know this song and neither does Shazam
0130 YL and OM speaking (another movie clip?)
0131 "Comes Love" Judy Garland
0134 Unshazamable song, big band music with clarinet lead (apparantly Wang Wang Blues by Benny Goodman, h/t to Skipmuck)
0137 Radio Casablanca ID, email addy, movie clip
0138 "Blue Champagne" Bob Eberly (Or more likely Jimmy Dorsey, I'll trust Skipmuck here too)
0141 "If I Didn't Care" The Ink Spots
0144 "I'll Be Seeing You" Billie Holliday
0147 Station ID, email, and OFF

Thanks for the show! It's quite noisy here, doubtless because the sun is still up here, but I'm trying.

Shortwave Broadcast / Radio Habana Cuba in French, 17730 AM
« on: April 18, 2016, 2248 UTC »
18 APR 2016, tuned in at 2235z. OM and YL taking turns speaking. Station ID at 2244 with characteristic Radio Habana interval. The transmission is intended for Europe per their web site.
EDIT: Suddenly off with no warning at 2249. Back on at 2251.
It was a nice clear signal, 444-555, but has deteriorated quite a bit starting at 2254. No interference but significant fading.

@skeezix, somehow I overlooked your comment about R Prague til now. And naturally it's right after that broadcast ended. Thanks for that, I intend to seek that out.

I hear pescadores on LSB on this frequency (one really clearly) but no pirates.

0245 letter Z in CW, OM speaking
0246 silence...
*** They posted that they'll try again at 0255***
*** They posted that they have "major issues" and will post another announcement when they're ready to go *** (take your time, a good show is worth the wait)
0300 letter Z in CW, station ID (OM voice with English accent)
0302 Glenn Miller "In the Mood"
       SIO 333 with some nice peaks. Wasn't able to make out what the DJ was really saying unfortunately
0305 The Hit Band "Chattanooga Choo Choo" (Must have been Glenn Miller - darn you Shazam!)
0309 Glenn Miller "Elmer's Tune"
0312 Glenn Miller "The Woodpecker Song"
0315 old recording of news program about the Munich compromise that divided Czechoslovakia and brought us peace in our time...
0319 Glenn Miller "Over the Rainbow"
0322 "When You Wish Upon a Star" (omitting artist name as it's a foregone conclusion who it will be for the whole show)
0325 QSL to radiozed@hushmail.com
0325 A Nightingale Sand in Berkeley Square
0329 Give a Little Whistle
0333 The Story of a Starry Night
0335 Fools Rush In
      signal's dropped out quite a bit for a moment
0338 Pennsylvania 6-5000
0341 Moonlight Serenade
0344 Farewell and sign off

Thanks for the show!

2353 Music discernible in the noise.
2358 XLR8 ID
0104 "Love Buzz", a song covered by a certain Seattle band that got much bigger than this one ever did.
0109 XLR8 ID, into a cover of 867-5309 by Fitz of Depression
0112 Four Stations of the Sun by Killing Joke. Nice selection!
0116 The Nihilistics, "Death and Taxes"
0117 XLR8 ID
0118 unshazamable tune
0120 The Stranglers "Sweden (All Quiet on the Eastern Front)"
0122 "Old Guy" by Wimps. Peskies starting to interfere.
0125 punk tune that's not in Shazam apparently (I'm finally getting a good signal)
0127 Augustus Pablo, "East of the River Nile"
0130 XLR8 ID into unshazamable song
0145 "Hey Joe" Patti Smith
0149 song about being a SOB
0151 "Brooklyn Zoo" ODB
0153 Another version of "Love Buzz," this one from Anika
0156 "Nautilus" Bob James
0204 My Dad's a F'n Alcoholic / Frantix (THANKS!! - you must be lurking on the board)
0207 I Can't Come / Sniveling Sh^ts
0210 don't recognize this tune, neither does shazam, but it's pretty rockin'
0213 another tune
    Hey, if you're taking requests, got any Fluid in your collection?
0218 "Section 25" / Poppy Fields
0222 "Hammerfest" / SL Curtiz
0225 speedy punk tune with YL vox, can't make it out well though
0227 speedy punk tune OM vox
0228 American Leather / Germs
0230 sounds like the Fluid, thanks a lot!! Can't quite name the tune though, signal's getting bad. :(
0232 I know this one though - Your Kinda Thing. !!!! (Or wait, was it "It's My Time"? Darn this interference!)
0239 off

Thanks for the show and for playing more Frantix and some Fluid!

