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HF Beacons / pip 6550 khz 1350 UTC 07/26/2017
« on: July 26, 2017, 1357 UTC »
pip 6550 khz 1350 UTC 07/26/2017

Putting in a very good signal here in Troy,0-hi-0
Don't know anything about this, I just happened across it when scanning the bands.


Equipment / Re: Dipole help!!!
« on: July 24, 2017, 1853 UTC »
I used to live in a very old house and the house wiring had this steel cover that often resonated to any dipole I placed in that attic...  but that is quite another story.

Propagation has a lot to do with it... The SDR could be too close or too near depends on time of day etc...  And remote SDR's don't always receive in the direction you might want to hear...

As mentioned by another try using your own receiver (portable I hope) outside of the building if the signal is weak there then check your coax and your coaxial connectors... If that fails check the transmitter into a dummy load to see if it is, in deed, really putting out any real RF.  BTW I have known new coax (with connectors) to not be soldered correctly or at all... ahhhhuuuummm does happen not often but.

Don't mind me... just covering areas others have already done did dood dude!

BTW... my question is this... Is this transmitter a solid state wide band type of rig or do you have to tune the thing up as in older tube type gear...  Just showing my age....


Think of the satellites...  gobs of RF energy hitting those things just might burn those sensitive devices to the heat of hell...  Hope it hits MTV first...

Even if the signal was thousands of order of magnitude I still couldn't hear the damned thing here in the wastelands of 0-hi-0  (I'm not joking thanks to the local electric services) The noise level here from approximately 5500 khz down to the long wave band are certainly being heard on Pluto...

I'll give it a try later but I should know better than waste my time <sigh>


There is no intelligent life here or on other planets... take from me... Never was Never will be... I'd know...

General Radio Discussion / Some very “peculiar signals”
« on: July 18, 2017, 1352 UTC »
Some very “peculiar signals” have been noticed coming from a star just 11 light-years away, scientists in Puerto Rico said.

The mystery has gripped the internet as speculation mounts about the potential for a discovery of alien life on the red dwarf star known as Ross 128—despite the best attempts of astronomers to put such rumors to rest.

“In case you are wondering, the recurrent aliens hypothesis is at the bottom of many other better explanations,” said a blog post by Abel Mendez, director of the Planetary Habitability Laboratory at the University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo.

Something unusual first came to light in April and May, when the team was studying a series of small and relatively cool red dwarf stars, some of which are known to have planets circling them.

Ross 128 is not known to have planets, but “we realized that there were some very peculiar signals in the 10-minute dynamic spectrum that we obtained from Ross 128.”

The signals were observed May 13 at 0053 GMT, and “consisted of broadband quasi-periodic non-polarized pulses with very strong dispersion-like features,” he wrote.

“We believe that the signals are not local radio frequency interferences (RFI) since they are unique to Ross 128 and observations of other stars immediately before and after did not show anything similar.”

There are three main possibilities to explain the bursts.

They could be emissions similar to solar flares.

They could be emissions from another object in the field of view of Ross 128.

Or they might be a burst from a high orbit satellite, Mendez wrote.

Since the signals are likely too dim to be picked up by other radio telescopes in the world, Mendez said that scientists at the Arecibo Observatory joined with astronomers from SETI (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Life) would use the Alien Telescope Array and the Green Bank Telescope to observe the star for a second time late Sunday.

The results of these observations should be posted by the end of the week, he said.

“I have a Pina Colada ready to celebrate if the signals result to be astronomical in nature,” Mendez said.


Sadly enough, I received at least a dozen robocalls from these jerks over the last 4 months...they sucked me in with the first 3 digits of my cell phone number. I hope they appreciated the string of profanity I directed at them  ;D

Skip...  ur not the only one that has turned all cannons towards them and left a message of "*%&%$^^&%&^$&^^%&^%#$@@%%&^*"

TNX OM for being on the same page as I.... :-)

RFW came back on the air and did my request :-)

Dicko  did play "Drop your pants" by Hilary for me... nice guy don cha tink?  me do... :-)

Thanks all for your replies they are great fully received... thank you all

Cost isn't a problem... I already have then... in my junk box :-)  An yes they are good and I assure you I didn't pay as much as a dollar for the lot... You see I'm cheap, don't you know <heh>

Power wise as in voltage input... not over 12 volts...  I don't build battery packs much over 12 volts...  I could and there is good reason to do it but I chose not too for certain reasons :-)  I am also quite stubborn...

