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Huh? / Market Makers” Want to Expand Their Use of Shortwave?
« on: July 13, 2023, 1757 UTC »
Seen on SWL'ing, but on RW as well.   https://www.radioworld.com/tech-and-gear/market-makers-want-to-expand-their-use-of-shortwave   Interesting PROP Maps there.

General Radio Discussion / 2002 11M Broadcast Auxiliary List.
« on: July 11, 2023, 1735 UTC »
I originally ripped this list, seen on The FRN, over 20 years ago. How many of these are still active? BTW, these are all FM mode, and audio is about that of a telephone, so no Hi-Fi sound here:

11m Broadcast Auxiliary Stations

25870 – WFLA, Tampa, FL/KLDE, El Dorado, TX/unknown “KC..”

25910 – WJFP, Ft Pierce, FL/WBAP, Ft Worth, TX

25950 – KKSN/KNRK, Portland, OR/KIRO, Seattle, WA/KOA, Denver, CO

25990 – KSCS, Arlington, TX

26110 – KOVR-TV, Sacramento, CA

26130 – WIBC, Indianapolis, IN

26190 – KABC-TV, Los Angeles, CA/KSL, Salt Lake City, UT

26250 – WTVN, Columbus, OH

26370 – WHOO, Orlando, FL

26390 – KABC-TV, Los Angeles, CA

26410 – WLIO, Lima, OH

26450 – WLW, Cincinatti, OH/WTVT, Tampa. FL/Heftel BCing, HI

26470 – WJFP, Ft Pierce, FL

Yes, this is normally an excellently produced show for Amateur Radio ops. However, they visit the UK's last remaining shortwave station. So, looks like an interest for all SWL'ers. Enjoy.  https://swling.com/blog/2023/07/tx-factor-episode-29/

Amateur Radio / Field Day 2023!
« on: June 22, 2023, 1850 UTC »

Tis that time of year, already. The HF / VHF / UHF, and even microwave, HAM bands will be going absolutely nuts. https://www.arrl.org/field-day   Of course, if you want to get away from that, there's the WARC bands, 60M, and 2M National Simplex. Me??? I like to use the contest as a gauge to see how well my station gets out there, or doesn't.
(There... I've put the subject in the right category. Oooops...)

Huh? / 5G Repeller? I don't think so...
« on: June 21, 2023, 1800 UTC »
Oh boy... JG Tiger asked me about this,   https://5grepeller.com/     So, here's what I've written back to him:

"I really have doubts about how that would work. You don't want to repel 5G microwave signal, you want to attenuate it, a.k.a. make it much weaker, so it could be useful, by not have you bathing in RF. Above 1GHz, just about anything does attenuate that,
 windows, (Especially with tinted lead in it.), our aluminum-sided house, tree foliage, concrete, thick wood, etc. True, that these surfaces also bounce the signal, but every reflected signal will be attenuated to a degree. Now, are they trying to emit RF to cancel RF? That means, using a fire to fight a fire, which you don't want to be next to. Want to get away from intense 5G RF? Go into the deep woods, keep your windows rolled-up in the vehicle, go into a building, go underground in a cave, or go underwater. Attenuate RF, not some gizmo that claims to fight it. WTF?!?!? Don't believe the hype, but I'm open to what actual Field Strength Test Reports would show, if any. Demand that from that site!"

OK... So, let me be open enough to ask, is there anything to this, or a bunch of BS for the ignorant to suck-up? If anything, thought this to be a neat lesson to put out there. (Meaning, I did not post this here to bonk anyone, or to play on their intelligence, but to use the subject for an educational purpose.)
There, my C.Y.O.A...

Uh-huh... Love 'em, or just hate them, the Compact Cassette hits 60 years ago this September 2023. And, surprise, they are still made in Missouri by NAC.  https://www.nationalaudiocompany.com/    Looks like you could order just replacement cassette cartridge shells and the hinged cases. Albeit, I'm a little tempted to try and test their CrO2 formula. This link has a VID on NAC,  https://www.wsj.com/articles/cassettes-are-making-a-comeback-but-there-s-a-kink-nobody-makes-tape-1509723435
A lot of cassette gear is still restorable.

WOW!!! Their 41W was just in there on the truck stereo, and on the WOG on the Xiegu SDR at S10/9. I like that they do tunage, mainly classic pop from 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, Y2K's, and even heard that newer 'I Made You Look' tune, whomever sings that. An ESPN Sports station tries to bowl them over, but WHLN stays in there. Sound quality isn't that wide, and I had 'em on the WOG and the Xiegu SDR rig. Maybe peaking at 70% MOD and not a wide bandwidth. Still, I welcome them jammin' out.


https://www.onallbands.com/hf-summertime-propagationwith-propagation-advice-for-field-day/       FWR from K8RRT. Not bad INFO, but could have expanded to VHF / UHF propagation, like Tropo and Ducting, that happens more this time of year. Case in point, this weekend is the June VHF / UHF ARRL Sweepsteaks. https://contests.arrl.org/junvhf/  Huh... Not much INFO there.

Additional 6/6/2023: While I'm at it, here's what I've added my $0.02 on Rover Operations, to a local group where I am.

