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That cold spell, once those T-storms moved out, was nice for the HF Low Bands, but this full week of High Pressure, and above average warm weather, could make for some neat Tropo Propagation for VHF / UHF, for the Eastern Part of the USA and Canada. https://vhf.dxview.org/    (You'll need to scroll-over to view North America.) So, could be Scanner's, TV, FM'ers, and VHF / UHF weak-signal deluxe. If anything, it's borrowed time to get those antenna projects done, before that snow flies. (That, includes me as well.) For a quick check of that, just tune through those NOAA Weather Radio 162MHz channels for those distant stations popping though. HAPPY DX'ing, on those higher bands!!!!

Sounds like it would be neat, but FREQ programming and memory storing via a card, doesn't make me want this.   https://swling.com/blog/2023/10/the-sony-icf-sw800-a-most-unusual-sony-radio/

https://www.dxworld-e.com/shop      Neat. Where did I hear about this place? Monitoring DX CB'ers on CH38LSB.

It's been suggested that I start saving useful pages from the Wayback Machine. Like, this one on Part 15 Q&A:    https://web.archive.org/web/20161113092438/http://www.geocities.ws/raiu_harrison/mwa/part15faq.html

Still, good INFO.

VID from ALPB:     https://mbcf.boards.net/thread/3104/radios       Hmmmmmmmm... Don't see why this also wouldn't work on the newer Radio Systems version. Does it take out the Phantom Phase MOD?

Huh... Woke-up this morning to this Radio Survivor airing on WTSQ-LP, https://www.radiosurvivor.com/2023/09/podcast-333-low-power-fm-for-dummies/ I heard about this coming out, but was neat to hear the authur being interviewed.

UPDATE, Friday, 10/6/2023: Apparently, since it's College Radio Day, Radio Survivor banged-out another one for that in RS #304 podcast,   https://www.radiosurvivor.com/2023/10/podcast-334-college-radios-hidden-early-history/      Enjoy!!!!!!

https://swling.com/blog/2023/09/martin-builds-a-simple-ferrite-rod-to-inductively-couple-radios-to-his-external-mediumwave-antenna/     This looks a lot more portable than that godzeye antenna that I've built a decade ago. And yes, SWL'ing rip.

Huh? / 2023 Grass Roots Radio Conference in Charleston, WV!
« on: September 08, 2023, 0238 UTC »
https://www.2023grassrootsradioconference.com/    and, the host station      https://wtsq.org/news/wtsq-hosting-the-2023-grassroots-radio-conference-29

This, should be interesting!

UPDATE??? So, has anyone gone to this? Share your experiences.

Amateur Radio / September VHF Sweepsteaks this weekend, 9/9 - 9/11/2023.
« on: September 04, 2023, 1842 UTC »
No Sporadic "E", but hopefully some 6M F2 propagation and maybe Aurora.  https://www.arrl.org/september-vhf  I still have to get that 3M SSB / CW beam up. Here, by the NE USA, it will be cooler then, so may not see too much Tropo Propagation. (Of course...)

Huh... I don't remember ever seeing these lunchbox AM portables, but they seem pretty cool.   https://radiojayallen.com/masterwork-m-2812-m-2850-am-portable-radios/

Amateur Radio / AM'er's delight, last night, on 3880kHz!
« on: August 19, 2023, 1834 UTC »
With this rare cooler-spell, for SW WV, and C2C AM not being anything that I'd want to care about, (Sorry Connie Willis, but I'm pretty much Big Footed out.), I'd thought that I'd try putting the W.O.G. to the 'ol Sangean AST-803A portable, at bedside, and crash-out to that. And??? Lightning crashes were in there, but not pegging the "S" meter, like what's been the norm this Summer 2023. 'W5'-land was very much alive with a great roundtable of dudes from TX, LA, and AS, from about 02:00UTC to about 05:45UTC, when everyone signed-off for the night. If I wasn't too tired from working outside, until dark, I probably would have joined them. Anyway, a neat, and rare Summer AM treat for sure. Probably won't hear these conditions again, until like October. 

Huh? / FCC Advances FM HD Power Proposal? Oh boy...
« on: August 05, 2023, 1818 UTC »
Yeah, another SWL'ing 1st-peak-at, but I don't think that anyone is really looking for a +10dB increase in HD FM signals. https://www.radioworld.com/tech-and-gear/digital-radio/fcc-advances-fm-hd-power-proposal?utm_term=61A8488F-378C-452E-8F94-297BD9CB8D3A&utm_campaign=0028F35E-226C-4B60-AC88-AB2831C8A639&utm_medium=email&utm_content=DD523C78-8571-4126-94F2-5CC028EECA16&utm_source=SmartBrief As if FM DX'ing wasn't hard enough today. This may about kill that hobby.

As long as I have had scanner radios, capable of RX'ing Aviation VHF AM, I have always had two FREQ's programmed, the chit-chat FREQ 123.450MHz, and the Emergency FREQ 121.500MHz. For decades, I wouldn't hear anything on 121.500MHz. Well, about 15 years ago, in WNY, I heard what sounded like a teen beat-boxing on there. (Some kid got Daddy's Aviation HT?) I've always heard chatter on 123.450MHz, some of that being pretty entertaining to listen to. However, this year, I am hearing all sorts of number exchange chatter on 121.500MHz. None of it sounding emergency-like to me. I would assume that these numbers are flight numbers, but why use a known Emergency FREQ to do so? This is SW West Virginia. Is anyone else hearing these? 

Huh? / A 1MW MW transmitter coming to Pakistan? Looks like it.
« on: July 30, 2023, 1748 UTC »
So, how many teeth fillings and fluorescent lights will this light-up?    https://www.radio.gov.pk/30-07-2023/marriyum-aurangzeb-performs-groundbreaking-of-pbcs-digital-transmitter-in-rawat     Yeah... Another SWL'ing rip. Interesting, that it's going to be DRM. I wouldn't mind seeing a VID tour of this station.

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