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0211 - "Amazing Grace" on bagpipes
0214 - "Arms of an Angel"(?)
0219 - unk instrumental mx
0220 - "Taps" on bugle, then instrumental version @ 0222
0224 - SSTV, I've seen this image before. Radio 3(?)

Vy good audio and holding your own vs major static crashes

Excellent S9 +20
Thanks for the show

Thanks, Chris
I'm glad it wasn't just some local crud. Since a pic is worth 1K words,
here's a screenshot for Justin Case (anyone is curious). The shot is just as
the sound changed at 000200 UTC. With the volume turned up, I could hear
what sounded, to me, like 1 second time ticks.

I heard something similar ~a week ago but I was on the phone so
I just clicked mute. As I recall... I was looking at the 20 meter digital
area around 14100 kHz or so. The sig was gone by the time I got off the phone.
73, Paul

Did anyone else notice this transmission? It was on and off
several times this evening. I hit the SDR record at 2358. The sig
was S9+20 here. It reminded me of a kind of screwed up WWV
sound but there was never any announcements. At 000200 UTC
the sound changed and then it was off at 000500 UTC and I
haven't heard anymore this evening but I do think I've heard it
on other days. Best sound seemed to be in AM mode...

0409 - Unkn mx noise :) Looks to have a good carrier but
           very low modulation. Station has been on for a while
           but I didn't see anyone else reporting it.
           I'll give it an SIO of 242

0413 - Sig and modulation improved enough to assure me
           this is definitely not my kind of "mx"! Much QSB
           but still mostly near noise floor.

0418 - No carrier. Gone???   

0107 - SSTV; Alright! Rocky and Bullwinkle - more memories of the days
            of my misspent youth. :) They are a lot of the reason I'm
            the way I am!
            Good sig but horrible QRN

1330 - Unk mx. Sig has been on for a while but too weak to
           make out anything. It's barely above the noise floor.
           SIO ~151

edit - Hey, Chris, thanks for the ID!

Great sig at 30 over the S9 noise level, even covering frequent QRN
Thanks for mx "from back in the day", I enjoyed listening while
catching up on some reading. :)

2130 - "Tom Dooley", assume original Kingston Trio version; good SIO 444 on peaks but some deep QSB

Great mx selections. Thanks...

0226 - Coming in very well here at S9+ but competition from

Thanks for the heads up, I got to meet Ms. Christie at the WSWLfest earlier this month.

0235 - Sig much improved, easy listening. Thanks for this program and I'd greatly
           appreciate a QSL or e-QSL.

0301 - added screenshot

0400 - off, after announcement by Amanda Dawn Christie. No ID. Timing was good
           as lightning is beginning to pop a little close for comfort!

Chris and Josh,
Thanks for the antenna ideas. I will probably work on a homebrew
antenna of some kind but it will be a lower priority since there does
not appear to be much to be heard there - I don't speak Portuguese. :)

However that is an area of the spectrum, between VHF-FM and the
70cm ham band, that I'm not very familiar with, so I do want to explore
it some.
73, Paul

Got the same SSTV image as refmo, thought I had missed
part of the image but guess that's what was sent.

Probably the LAN (Atlantic) constellation, I doubt he would be able to hear the CONUS  constellation.
BTW: Matt Blaze put on a very interesting presentation, and later a demo, of TACSAT reception at
the WSWLfest last weekend. You can see the gist of his presentation at:


I can just hear the SA pirates here with my RTL-SDR dongle (or the ICR-7000) connected to my discone
but they are too weak to really *hear* them. Now, if I could just find a Trivec 2055 TACSAT antenna
at a reasonable price... However, a homebrew yagi, as Alan uses, might be worth a try.

Other / UNID 3884.5 AM 0125 10mar18 UTC
« on: March 10, 2018, 0136 UTC »
Much QSB but mostly almost too low to make out
mx. Interesting that last Sat nite, at WSWLfest,
I also heard someone on this freq playing old
Hank Williams mx; I was listening on my Tecsun PL-680
and the signal was booming in, up there.

0125 - "Sister Golden Hair", America
0129 - "Muddy Water"
0133 - "I'm Not in Love"
0139 - Now beginning to attract attention
           from hams. I corrected the 0125 song
           title; was a string of mx by America.

Huh? / Re: PDP-8 for Raspberry Pi
« on: February 28, 2018, 0426 UTC »
What a blast from the past! The first system we built was an aircraft fatigue test system
using an original "Straight 8" with 4k of magnetic core memory (yes, boys and girls 4,096
bytes of core memory, period - no RAM, no ROM). The programmers wrote the machine
code by hand and then it was toggled in via the switch register.

The days of my mis-spent youth are coming back to haunt me. 8)

Equipment / Using SDR for Site Noise Survey
« on: February 22, 2018, 1350 UTC »
This was sent to me and I thought I'd pass it along.
Makes for interesting reading.
Thought you might enjoy the articles. Part 1 and Part 2.   
Makes for an interesting approach to using the SDR Play
receiver and HDSDR software.



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