" I did Rover VHF / UHF last, and solo, in 2006. A co-worker of mine, WB2GGM, had shown me his multi-band mobile set-up, with the Yaesu FT-857D. So, I bought one, and in time for the June 2006 VHF / UHF Sweepsteaks. The FT-857D was my SSB / FM rig for 2m, 2M, and 432MHz. A separate Kenwood TM-3530A was the 222MHz FM rig. And, I went from the corners of four Grid Squares, FN-11, FN-12, FN-01, and FN-02. The only group that I was able to work on all four grids was the Johnstown, PA VHF Group, on 6M and 2M SSB. Caught no one on 222MHz and 432MHz. Then again, I was using VERT OMNI antennas. It was a neat +7hrs drive and work, but the area was very rural, being Buffalo NW +75 miles, Rochester +80 miles, Erie 100 miles, Elmira / Corning / Ithaca +70 miles, and Pittsburgh +110 miles. However, the Johnstown Group kept their beams pointed my way, and even did a nice chit-chat with the group after 03:00UTC on 6M SSB afterwards from my then tower site in FN-12. If I had to do it again, I'd have someone else do the driving, and do it with a vehicle that wasn't manual transmission as well. (Hi-hi...) Other times, I was stationary with the CARA VHF Group, from Corning, NY Quackinbush Hill, or with the then N2HLT VHF Group, in the 1990's.   73!!!!"

Then, I added:

"However, if you don't have CW / SSB capabilities above the 50MHz FREQ's, there's always simplex FM FREQ's to check-out. However, it's still advisable to avoid using 146.520MHz National 2M Simplex, but all other are pretty much game, like 52.525MHz, 146.550MHz, 223.500MHz, 446.000MHz, 903.500MHz, 1294.500MHz, and above these." Who knows what you may hear.

Huh? / Experimental HF Radio, Part 5, news ripped from SWL'ing?
« on: May 18, 2023, 1815 UTC »
https://www.fcc.gov/ecfs/search/search-filings/filing/1042840187330 I jumped the gun on that as 'Part 15', but even Part 5 is interesting to check-out.  https://swling.com/blog/2023/05/shortwave-modernization-petition/

UPDATE: Just edited-out what was just posted hear earlier. Oooops....

Not being able to head to Hamvention, over in Xenia, OH, this year, (Again...), the next best thing was to go to bed Thursday night, with the VHF / UHF multi-band rig on to three simplex FREQ's, 146.520MHz, 223.500MHz, and 446.000MHz. And??? From 7AM on, constant mobile chatter on 146.520 National Simplex. I live where Routes 64, 77, and 79, cross together. The closest is Rt 64, where I can even hear FRS HT's. Other 2M FREQ's heard, from these pass-throughers, are 146.580MHz, 146, 550MHz, and several places between 147.420MHz - 147.570MHz. In the past, I've even broken-in and QSO'ed with these travelers. Will there be Hamvention travelers on other simplex FREQ's, like 29.600MHz FM, 52.525MHz, FM, 903.500MHz, and 1294.5000MHz? Maybe... I have heard it on 223.500Mhz and 446.000MHz some years. Anyway, I'll no doubt, (Gwen Stefanie, not included!), be hearing most of these travelers passing through Sunday evening and Monday. Likely. So, what Hamvention traffic can you monitor this weekend? https://hamvention.org/ Oh yeah!!!! You might even hear non-HAM traffic passing through on the five MURS VHF channels and the 462MHz GMRS channels.

Wrote this up on Linked In. And, could still be true, here:

"This weekend is the world famous Hamvention over at Xenia / Dayton, Ohio. Great for radio enthusiasts, but could be great for you as well, non-radio incline folks. How??? Incredible anount of personal networking, various tech talk forums to check-out, (Like in Weather Spotting, Solar Studying, IT verious linkings, Podcasting, FEMA and other emergency go-overs, etc.). However, the biggest reason to check-out Hamfests are the deals that you can get in the flea-markets. Not just radio gear, but anything and everything in electronics and more! Vintage audio gear, like turntables, open-reel decks, cassette decks, 8-Track decks, AM / FM tuners, audio amplifiers, audio mixers with Magnetic Phono inputs, various audio amplifiers, various analog audio Pro and comsumer gear, like production mixers / switchers, various VID tape formats, like VHS, BETA, 8mm, 3/4" U-matic, etc. And, even vintage film and movie gear. If you are resourceful, and can get this gear working / cleaned / condition, yourself, all the beter. The big point here??? Analog to digital format transfers, for you, or others. You could do these, as a gift for friends & family, or make a quick $20.00 per transfer, and even expand to getting your DBA to do it Full / Part Time as an income. Last transfer that I did was 8-Track of a guy's kids' voices from the 1970's. And, he was thrilled that I was able to do 8-Track to CD-R. So, possibilities here could be endly from Hamfest finds. Check them out!"

The latest thing that I'm trying to point-out to GEN Y & Z'ers, those Radio Shack 1980's mixers are still great for Magnetic Turntable Preamps, with the MAG Phono IN, built-in. (I have several, here.) Also, great gear for Podcast start-ups, then graduate / upgrade with newer gear. And, being that most of the analog gear is through-hole tech, most of this gear is still repairable. Passing thoughts...

https://telosalliance.com/radio-processing/radio-processors/omnia-forza     Yeah... It's another option to process audio to your station. Me??? I like discrete components, where I don't have to worry about software upgrades, then wonder if they are actually downgrades with bugs. and then, charge you for the fix. Hmmmmmmm... I've been there. Few times bitten, many times shy.

Thank you, Boomer! For, sharing that.

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