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General Radio Discussion / A 'NEW' Bro. Stair ???
« on: January 26, 2018, 1151 UTC »
WWCR 3215 khz AM 0945 UTC 26 Jan 2018

I heard a 'new' voice that was reading Bro. Stairs mail.  The voice was 'younger, but not too young, and seemed a bit more coherent and rational (?) than the original Bro. Stair. But still in the manner of the Southern preacher type person... kinda sorta.

Check the time tho!  Kinda early for me and I could have been dreaming (nightmare) this all was happening.  So lay this report genitals-ly  (heh) on your desk as it may be a big 'boo boo'.I have been known to hear the planet Pluto from time to time. 

If any of you other folks hear the same thing as the report says, then we are all on the same tract :')  Or perhaps you have been using the same 'vitamins' that I have been consuming. If this report is true then we might want to be concerned to the fact this gentltalsman is reading Bro. Stair's mail...  Does he have permission?  Awww what the hell who cares anyway!!!

Now if this is true did Bro, Stair infect the shortwave radio broadcasting system?  Money does do evil things saith Bob!  Money should be re-cycled and made into paper communication cups.  We need communication cups to hold the kool aid so we can wash down that stupid wafer that gets stuck to the roof of thy mouth!!!

And with that I will say, Merry X-day to you all and have a crappy New Year.... wooopie <crash tinkle tinkle thump>.Darn it... I spilled that package of electrons again!!!


Peskies / UNKN 15054.5 KHZ 1826 UTC 23 JAN 2018
« on: January 23, 2018, 1825 UTC »
UNKN 15054.5 KHZ 1826 UTC 23 JAN 2018

Spanish speaking with at least two stations in 'rag chew'QSO.

Good signal on a day when over all band conditions are quite poor. 

Off at 1833 utc

Has anyone seen a decrease in US Comm. SWBC since Bro. Stair has gone?

Don't get me wrong I sure as hell don't miss the creep but I would feel badly if some of the US stations were to suffer because he has gone.  Hopefully they (the SW stations) have found something or other to fill the gap. 

What say folks!

Peskies / SS 2way 15054.5khz usb 1900utc Jan 15 2018
« on: January 15, 2018, 1907 UTC »
SS 2way 15054.5khz usb 1900utc Jan 15 2018. Fair to good signal (S6)

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6950 AM 2057 UTC 13 Jan 2018
« on: January 13, 2018, 2057 UTC »
6950khz AM...

They just signed off because no one could hear them!!!!  super strong here in Ohio

Huh? / Re: Loving Vincent...
« on: January 07, 2018, 1443 UTC »
A must see.... :-)

He ran out of Viagra???

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925 AM 1859 UTC 26 Dec 2017
« on: December 26, 2017, 1915 UTC »
Unkn AM 6925 1912utc 26 Dec 2017

signal just now dropped off @ 1914 utc... Signal has been on and off and  I think it was testing earlier in CW and Carrier....  Something to keep an eye on I guess

Propagation / Re: don't look for anything better for a few years...
« on: December 18, 2017, 1730 UTC »
Yeah I know you guys are right but in a severe noise area like the one I'm in at the moment doesn't lend itself to moderate to weak signals...

I have heard some DX of late here but I am much too lazy to post anything anymore...  but I do post what bands are open to this area on the chat but I have noticed that the openings here don't mean there are openings on the same band in other places and vis versa...  Just the way things are I guess.

I was just letting off steam for a very bad day and receiving some equally bad news...

Ignore me... unless I'm trying to be funny...  then laugh ur butts off at me as I luv acting the fool :-)


General Radio Discussion / Re: "Preacher Teacher" Alert
« on: December 08, 2017, 1801 UTC »
Oral (sex) roberts...

yeah right... they are all scam artist and nothing more... anyone that thinks other wise is an idiot...

Let's see some serious dat modulation...
200% and up...

Propagation / don't look for anything better for a few years...
« on: December 08, 2017, 1752 UTC »
don't look for anything better for a few years...  There won't be any improvement for a number of years...  Unless the Sun explodes and... 8 minutes  until... poof...

Yeah ignore this... I'm just a little angry...  Bad propagation, crappy antennas...  <sigh> it is what it is... sri folks...

Pigmeat,  are those Mormon wedding undies the ones that come with a dozen extra replacement hymens  ???   Good deal I am told :-)

Hundreds (they say) of pirates, but yet there are millions of electronic devices spewing for an ever increasing amount of RFI. Not a peep about that from the FCC nor even the broadcasters.

Where I am In Troy Ohio it is near impossible to hear much of anything in the AM broadcast band...  only 3 stations have a readable signal and even then 2 of them have noise. 

I said this so many times, put a REAL part 15 test of all of the junk China is sending over here and I mean everything including junky CFL and LED bulbs.  Yeah I know they are cheap but they are the best noise generators... 

There are tons of electronic junk from China that would fail the part 15 test...  so get your hands out of your asses Funny Circus Clowns...  Do your damned job or close up shop for good.

General Radio Discussion / Re: "Preacher Teacher" Alert
« on: November 23, 2017, 1926 UTC »
Poor old Bro. Stair... some folks think he is an idiot but we must remember the person(s) that is paying the bills..  it sure isn't bro. Stair...  End Time??? The Bible says that no one will know when that time will come so I guess claiming to be 'the end time' anything must be a lie... IMHO

But I digress...

So what if the commercial US Shortwave stations will take a hit?  It's up to them to sell themselves... It's called promotion and anyone in the media has to deal with it.  I know a few folks that work at US stations and if I were boss I'd let them go on the air (if I could keep them sober and/or off the weed for an hour or two)...  Do a PBS gig...  beg for money from the listeners...  and I mean really beg.  If that doesn't work... close up shop and get a new hobby, may I suggest stamp collecting ???

As for off the wall hate types, no one can hold a candle to the original WINB at Redlion Tenn.  They called themselves "America's Friendly Voice'...  others called them something else...

And then there is a 'church' based in Italy that has 3 or 4 of their branch churches in that same Country that claim to have Jesus' foreskin...  Man Oh man that must be some large foreskin...  But no comment from the man with the funny hat.  Think about it... holy foreskin!  sick don't you think?  But people still give them money...  :-X

I doubt like hell that Bro. Stair is making a lot of money at all on the shortwave stations, he might be making 50% of what he paid out for broadcast time but that's it.  The shortwave stations are sort of 'a badge of honor' to his cult followers...  Why? Well shortwave is world wide don't you know...  With propagation of late I suspect it is a little less than 'worldwide' and who the hell would listen to him in the first place?  Dead air is more entertaining...

put this down as rant # something something something or other


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