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I haven't visited the out-of-bands in a few months, so it's a treat to unexpectedly hear B-Side Radio with their great signal programming great music. Appreciate you B-Side!

Same here in SW Idaho, good jazz, good AM signal. up to S9+5. 0311 utc B-Side radio ID.

Receiving this on 6963 kHz usb at 0330 utc March 16 in SW Idaho. Listenable, S6 only, not too much noise or fading, just weak-ish. Just heard the WTF i.d. at 0332

Eastern US only; zilch in utc-7.

0343 S7 into SW Idaho. Moderately noisy but still listenable on a very good German radio called Reuter.

Huge usb signal into SW Idaho. 0109 utc  S9+10. more music that someone will i.d. Signal peaking at S9 +40 on my NRD-545.

0120z S9+10 on a JRC NRD545 and Wellbrook LNP in Boise Idaho. Strong AM signal, little fading, little noise. Really sounds quite good!

Latin American Pirate / Re: AD149 Radio 6934.9 AM 0014 UTC 23 NOV 2023
« on: November 24, 2023, 0044 UTC »
0042 utc weak, noisy, S5.5-S6, noise overwhelming the faint music. Boise Idaho.

0037 utc S7 into SW Idaho, playing some do-wop. A little noise but listenable.

0312 UTC good jazz, good signal S8 low noise into SW Idaho.

0146 UTC S9+6 big solid usb signal into SW Idaho with Reijuno Sakebi, Ningen Isu, have always loved this song.

0139 Dead Kennedys song, dj not B Side Radio, neither is signal. 2 male voices political discussion. S8 AM signal into SW Idaho.

Doors song Build Me A Women at 0104 UTC 23 Nov, ' bout S7-8 into SW Idaho.

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 7320 AM 0220 UTC 3 Nov 2023
« on: November 03, 2023, 0226 UTC »
Good solid signal S9+5 on 7320 kHz AM into SW Idaho at 0215 3 Nov 2023.  Lotsa classical music, piano-heavy at the moment.

Is it R. Vostochnaya Zvezda or is it not R. Vostochnaya Zvezda. If not, who not?

0126 yeah, covering X-FM bigly. can still copy Redhat voice, but the AM force is pretty huge from where I sit in SW Idaho.

As soon as I posted, the AM signal is gone at 0129.

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