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The RF Workbench / Re: NCP driver sucks
« on: November 11, 2023, 0612 UTC »
Used them to 15MHz without issue.

Driving 6nC GaN @6V.


Let us be clear about the situation we are discussing.

The GaN Systems transistors that seem to be your transistor of choice these days appear to be quite nice based upon review of the datasheet and I'm sure they work well in reality. However, the drive requirements are somewhat light compared to the other 99.99% of transistors on the market. (I chose one of the three of their current production FETs with Qg ~6 nC to show below as an example but the exact model number matters little.)

I have no interest in continuing to use a FET driver with a somewhat niche application (and freaks out when presented with anything beyond the lightest of loads like a GaN Systems FET) when I can easily obtain other drivers that can drive your GaN Systems transistor to full Rds_on with ease and also handle most or all low, medium and high- power transistors that I or any other hobbyist would want to use.

I'm actually using the ISL89163 in a work application, providing what amounts to continuous synchronization pulse distribution/fan-out driver for hundreds of loads though many tens of meters of wiring harness and PCB traces - with all the parasitic L and C that this represents - and it doesn't argue with me, doesn't do weird shit and doesn't burn up. Case closed.

Much better designs around now as shown by myself and the other chap on here.

Catch up fellas!


What is interesting to me is that you will complain about this stuff because it's "out of date", but when someone posts something about one of the many Greek suppliers of RF wares, you're totally cool with it, you know, because you sense a business opportunity selling drivers for the Greek supplier's PAs.


So gate modulated AM is "out of date" but then using one of your Class-E transmitters boosted by a Class AB PA from Greece (with the ensuing ~40% PA efficiency, if you are lucky) is not "out of date" ?

Give us a break, man. You're full of self-contradictions. Today this is OK, next week, it's not. I hope that you don't work for the Met Office, because if so the British public might never be sure from which direction the wind is blowing.

Good reception into Masset, BC measuring 6959.974 on my KiwiSDR at 04:03 playing
To Cut A Long Story Short by Spandau Ballet

Pretty sure it's this: https://www.hfunderground.com/board/index.php/topic,120964.msg375728.html#msg375728

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6960 AM 0358 UTC 11 Nov 2023
« on: November 11, 2023, 0405 UTC »
SINPO 45444 with some selective fading here at my house. Similar on KPH SDR in NorCal. I saw the transmitter came on a few seconds after Ballsmacker signed off.

0358 - Heaven 17, "Fascist Groove Thing"
0401 - "Questions, Questions" (forgot the group name)
0405 - Echo and the Bunnymen. Signal has faded down on KPH and KFS.
0413 - Tears For Fears, "Pale Shelter ".   This guy is hitting all the New Wave anthems tonight.
0421 - A Flock of Seagulls, "Wishing" (a.k.a. "If I had a photograph of you")
0426 - Signal is fading here at home. Crappy reception currently on a number of western states' SDRs.
0432- Thomas Dolby, "Europa and the Pirate Twins". Signal has recovered at home a little but the trend is negative. Band conditions are not great tonight.
0435 - The Motors, "Airport".
0440 - The Cars, "Shake It Up". Signal is fading rapidly then recovering but overall a bit better than 20 minutes ago.
0446 - Dead air, I think.
0450 - Blue Oyster Cult, "Transminacon MC"
0454 - Blue Oyster Cult, "Cities On Flame With Rock and Roll", Tougher reception at home again and pretty bad across the West as well. I'm about to hang it up.
0500 - This sucks. I'm out, y'all.

Might have been something to do with the 75th anniversary of Air Force MARS recently.

Utility / SHARES North Net 6765 USB 0053 UTC 10 November 2023
« on: November 10, 2023, 0128 UTC »
This is a FEMA network. Net control is NNA5HF.

I tuned in to casual conversation about property drainage before officially seeking check-ins, then having heard a few, then sent digital traffic. Some traffic or other digital transmissions followed. After the initial flurry of activity, there was a lot of dead air (several minutes at a time) between net control transmissions and I did not stay with it.

Recording, including digital traffic: https://voca.ro/146vc7jT8ims

More info on SHARES: https://www.cisa.gov/resources-tools/programs/shared-resources-shares-high-frequency-hf-radio-program

Heard on the K1VL SDR in Vermont, USA.


Note: Crew B will be doing the show this week so things may be a little different.  Last week we had an amplifier fail during the show so we will be running on backup this week.

