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Here in WV, I'll do the late night drive home from work, and sometime MW DX'ing, if nothing is on C2C AM. But, if C2C AM is somewhat interesting, I'll tune-in to local 1kw 1240AM WVTS, and even drive right by the TX  site. Well, for the last week, when I get more than a few miles away from that station's site, I hear a HET tone that is somewhere from 500Hz - 600Hz in there. At 1st, I thought this to be yet another DSL internet carrier radiating out, but I hear this all over while on the drive, except very  near the WVTS TX site. I even see this carrier on the 'lil SDR display of my newer Xiegu G90. I've even heard this in the daytime, so I thought it to be local. However, Boomer, near Pittsburgh, is even seeing and hearing, this on his Kiwi SDR, and told me that the carrier is -550Hz from 1240kHz center. I've just asked a recently moved to FL friend if he hears and sees this. So, now I suspect that this isn't local from WV, unless someone is running several watts of power, and it can skip. Question is, can a 1240AM station be that far off FREQ? Maybe, someone grabbed an emergency back-up transmitter to get back on-air after all these Mid-West tornadoes? This timing would be about right. So, anyone else seeing and hearing this?

FM Free Radio / 87.9FM, 12/16/2021, 0230 UTC, weak, mono.
« on: December 17, 2021, 0755 UTC »
Sometimes I'll set the truck stereo on 87.9FM to see what comes up on the work commute. This time, a weak, mono station playing a Gorillaz tune that came IN / OUT for 2 miles. No ID. And, it wasn't bleed-through from 88.1FM's LPFM station locally. Usually, I hear other drivers on 87.9FM airing MP3's, or satellite radio, but they are true Part  #15 at just a few hundred feet. This covered miles. Station was gone by 06:30UTC, when I checked, later.

Yep... Last night it was really in there at 03:30UTC. A UNID station crankin' out really old-ass X-mas tunage on 1620kHz, and no announcements, and battling over those Pensacola and Cuban stations. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm???

Huh... The Part 15 sites seem to be loosing traction, but there seems to be more Part 15 stuff here,   https://www.antiqueradios.com/forums/index.php    They are mainly doing Part 15 AM transmitters for something that classic rigs can jam to, but could certainly be used for our purposes.

And, forgot that Part15.us went to part15.org, but that even seems desolate.   https://part15.org/   

MW Loggings / It's back. The Mighty 1630KCJJ!
« on: December 10, 2021, 1905 UTC »
Well, it's always been in there, but last night is where I heard it with some sustaining signal strength to WV. Mainly airing hit music from a dozen years ago. https://www.1630kcjj.com/

Skimming through this, looks like a lot of good, compiled, LPAM info, including for Part #15 stuff.      https://sites.google.com/site/lowpowerradio/home/the-lpam-handbook-by-kyle-drake

While we're at it, might as well check-out the rest of the Low Power Repository,    https://sites.google.com/site/lowpowerradio/home   

Neat story! And, rare today.   (Thank you again Boomer for the FWR of this!)    https://www.radioworld.com/news-and-business/news-makers/delilah-revels-in-rediscovering-her-roots

Oh yeah... Here's the station's site,               https://www.kdunradio.com/

Another SWL'ing rip.   https://swling.com/blog/2021/11/giuseppes-homemade-magic-tablet-antenna-system/#comment-677623 

I made something like this from a godz-eye antenna, but mine is for just Medium Wave, but this dude made is switch from 40M, then 80M, and then 20M. Nice!!!! Granted, my Italian is non-existent, but the VID shows a lot.

Interesting that HACKADAY covered this, but.....       https://hackaday.com/2021/10/19/the-low-down-on-long-wave-unlicensed-experimental-radio/

BTW, there are still NBFM Intercoms out there that use the 1750M band, around 175kHz, but many are 10mW, or even less. Still, some of the older ones can be cranked-up.

NICE!!!!! I have the #12-655 portable. Not the best AM-Only portable out there, but I think that it certainly holds it's own.   https://swling.com/blog/2021/11/guest-post-remembering-the-radio-shack-trfs/?unapproved=676517&moderation-hash=a653775516a8dc68ab4b681bf45ebddf#comment-676517

I've added my own $0.02 worth in the comments, and a link to this dude's site:      http://earmark.net/gesr/12-655.htm

BTW, when I recorded the Pat Murphy and Andrew Yorder interviews on C2C AM, the RS #12-655 is the portable that I used to record from.

Other / WWV at 25MHz is heard again!
« on: November 10, 2021, 1959 UTC »
Wow... For the 1st time in about 6, or 7, years, WWV at 25.0000MHz came-in to WV at 17:10UTC, MAX'ing out to S9. Then, faded out after that. So, F2 from Ft. Collins, CO. Good to hear that, again.

Boomer FWR this to me, and I have Ferrite clamps and toroids everywhere at my locations.  https://www.radioworld.com/tech-and-gear/tech-tips/ferrite-toroids-can-be-an-engineers-best-pal

Huh... Where I am in WV, I won't hear 1020KDKA Pittsburgh during the summer months during the daytime, but do during the mid-day in the dead of winter. Well, on the work drive, KDKA was in there with a decent, steady, signal just before 5:30PM yesterday afternoon. With no fading, I've counted out skip. So, looks like this cold snap has given this a plus.

Amateur Radio / Long Haul 75M AM! WA to ME...
« on: November 02, 2021, 1827 UTC »
Whoa!!! Heard Timtron, WA1HLR, on 3885AM last night around 06:00UTC, workin' a station West of Seattle, WA. That's a good haul on 75M in any mode, let along AM, from ME to WA. I was hearing that dude at S20/9 with some kick-ass hardware on his end, a commercial Harris TX and a dipole at 160ft up! (No wonder I heard him that well.) Timtron, was bangin' into my QTH in WV at S40/9. Maybe, this weekend, I'll bring back a transceiver on-line and try and join them. 

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