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Shortwave Broadcast / WBCQ 3265v AM 0101 UTC 31 DEC 2022
« on: December 31, 2022, 0525 UTC »
Exact frequency was 3265.13 kHz at tune in, drifted up to 3265.18 kHz by 0129 UTC. S7 (but lots of static) with the Raleigh, NC KiwiSDR.

0101 UTC-Classical music (familiar but neither I nor Shazam can recall the title)
0102 UTC-Beginning of the "New Years Eve New Years Eve Show", hosted by two OMs, difficult to copy
0133 UTC-Program still going


EiBi shows this schedule:

3265          0000-2400       USA Brother Stair            E   NAm
3265          0100-0200 Sa    USA WBCQ The Planet          E   NAm

The part showing Brother Stair was just added recently and I am doubtful of its accuracy. Since the end of the program listed for Saturday (Friday local time) only I have not heard anything on the frequency.

Exact frequency is 6949.59 kHz. S7 with the KFS Omni KiwiSDR.

0048 UTC-Religious program (more like Pseudoscience than a regular religious program)
0114 UTC-OM “We interrupt this important message with an even more important one, the station ID, Solar Centric”, talking about enjoying your solstice and new year, my name is Dr. Evan Alexander
0115 UTC-Back to the program
0135 UTC-Signal now very weak
0135 UTC-Music (other program over? I took my headphones off for a moment)
0140 UTC-Switched to the Northern Utah KiwiSDR, much better signal there (S7, still electronic music)
0142 UTC-Solar Centric ID
0143 UTC-Some kind of jingle
0143 UTC-“This is an emergency broadcast. The unpleasant noise you are about to hear is not a mistake. Please do not turn off your radio, instead turn it up as high as it can go”
0144 UTC-OM wishing everyone a happy Friday, using a 1000 watt homebrew transmitter in the Pacific Ocean, this is Solar Centric signing off
0145 UTC-OFF

Certainly an unusual program! Nice to hear another new station, especially one that seems to be further west than most.

S7 with the KX4AZ KiwiSDR.

0032 UTC-ON
0032 UTC-Beavis and Butthead talking, others talking
0040 UTC-Remember When by Blues Saraceno
0042 UTC-Never Look Back by Blues Saraceno
0052 UTC-Scottie 2 SSTV

S7 with the KX4AZ KiwiSDR.

2234 UTC-Where Are You Going by Robin Trower
2243 UTC-Frequency drifting
2344 UTC-Daydream (Live) by Robin Trower
2353 UTC-Scottie 1 SSTV
2355 UTC-Unknown Music
0004 UTC-“That’s it for me today, if your still out there happy new year”
0004 UTC-Thunder Chicken Radio ID
0004 UTC-OFF

S9+10 with the KX4AZ KiwiSDR.

2230 UTC-ON
2230 UTC-Rebroadcast of 6925 USB (same music and same tinny sound)
2231 UTC-OFF
2235 UTC-ON
2235 UTC-Unknown Music
2240 UTC-OFF
2300 UTC-Has been on several times since 2240 UTC for only a few seconds each

S7 with the PY2-81502 KiwiSDR in Brazil. Also heard/seen on the K3FEF KiwiSDR. QRM from CW (not on the frequency, an amateur radio op near this KiwiSDR often overloads it).

0003 UTC-Waterfall image of some kind of logo (amateur radio?), sent over and over
0005 UTC-UNID Digital mode
0006 UTC-Different waterfall image, also sent over and over
0008 UTC-Same UNID digital mode
0009 UTC-Waterfall image of a kangaroo, sent over and over (upside down)
0011 UTC-Waterfall images now say “DJ”
0013 UTC-UNID digital again
0014 UTC-Waterfall images, looks like a word but I can’t tell what
0021 UTC-OFF

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 26895 AM 1915 UTC 28 DEC 2022
« on: December 28, 2022, 1916 UTC »
S9 with the VE6JY KiwiSDR in Alberta. Excellent audio, must be fed directly into a transmitter. No signal on KiwiSDR’s in the eastern part of North America, maybe from the west!

1915 UTC-Imaginary Lover by Atlanta Rhythm Section
1917 UTC-You Make Me Feel Like Dancing by Leo Sayer
1919 UTC-Keep On Smilin' by Wet Willie
1923 UTC-Show And Tell by Al Wilson
1926 UTC-Loves Me Like a Rock by Paul Simon
1928 UTC-Suddely jumped from the low side of the frequency to slightly above it, horrible QRM at this point from CB Freebanders
1930 UTC-Listen to the Music by The Doobie Brothers
1932 UTC-Will It Go Round In Circles by Billy Preston
1936 UTC-Diamond Girl by Seals & Crofts
1940 UTC-OFF

Thanks for the broadcast on the unusual frequency!

Recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7kLmd7JOtE / https://archive.org/details/unid-broadcast-pirate-26985-am-1915-utc-28-dec-2022

European MW Pirate Radio / UNID (RU?) 1673v AM 1823 UTC 28 DEC 2022
« on: December 28, 2022, 1825 UTC »
S7 with the Tambov, Russia KiwiSDR.

1823 UTC-No Woman No Cry by Boney M.
1825 UTC-Talking, sounds more professional than any other Russian pirate I have heard (not Russian?)

Shortwave Broadcast / Voice of Vietnam 11885 AM 1925 UTC 27 DEC 2022
« on: December 27, 2022, 2154 UTC »
7/10 with my Sony ICF-2010.

1925 UTC-English language news, the accent combined with some static makes it very hard to understand
1926 UTC-Music
1930 UTC-Beginning of the French broadcast

5/10 on my Sony ICF-2010, I am finally hearing Latin American activity on the freeband (not just this, but this is especially interesting).

1938 UTC-Very exited OM talking over brass music
1939 UTC-Reply from another station not so exited and without music
1939 UTC-Back to the first station

Recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZEdoDIkHfo

Shortwave Broadcast / BBC via Oman 6195 AM 0224 UTC 27 DEC 2022
« on: December 27, 2022, 0324 UTC »
5/10 with the Sony ICF-2010 meter at home.

0224 UTC-Talking in Pashto

Exact frequency is 6285.04 kHz. S7 with the Raleigh, NC KiwiSDR.

0420 UTC-Unknown Music
0430 UTC-Rock 165 ID
0445 UTC-Rock 165 ID
0445 UTC-OFF

Recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SDukfu0A6s

S9 with the PY2-81502 KiwiSDR in Brazil.

2052 UTC-Latin American music, some of the other stations commenting
2054 UTC-OFF, back to a QSO
2055 UTC-Music again, sounds much worse (must be a different station)
2056 UTC-Music off, QSO again
2100 UTC-Jammer gone, seems to have driven everyone off the frequency

Sounds like attempts to bother the people having conversations rather than entertainment.

S9 with the KFS Omni KiwiSDR.

0124 UTC-I Just Want To Have Something To Do by Ramones
0125 UTC-B Side Radio ID, talking about the music, good evening to everyone listening
0127 UTC-God Of Thunder by Kiss
0131 UTC-Go to Hell by Alice Cooper
0136 UTC-Talking about the music, reading the lyrics of the last song, B Side Radio ID, good evening to anyone has posted on the HFU
0138 UTC-Hallowed Be Thy Name by Emerson, Lake & Palmer
0143 UTC-Hallowed Be Thy Name by Iron Maiden
0149 UTC-Talking about the music, B Side Radio ID
0150 UTC-Chest Fever (live) by Three Dog Night
0157 UTC-Eleanor Rigby by Joan Baez
0159 UTC-B Side Radio ID, talking about the music
0200 UTC-Night in the City by Electric Light Orchestra
0207 UTC-B Side Radio ID, radio to the power of B, this is Bud Bigley, talking about the music
0208 UTC-Bitch by The Rolling Stones
0212 UTC-Jailbreak by Thin Lizzy
0216 UTC-B Side Radio ID, talking about the music, it’s the Friday night before Christmas
0217 UTC-Overdose by AC/DC

S9+10 with the KX4AZ KiwiSDR.

2234 UTC-ON
2234 UTC-Horribly distorted music
2238 UTC-No longer distorted
2239 UTC-Theme from Close Encounters of the Third Kind mixed with walrus sounds
2240 UTC-Man repeating “audio test 1234”, not a voice I recognize
2241 UTC-Noises, not sure what
2242 UTC-Counting in Spanish, CIA take 2
2242 UTC-Voice of Laryngitis ID
2242 UTC-Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top
2247 UTC-Spy numbers for the CIA take 41
2248 UTC-Generic Heavy Beer spoof ad
2248 UTC-YL with Voice of Laryngitis QSL information
2249 UTC-Piratebusters program
2300 UTC-Voice of Laryngitis ID, English numbers
2304 UTC-Friendly Freddy’s No Frills Hospital spoof ad
2307 UTC-Broadcasting from a bowling alley somewhere in North America, QSL information
2309 UTC-End of program
2309 UTC-OFF

Thanks for the rebroadcast!

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