@davep, "snivelling shiitakes" made me almost do a spit take. Nice job.

Yeah, I saw those azimuth angles. It's like Voice of Korea right now on 9435, 28 degrees which is a great bearing on North America.

1344 - 9435 is booming in today. News about how North Korea celebrated the Day of the Sun (Kim Il-sung's birthday, 4/15). He would have been 104.
1404 - bombastic patriotic music

I'm sorely tempted to contact them for a QSL card. I just wonder what sort of list(s) I would end up on if I try.

It might be a matter of my equipment. 12085 is consistently weaker for me and 12065 is buried in noise. But in the afternoon and evening, even well after sundown I can get 17840 very well.

Skeezix, do you find the reception on this frequency rougher before dawn? I've been trying to listen around 1230 UTC lately which is currently predawn where I am, and the signal seems a lot more subject to deep fading then, compared to when the sun is above the horizon by 1300.

CT Yankee, I agree that this station is great. Australian country music is so much more interesting than the stuff Nashville's been making for the past 30 years or so.

Per their post on the broadcast announcements page. I can just barely hear them. Little noise or interference, but low power.

0037 just tuned in to hear OM station ID.
0038 Dire Straits "Money For Nothing"
        Weak but distinct signal, lots of noise but not drowning out the signal. Let's call this 222. (Or is it 242 when the interference is bad?     #helpanoobout)
0045 Rammstein (getting that from the other HFU'ers, I'm charging the phone and can't use Shazam tonight)
0054 Hip hop song, possibly YL vocals
0057 new hip hop song

Thanks for the show!

2357 Almost completely inaudible unfortunately, but hopefully will improve as the broadcast goes on.
0001 Kansas "Carry On My Wayward Son" briefly surfacing, then fading and coming back. Improvement!
0008 BTO "Let it Ride."
0013 Judas Priest "You Got Another Thing Coming"
         Signal now pretty consistently audible, still fading out sometimes. I'm going to guess that this is what you guys mean by "S2" or "S3."
0018 The Boss "No Surrender"
0022 Autograph "Turn Up the Radio"
         Copy is a bit rougher again.
0027 Jane's Addiction "Been Caught Stealing"\
        I think I detect a theme...
0030 Steely Dan "Do It Again"
0036 Mudcrutch "Scare Easy" (new music for me)
0040 YL and OM, The Crystal Ship ID, voices continued for a couple of minutes.
0043 Dokken "Breaking the Chains"
        Copy is now about as rough as it was for me at 0000, noise with the occasional half second of audible music.
0047 "You are listening to..." [became inaudible] into new metal song (turns out to be "Unchained" Van Halen)
0050 The Who "I'm Free"
0053 YL Crystal Ship station ID
0054 OM, too faint to make out.
0056 The Who "Magic Bus"
0059 Don Felder "Heavy Metal"
        Signal drops are sometimes enough to sound like TCS is off, but it resurfaces to let me know it is not.
0103 38 Special "Rockin' into the Night"
0107 Springsteen again, "Born to Run"
0112 YL, presumably station ID but I couldn't make it out. OM with lute or something. Into Jackson Browne "Running on Empty"
0117 OM, station ID, into Boston "Don't Look Back"
0124 OM with email (tcsshortwave@gmail.com) and I think he sang "good night ladies"
0125 Ramones "We Want the Airwaves"
0128 OFF

Thanks for the show!

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Unid 7610 2340z 4/14/16
« on: April 14, 2016, 2342 UTC »
AM or USB? I'm not hearing anything either way, but we like having it included in the subject heading. Thanks!

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