QRP is up to and including 5 watts...  Pirate?  Hell no!  It's for the CW portion on the 40 meter band unless something goes wrong and for some reason it ends up in the 43 meter region , if that happens I will immediately cease all transmission(s)  and hit the bottle again... (sorry I digest  errr digress) 

But logic says one should use a dummy load...  Well damn it there is no dummy bigger than I and I am one hell of a load. sri about that... getting creative with the words and language...

As for 'pirates'...  on board ship for months, sometimes years,  it must be a lonely life indeed lacking the comforts of a kindly and comely woman... or it is until the First-mate bends over and gets it driven hard up the fundament...    Bring out large casks of Rum and consume it with great gusto and pass the First-mate around after the Rum...  so you want to be a Pirate?... not me... Homey don't play dat OK...  But sitting in my little radio room with me Lady on me lap...  heh heh I might be up for anything... :-)

Later folks....


Hey Dicko Weedo...

I hear you 5 and 9 OM big signal and great audio (for a slop-bucket rig)

I have a request...

Play "Drop Your Pants" by Hilary

Ok talk to you later down the loggggg

73 Vince

Serious question (yeah I know I seldom am are serious); does anyone on here know if an IRF610 is a good replacement for an IRF510 ? for RF and/or AF purposes or should I just bite the bullet and google for the spec sheets?  (hate doing that... sigh)

Thanks folks... :-)

Just started... follow my lead folks...  I'm not here :-)
6935 AM 1912utc  NOW!!!

Glenn A. Baxter
1942 - 2017

BELGRADE - Glenn Albert Baxter, 75, died May 5, 2017, at Maine General Medical Center, Augusta, after a strong, courageous battle with lymphoma cancer.

Glenn was born the son of Frank and Marion ("Sunny") Watson Baxter and grew up in Scarsdale, N.Y., having spent summers in Maine from the age of 9. He became a full-time Maine resident in 1977 and met Bonnie Richardson in April, 1979. They married one year later in April of 1980 and lived in Belgrade on Great Pond, that Glenn often referred to as his "paradise."

He loved being on the water and was an expert at navigating his way around the waters of Great Pond in his two old wooden boats that he and Bonnie and their friends enjoyed for many years.

As a student at Northwestern University for two years, Glenn was a member of the football team and religiously followed their games each season cheering them on from afar! He later attended and graduated from the University of Rhode Island as an Industrial Engineer and proudly acquired his Registered Professional Engineering license (RPE) for Illinois and Maine.

For more go to;


General Radio Discussion / Re: Solar Minimum
« on: May 19, 2017, 2028 UTC »
I give all you folks permission to laugh your buttocks off when I kick off :-)

And the jokes... anything goes unless it messes with the HFU policy...  off line everything goes :-)

I believe in eternal life...  And if the theories hold up that you can't destroy energy... Well I'll go tap dancing on a lot of graves...  Prepare for a tap tap tap to all in a box below the ground.

As for my dead husk...  I, like George Carlin, want to be blown up... not in a box, or burned, toss a few holy handy-grrr-naids me... Get drunk and have a BBQ and smoke some pan...  errrr... pot?

man.... where the hell is my medication...  suddenly feeling dizzy...   arg.... <<<<thud>>>>


Holy shit!  How do you hook that sumbitch into a fuzz pedal?  I'll feed it into the Bassman and let it vibrate me 24x7.

Hee hee... you said 'vibrate'... :-)

General Radio Discussion / Re: Aurora related
« on: May 12, 2017, 2305 UTC »
HAARP is really a FAX machine and the sky is the paper...

Believe it or Nutz

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