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Huh? / Re: A decade into Record Store Day, a new world of vinyl
« on: May 12, 2017, 2212 UTC »
Does anyone even own a Scully lathe anymore?

"Put your hand on the radio, can you feel it?!?!?"

More than once I done did feel it... one hand on the radio chassis (5  tube AC/DC set plugged in wrong) and my metal desk, grounded of course...  It knocked over my soldering iron with a big blob of hot solder, the solder blob fell in between my pants zipper... talk about putting lead in your pencil... owie owie owie...

Huh? / Re: The Penguin Brief
« on: May 12, 2017, 2159 UTC »
opppssss sorry guys I pushed the wrong button...

Huh? / Re: A North Korean Nuclear EMP Attack? Unlikely
« on: May 12, 2017, 2156 UTC »
The worse thing that NK could do to anyone is to have Fat Boy 'un' let a big cheese phart and cause all of those Russian tanks on NK north border (Just moved there BTW) fire all at once and set NK alight in a massive blaze of 'un's fat cheese butt...

I'd much rather worry about something 'real'... like the Sun going Nova because it is vibrating from all of the crappy music being played on IPHart radio... whatever that is...

Besides...  On a minutes notice we can put in place super audio gear in space and pound the hell out of NK with Yoko Ono tunage...!  We have the edge...

Oh yeah... nuke caca doodee poopoo carries on the wind and I know which way the wind is blowing...

General Radio Discussion / Re: Solar Minimum
« on: May 12, 2017, 2116 UTC »
This is what I have been saying for over the past 20 years or so...  Do Not Sell The SUN Pimple Cream!!!

I left Maine because I had a dream... a dream in which my little farm would be under 10 feet of permafrost,  and my little veggie garden would be no more...  My many varieties of Roses would be nothing more than frozen sticks and my Nutz...  well... let's not go there OK?

And so much worse would be the fact that my Out-house would be completely frozen over and me with no place to go...!  damn you Sun...

"Black Hole Sun won't you come and wash away the stench, Black Hole Sun won't you come won't you come"


They seem to be down a lot. Again, "No Data" from Wallops Island, VA.


Can you say broken?  Due to the fact there is no longer a need to know what SW propagation is... the system will no longer be maintained...  We now return you to the next Ice Age :-)

heee heee heee heee Doctor Evil rides again!

errrrrr.... what the heck is I-Heart Radio?  <sigh>  I have an old pile of CD's that still play in spite of nasty treatment...  And Clear Channel...  well... I gave up on those bozos years ago...

So pop a CD into the drive and kick the crap out of that extended bass cab OK guys?

The 'Old Buzzard' now returns you to your reality not mine  :-)

Utility / Re: USCG Faxes are broken
« on: May 05, 2017, 1946 UTC »
Tnx for the info...  I figured my decoder was acting screwy... You folks have saved me a bit of work...  tnx agn! :-)

Well here's a short sound clip using the SDRplay in the 7khz mode.... insane you say... haaaa...  sounds really good to me for usb.  Reminds me of listening to AM radio in the mid-1950's... check it out guys.



HF Mystery Signals / 6814khz 0220 utc 02/17/2017 40khz wide. OTHR ?
« on: February 17, 2017, 0301 UTC »
On 6814khz 0220 utc 02/17/2017  40khz wide.

Well I thought this could be OTHR but it appears to be 40 Khz wide and it tends to move frequency of a few KHZ upward.  The sound file is here:


And of course the picture file is attached. Any ideas from where this signal comes from or what it is?

tnx vgw

Huh? / Re: Those boys at Radio Trump need to play.....
« on: February 16, 2017, 1932 UTC »
Poop off my Mojo Deck .... errrr  I forget... never mind....

I refuse to listen unless they play some tunes by Richard Cheese or DEVO...

I refuse...

Well maybe the Fugs...

Radio Veritas  Asia  1530 utc 02/16/2017 Tagalog/Filipino 15620 khz

Good signal with little fading

Kinda funny because there was a male speaker and once in awhile he broke into the (non) language of Taglish which is really the normal street language of the Filipino people. :-)

Now if these folks would slow down with their speaking I might get what they are saying.  It's a good think that I have a Lady that can translate this and other languages :-)

Huh? / Re: 50th Anniversary of the Summer of Love.......cancelled?
« on: February 13, 2017, 1547 UTC »
Perhaps they are not well?  Summer of love?...  Some folks I know remember it for what it was...  the summer when it burned like hell when they peed...

Just telling it like it heard it ;-)

Maybe Wavy Gravy had another gig?


Voice of the Roast ( or as Chris said, loaf?)  anyway here is a clip of the show allready in progress...


I won't post my SDR pic again... you all saw it right?


I wonder wonder who dadodedom who wrote the book of Bob :-)

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