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Train Kept A'Rollin Aerosmith I have the quadrophonic vinyl of Get Your Wings.  Extremely loud signal into SW Idaho. Extremely strong and loud.

Wow is that really Dr. Benway? Haven't heard UR for ten years or more. Pretty good signal into SW Idaho. Not super strong but clear voice audio, S5 on NRD545.

Pink Floyd's Shine On You Crazy Diamond 0058 utc strong signal, plenty of noise but strong signal, now Bowie. West of the Mississippi, Idaho to be exact.

No signal. Whatsoever.

0300 utc decent AM signal in SW Idaho. Some chill music, lounge-y, some beats, SNR 27 dB with HF+ Discovery, S3 on NRD545. Infrequent deep male voice but unintelligible.

Hearing Procol Harum in SW Idaho, weak but listenable, only about S3 on NRD-545 and Wellbrook loop.

0356 poor to fair into SW Idaho. S6 but real noisy and muddy. Can hear music but can't listen to it.

I gotta say, this signal blasting Tool into SW Idaho is a blowtorch signal. Kind of unbelievable. 0234 utc 19 Mar 2023

Pretty good clear  S7 signal into SW Idaho, 0213 UTC 19 Mar 2023.

0205 Very strong signal into SW Idaho, 10 over. Loud.

0504 pretty good signal into Boise Idaho. Steady S9+, a little noisy, minimal fading to S7.

0408 signal strengthened into Idaho, now steady S9 +10, little noise, a burly signal. B-Side Radio i.d.

0349z S7 up to S9 on my NRD-545 here in Boise, Idaho. Solid signal with good listenability.

I hear it in Idaho. Not good though.

Pure Prairie League, I have this vinyl. 0219 utc, boise idaho, scratchy usbey signal, decent signal strength, quite noisy. Listenable.

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