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Just heard this one:


"Look them up on YouTube."

Of course.

Where is the peak at 6873.000 Khz coming from? Does anyone know the artist/title or a link to the track so I can listen to the original? Last post on this by me.

I listened and 'watched' again. So it's not really SSB but more like VSB because there is some lower sideband and carrier. My bad. Is that as wide as he could make it display?

I wonder what it would have sounded like in AM mode.

"As far as the bass fluttering that is because the receiving SDR is not zero beating meaning it is not exactly on frequency with the transmitting station."

I disagree. The bass fluttering was the amplitude varying not the frequency.
There is no zero beating going on because there is no carrier. If there was frequency shifting it would be constant and not affect the amplitude.

I listened to that yt clip. I've never heard selective fading affect AM like that. The bass was fluttering. I don't know how to explain it but it probably has something to do with low audio frequencies being on the edge of the signal in SSB and near the center in AM.

Huh? / For Red Green Fans
« on: September 06, 2018, 1747 UTC »
The Red Green Show episodes 1-300


If you have youtude-dl installed it will download all 300 shows and save them as .mkv files of ~100MB each, so about 30GB total


This link will let you pick the episode you want to watch.

KAG = Kremlin And GOP

NRA = National Ruble Association

Equipment / Re: Source "tracability"
« on: September 05, 2018, 1806 UTC »
You will need sockets for those crystals. They are hard to find and expensive, but an octal tube socket works fine. Just looks funny.  :P

When he's not tweeting or golfing. Just heard there's another book coming out about him.

Equipment / Re: Source "tracability"
« on: September 05, 2018, 0030 UTC »
My earlier post was about what I did. I would not try to build an AM transmitter from scratch. I found those crystals because that was what I needed for a used transmitter I got off ebay. Still waiting for a few more parts. A more straight forward way to go would be to look into one of Stretcymans LULU clones. He is always around if you need help.

Equipment / Re: Source "tracability"
« on: September 04, 2018, 2003 UTC »
I posted in that thread. I mentioned "Radio 741 RF and Microwaves" as a source. Someone else said they could not find it. It's too long for me to type and I could not figure out how to copy and past it. I got a couple of crystals from them. Came airmail from Greece in only 4 days. Here is a link:


Click Visit Store to see what else they have and GO FOR IT!

And forget about Bluetooth headphones. Just rip the door off your microwave oven and bypass the interlock switch.

If only there was something that would block microwaves but let in light and fresh air.

Huh? / Burning Man Livestream
« on: September 03, 2018, 0104 UTC »
Just found this: Burning Man on youtube.


So far I can only watch it with Firefox and there is no sound. If I try to watch it with mpv I don't get any errors but it's just a black screen.

If I redirect the output by typing: mpv https://youtu.be/hvWVdfSoIqo > bm.txt
then open bm.txt I can see the errors. Something about no trailing CRLF.

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