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2342 utc very strong into SW Idaho, USBQ 3kHz bandwidth about right. S9+9

S9+10 into SW Idaho with some fast euro acoustic guitar. Big loud AM signal. 0123utc.

This is coming into Idaho very good; loud, strong, just a little noise, 0426 UTC 20 Aug 2023.

0434 thought it sounded familiar. (And wasn't something called International Radio for Disaster Relief (HFCC)).

No, this was initially misidentified as IRDF. It is actually a pirate in the Southwest USA.

I thought it sounded familiar meaning I thought it was Radio Vostochnaya Zvezda and not IRDF.
I think RVS is in the Great Basin, not the SW (which is generally considered to be AZ, NM, West TX)

0434 thought it sounded familiar. (And wasn't something called International Radio for Disaster Relief (HFCC)). Only about S6-7 into SW Idaho, nice music, pretty noisy, moderate fading, getting it on both Eton E1 and Airspy HF+ Discovery with my new Wellbrook ALA1530LNPro Imperium. 0438 male voice speaking but couldn't copy the words or language.

Real good, real solid signal into SW Idaho 0255. Horns sounding awesome in AM; I'm using a bandwidth up to 15 kHz. S9, little noise. Talking an excellent signal!

getting the audio in Idaho, but a weak signal against the noise. Not the best frequency for two hours before sunset.

0709 UTC, EDM music, station i.d.

0549 UTC Синяя птица music. Still UNID to me, never heard an i.d. yet.

0539 UTC song by MGK. Solid signal into SW Idaho, not much noise, excelente.

Still early here in UTC-6, thanks DDJ for persevering. Can't go wrong with T. Petty. Playlist on!

James McMurtry, nice, saw him at the Knotty Pine in Victor Idaho a coupla years ago. Great pirate radio thank you. Billy Bragg Levi Stubbs Tears?

0404utc, Cream song, DDR on a bender, still great signal into Idaho, now Tom Waits Heart of Saturday Night.

not strong here in Idaho, but not horrible either. Indie music earlier, now vocal music unknown language.

Signal making it to the Rocky Mountains, that's west of the Mississippi River.
Really solid signal, S5-7, noise not excessive, good audio!

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