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Amateur Radio / UNID 3725 AM 0523 - 0600+ 11NOV23
« on: November 11, 2023, 0612 UTC »
Preaching and mx(?) first heard here ~0523 and still going at 0600+.
Very weak sig here but 59+ when checked on KiwiSDR at CT/MA border.

This station shows up from time to time, generally around this time on 3725 kHz.

2145 - unk mx but great sig. S9+20 with very little QSB and great audio, esp for SSB.
2159 - ID and announce s/off
Thanks for a good show and great sig!

HF Mystery Signals / Re: Unknown 40 meter signal group
« on: November 27, 2022, 2228 UTC »
Thanks for your comments about about the sig on the lefthand part of the screen;
I've been hearing those for years at various parts of the spectrum but never knew
what it was. I think I posted something on HFU at one time. They would hardly be
noticed on an analog rcvr. Yep, I/m spoiled by my SDR. Whenever I fire up the good ol'
R70, it seems like I'm listening with "blinders" on. :)

2155 - SSTV ID
2157 - "Carol of the Bells" Mannheim Steamroller?

Good S9+ sig into here with occasional sig dropouts
Thanks for mx

Very good, Ray. I looked up his birth date but didn't think to check the date of his death.
So, he passed today? I had not heard that, in fact I assumed he died several years ago.
I'm sure that explains why this station was playing his mx today.

Bang that golden piano, Jerry Lee, you will be missed down here. :'(

UNID @ 1801 w/"Great Balls of Fire" by Jerry Lee. Good sig 58 - 9
1805 YL announcer w/ID of mx, but not station ID
1806 Live recording from somewhere in OH of more Jerry Lee w/"Great Balls of Fire" / "Whole Lot of Shaking"

***Corrected time to UTC ***
1813 Station has faded into noise but can still tell a signal is there
1817 brief partial of "WLSGO"
1818 Sig increasing again w/more of "WLS". Seems I recall seeing reports of a "Jerry Lee Lewis Radio" wonder
          if this is that station???
1823 Sig seems to be gone now...
1827 Back w/"Roll Over Beethoven"

2223 - Not the version of Radioactivity that I have on CD. Maybe from a live performance???
            At any rate, THANKS!
2227 - Good sig with just a little QSB

2318 - SSTV (from VHS tape cover???) Gud S8 - 9 +10 sig
2325 - unk rock(?) mx

0047 - OM ID as "Alabama Public Radio on 6925 kHz"
Very good S9 +25 sig in here and all but totally over riding the QRN.
Great audio especially for USB. Thanks for the xmission.


Is anyone else hearing an intermittent sig on 6969?
It mostly sounds like a very over modulated sig and
sometimes sounds better(?) using NFM; other times
it sounds better in ECSS-U. It might be a local spur
but I don't think it is???

0451 - Thanks, Harry. If you are hearing something,
then it's not likely some kind of local crud.

North American Shortwave Pirate / CDO 6930 USB 2330 13jul22 UTC
« on: July 13, 2022, 2343 UTC »
2330 - S/on w/opening of Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon / Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Always good to hear PF! :) Sig is improving and now mostly S7-8. DSotM is an excellent choice considering that this is the night of the Full Buck Moon, a so called Super Moon with the closest perigee of 2022. Thanks again!

2352 - OM ID as CDO & says this a live PF from 1992(?) Hump Day program w/SSTV image of a camel. Sig now a solid S9+

I think this is the same station that was
previously on 6925. At 2300+ a few seconds,
it went off on 6925 and I saw a sig pop up on
6920 - I "assume" the same station. They are playing
an early Alan Parsons Project album.

Skip, my sstv decodes are no better than your's
so I won't bother to post them. Still dunno
what the images are...

Here comes another sstv... Some guys looking
at a Tile Tools display and "Did he ask for your hep?"
Same as the last sstv you posted only better sig.

Operator, thanks for the APP mx!

0030 - "Eye in the sky" APP. FWIW: "Back in the day"
Ch19, WHNT, Huntsville, would run the instrumental
intro for "Eye in the sky" at the start of ads for their
wx radar. I'm really showing my age to discover
others reporting this a live recording by, I guess, a slight
name change to Alan Parsons Symphonic Project. Oh, well,
you had to be there back in the day... ;)

Operator, I really like the SSTV image, of the flag in the sky with
the trees and farmhouse that you sent at 0126 UTC. Do you
have a link to the original image?

Sittin' here enjoying the mx. Nice signal into Mx City. Thanks
for the program.

Amateur Radio / Dayton Hamvention
« on: May 17, 2022, 1750 UTC »
Any HFU folks planning to attend the Dayton Hamvention this weekend?

0536 Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd
0541 YL ID w/"Wire strung up in the trees Ball Smacker Radio
0541 That Smell - Lynyrd Skynyrd
0547 The Needle and the Damage Done - Neil Young
0554 Signed off ???

Sig is really way up and down with much QSB and QRN.
  When it's good, it's very good but when it drops, it goes totally away

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