Yes, I can tell. Somewhat weaker than normal on the K1VL SDR in Vermont: S7, SINPO 25242. Roughly the same on the Northern Utah SDR with the beam pointed east.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: WDOG 6960 AM 2328 UTC 3 Nov 2023
« on: November 04, 2023, 0053 UTC »
SINPO 35322 / S5 on the Northern Utah kiwi SDR with the log-periodic beam pointed to the east.

0151 - remake of a Gary Neuman song, I believe.
0155 - TX off just after little child's cries of "shut up, shut up, shut up", revealing Ballsmacker carrier and I/S underneath.

Caught the end of an AF MARS Special Bulletin. Forgot to record until the very end. Nothing significant. I suppose one thing to note is that this is a AF MARS frequency, FYI.


Peskies / Portugese Language Peskies 6976.8 USB 2310 UTC 03 Nov 2023
« on: November 03, 2023, 2324 UTC »
Back and forth, seemingly casual conversation between two males, one with strong diesel engine noise in the background. Initially seemed to be in Portuguese language but not completely sure on that. One guy is ~200 hertz off frequency from the other.


Heard on the K1VL SDR in Vermont, USA.

Latin American Pirate / Re: UNID 6935 AM 0015 UTC 3 Nov 2023
« on: November 03, 2023, 0033 UTC »
I'm hearing some light modulation.

AD149? I'm in the middle of three other things and I don't feel like hunting around South American SDRs to check.

I can see something around 6940 KHz as well, which might be Zeppelin Radio from Greece. (I'm lazy about that too.) If so, propagation seems favorable tonight.

0040 - Male announcement between songs but unable to understand or even tell which language.
0100 - Phil Collins
0130 - Off, after Pink Floyd, "Hey You"

2300 - Strong carrier (S9+10) on the Vermont SDR but audio is incredibly weak. Just enough to perceive music but that that's about it.
2321 - I can tell they are playing "Eminence Front" at the moment but audio is still barely perceptible.
2348 - I had to step away for the last 25 minutes or so. Yes, modulation is a lot better, but seems to vary with time. Here's a spec plot from one of the moments of strong modulation, which shows a good level with sidebands ~ -25 to -30 dBc, which is perfect.

2349 - ID. I can hear some distortion and that tells me that the op has turned things up to about the point where you want to stop.  :D
2354 - Audio is weak again.
0003 - ID then into Motown ?
0011 - Rainbow, Stone Cold. Audio is still weak, probably comparable to 2321 UTC.
0023 - SSTV
0025 - TX off.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 7320 AM 0311 UTC 1 NOV 2023
« on: November 01, 2023, 0327 UTC »
Similar to Rob Rich, 7315 (not sure what it is, but it is transmitting in Arabic) is just destroying 7320 on the Vermont SDR. In SAU mode with PBT manipulated, I can hear classical music but that's about it.

General Radio Discussion / Re: The Myth of the War of the Worlds Panic
« on: November 01, 2023, 0304 UTC »
My father was 21 years old at the time. He said that he did not hear the broadcast either but remembers hearing about it the day after. He said that it wasn't like there were people running through the streets or anything close to that where he lived.

At the same time, I question the authors closing:
But the myth also persists because it so perfectly captures our unease with the media’s power over our lives. “The ‘panic broadcast’ may be as much a function of fantasy as fact,” writes Northwestern’s Jeffrey Sconce in Haunted Media, suggesting that the panic myth is a function of simple displacement: It’s not the Martians invading Earth that we fear, he argues; it’s ABC, CBS, and NBC invading and colonizing our consciousness that truly frightens us. To Sconce, the panic plays a “symbolic function” for American culture—we retell the story because we need a cautionary tale about the power of media. And that need has hardly abated: Just as radio was the new medium of the 1930s, opening up exciting new channels of communication, today the Internet provides us with both the promise of a dynamic communicative future and dystopian fears of a new form of mind control; lost privacy; and attacks from scary, mysterious forces. This is the fear that animates our fantasy of panicked hordes—both then and now.

I'm going to suggest that a lot of the dumb, false, hysterical crap that gets passed around on Facebook is a similar form of manipulation to a population that is willing to believe anything. One look at Snopes.com and Factcheck.org will show you how much of it there is. And I'm quite sure that there are more people being sucked in for this junk than ever got panicked in 1938. Just count reposts as some indication.

Huh? / Candy
« on: November 01, 2023, 0234 UTC »

That is all.

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