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2205+  Multiple mx from WWI era - Armistice / Veterans Day memorial b'cast, I assume.
            Mostly good solid sig into here. Thanks for the b'cast.

What freq and time?

1609 - Also heard here but too weak to recover usable images

Well, that's interesting and thanks for your comments and observations on remote rcvrs. As you can see, I do have way too much local RFI but that's a new one for me. I usually have the rcvr parked on 6925 USB, like in the screenshot I posted, if I'm not doing anything else. I am going to watch more and if it becomes frequent, I'll start making recordings in order to try and get more info - like better start and stop times and build a folder of screenshots. As of now, I haven't seen it again...

Thanks. Let me see if I can do that right. I wondered if attachments had been turned off; I seem to recall a post from Chris, sometime ago, asking users to limit posting of images in order to conserve storage space.


That appears to work.

Thanks for the reply. I have several screen shots of the waterfall, but when I tried to attach them, there was no option to do so. I don't understand, as I've posted screenshots in the past.

When I click on "Attachments and other options" all I see is 4 check boxes: "Notify me of replies", "Return to this topic", "Lock this topic", and "Dom't use smileys". I know I'm old(er) but am I missing something???
Thanks, Paul

HF Mystery Signals / Odd sig ~6920 - 6970 kHz, ~1210 - 1230 05oct UTC
« on: October 06, 2018, 0140 UTC »
I noticed this sig while having coffee this morning. I don't recall seeing anything similar before. I don't know how long it had been on before I saw it and it wandered around a bit - seemed random to me. Anyone have any ideas as to what it was?

On a totally different note and very short notice --- Is anyone else from the middle TN / central KY area planning to go to the Vettte City (Bowling Green) hamfest tomorrow morning? It's at a new venue this year - on the campus of WKY University. It's just a quick run up I-65 for me. I'll probably be wearing my "Official RF Whatever Bunker" t-shirt 8)

Drat!!! I don't see a place to include attachments anymore??? Sorry, no image...

OK, thanks to radiogaga, try clicking, or copy and paste into a new browser tab, this url and you should see 2 screen prints of the waterfall:


Latest - with MUCH thanks to all! - let's see what this does...

AMAZING!!!! Thanks to MDK2 for pointing me in the right direction but I still had to do some digging. I thought that after way too many years in computer systems and networks I could do anything - very humbling. :)

2353 - OM ID "Radio GaGa" (ooops - that should have been "ID", of course)

Good signal into here. Thanks for the show, GaGa.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: 6955 USB 2335 UTC 3 Sep 2018
« on: September 04, 2018, 0000 UTC »
Yes, I also heard that station, but it was too weak and fading
to be able to make out anything. Sometimes I could hear
unknown mx and at other times I could hear an OM voice - maybe a peskie?

I was listening on the SDR-IQ but also verified the sig on the trusty ol' R-70.

I hope Chris S. maybe has it recorded and might shed some light on who it was.

General Radio Discussion / How tubes work - a 1923 documentary
« on: July 25, 2018, 0223 UTC »
Thanks to my friend Donald for calling this to my attention.
Enjoy a trip in the "way-back machine" :)

The General Electric Company uses animation and live action to explain how radios work.


Someone's back on here with similar signal level
as my previous post. Same station?
2103 - "You Make Loving Fun" Fleetwood Mac
2109 - Can just make out bits and pieces of "Love Potion #9"

Thanks for this show and Fleetwood Mac is also great mx :)

I also heard the 1045 xmission - but I had to
"cheat" by using the websdr at University Twente.
However, I am happy to have heard it. Now, if I
could only receive it at my home QTH...

Pretty weak here and with much QSB
1749 - Bluegrass version of "She once was a truelove of mine"
            (can't remember correct name but something like
             "Girl of the???") edit - "Girl of the Lowlands"???
            Arrgh! I may be old but I'm slow :) That was "Scarborough Fair"
1754 - more BG mx
1803 - "Big Ball in Town"
1810 - Faded out or s/off

Thanks for the show and keep up that fine BG mx!

0034 - "Stormy Weather" vy appropriate for this evening!
           4 X 6 with much competition from Nazi generated QRN!
0050 - Sig improving, now S9 +10 peaks

Thanks for the show and also, thanks for the heads up e-mail.

I guess many others got this but for my good friend "Justin Case" you missed it, here 'tiz. Starts in ~8+/- minutes...

Radio Casablanca expects to be on the air this evening from a secret location in the deserts of Morocco.

The frequency will be 6940 kHz, with 6950 and 6960 as alternate choices in case of Nazi jamming.

Look for us to start around 0015-0030 UTC.

Be well!

Richard Blaine, American
Radio Casablanca

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