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Tnx Chris for this link !!!

I plan to start a 'real project' and as you know... I need all the help I can get.:-)

thanks again...


"P" beacon 13555.3 khz USB (more likely 13555.0 khz) 1447 UTC Aug. 16, 2018  S6 signal with some fading.

I also heard this beacon yesterday about the same time.  This beacon generally shows an excellent signal whenever the band is open.

Propagation / Re: Tracking The Solar Downturn
« on: June 20, 2018, 1835 UTC »
 It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong.
Richard P. Feynman

 Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts.
Richard P. Feynman

13555.9 lsb "P" beacon 1347 utc 06-17-2018


Thanks to both Ary and MDK2 for your replies.

Kinda sorta a rare one?  <heh> good thing I recorded the entire broadcast with audio and video of my SDR screen as it was happening...  I seldom have such luck... :-)

tnx agn folks...

Yep... Just the voice no data and the modulation was very weak with a weird noise on the signal.

I have checked for a broadcast 3 times since and have heard nothing... Perhaps due to propagation, frequency and/or sked changes etc etc...

Perhaps Ary B. might have more up to date info???


Are you ready for this one?  No? Well here it is anyway.  :-)

I was all set and ready for a M08a CW thingie but something seems to have gone wrong... (he said)
There was no CW but a nasty noise and very low in the background I heard... yep, you guessed it, HM01...  Too low in modulation to get the call up but no matter.

Let's call this an Arnie C. nightmare...  So typical (he said).  I recorded the whole thing just for a giggle but unfortunately this happens so often that the silliness is lost...

the sign off of this FUBAR was at 0009 UTC.

Just needed to let you all know about how I wasted a whole hour.... grrrrrr....

p.s. Arnie please read the operators manual OK?  Things might go better next time :-P

Update report May 23 2018

Checked for M08a today at 1350 UTC to 1430 UTC on 8097 khz LSB and nothing was heard... could be propagation but checking the propagation reports if it was there I should have heard it.  Perhaps A.C. noticed something was amiss and is working hard to get the transmitter on-line again. :-) Let's all sing a chorus of "Too Much Tequila"


73 V.G.W.

Equipment / Re: Touching MFJ-956 increases gain.
« on: April 27, 2018, 1828 UTC »
Hi all,

I have a MFJ 945E and it is effected by hand capacity on the Antenna control... The only way to fix it is to place a isolated coupler on the antenna v-cap. I think of that every time I use the thing but I fight the urge to modify and live with it. I seldom use it anyway so what the hey hey hey :-) 

Tee network antenna tuners will do this without an isolated coupler between the Vee Cap rotator and the knob.  It's the nature of the beast.  Leaving out this coupler is just a cheaper way of making the tuner. Higher power use when using these type of tuners require the isolator... remember RF Burns hurt like all get out and sometimes don't heal well.


Thanks folks for all the replies :-)

This might send me into another direction but I'm still keeping it in the back of my noodle for brains hidie hole.

Yep something else has motivated me into another direction for the time being...  and to tell the truth I have so many other projects that need to be put into some sort of cabinet, that will keep me busy for awhile... after I drop all the antennas to check for problems in that situation...

anyway 73 to U all


General Radio Discussion / Sad news; ART BELL has passed away...
« on: April 14, 2018, 0639 UTC »
Bad news: George N. on Coast to Coast AM has reported that Art Bell has passed away... I have no link to the news but by the time you read this it should be out ... RIP Art


Other / Pips network 04/13/2018
« on: April 13, 2018, 2030 UTC »
Found a few pips as follows:

3760,  3820,  3880,  3940,  4000,  4060,  4240,  4300,  4360,  4430,  4500,  4570,  4640,  4710, 4780,  4850,  4920,  4990,  5060,  5140,  5220,  5300,  5380

off at 1954 utc  BTW the pips are approximately 3.7 seconds apart.  I am assuming these are all the same as the SDR in wide band mode show the 'pips' at the  exact same time on every frequency.  I may have missed some :-) 


Huh? / Re: China’s 9½-ton space lab will soon crash to Earth
« on: March 19, 2018, 1505 UTC »
I have a little stuffed Penguin sitting on his little red chair over my operating position... and I bet he can stay in the air longer than the crappy Chinese junk that ends up crashing to earth...

BTW this isn't what they say it is anyway...  hoping not to lose face the PRC called it a 'space lab' when in fact it is nothing more than a copy of an old outhouse design that some guys (and 1 gal) printed up as a joke... from a University computer center...   It was a boring day and no one wanted to work so...  Well things being what they are China got a copy of this drawing and thought it was the print of a super secret NSA spy bird....  HA!  the laugh is on them once again :-)

And that's that about that... kinda sorta...

HF Beacons / Re: Beacon 13563.3 1748 gmt Feb 16 2018
« on: February 16, 2018, 1908 UTC »
time off at 1906 gmt
now solid carrier

HF Beacons / Beacon 13563.3 1748 gmt Feb 16 2018
« on: February 16, 2018, 1756 UTC »
beacon on 13563.3 khz very loud signal at 1748gmt it has 1 (one) long beep (dah) and the rest are short beeps (dits)

seems like the longer beeps is part of the device cycle and sometimes  doesn't function the way a person might want it to.  In other words it messes up at times :-)

General Radio Discussion / Re: A 'NEW' Bro. Stair ???
« on: January 27, 2018, 1609 UTC »
I was listening to AWWW tonight and he had mentioned that Stair was out of jail and back in the commune recovering.


Re-covering ehhh... I wonder what he was re-covering up????  Just sayin'

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