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Signal was legible ten minutes ago. A lot of QRN here tonight and I've only got a cheap wire loop up.  SIO 222. Hope to hear more, hearing a harmonica...

I'm hearing trippy synth music with lots of echo and efx.... S2, barely copy. Heard what might have been a skit or something... back to music now at 0443z. QSB all over but still, thank you for the show!

Utility / Re: Hurricane Watch Net 14325 USB 1827 UTC 29 AUG 2023
« on: August 30, 2023, 0252 UTC »
Very good reception on 7268 kHz here in AZ

Hearing "Bohemian Rhapsody" snippet and some other tune I can't ID, very strong out here in AZ @0247

Great reception of a beautiful signal here in AZ. Thanks so much for the show!

(edit: to Canswl above, I was thinking the exact same thing! Maxwell was unique. Nobody tells trippy stories like he did. I still have a KIPM QSL from 2002 on my wall and it's a thrill to hear these shows still going out into the ether.)

It was S6-7 out here till sign off.

Blasting in with Motorhead, steady S7 here. Excellent, thank you!

Booming, gorgeous S9 signal here. All hail the mighty Wolverine!

Perfect vibes for this winter night, you've got the gift, sir! Keep up the excellent work!

Faded a lot in the last 10 min, still S4-6 signal here. Thanks for the show!

Amateur Radio / Re: Snotty Hams
« on: November 12, 2022, 0133 UTC »
 7200 kHz right now is full of people talking over each other about how drunk they are,  this activity has been around since the dawn of the hobby. Pigmeat got it right, & it helps to have a sense of humor to appreciate (?) how "bad" things can get late at night on LSB. The 3840 guys a few years ago were (are?) legends to each other. 7200 seems to be the "new reliable".

Amateur Radio / Re: Snotty Hams
« on: November 09, 2022, 0025 UTC »
For some reason some of the most obnoxious people in the hobby (outside drunk zones of 80m) seem to post on QRZ. The vast majority of people I've met on air have been helpful and friendly.

I just had a casual QSO on 10m with a guy across the country, and the general courtesy level of the old timers in this field is quite a throwback to very different times.

The hobby seems pretty healthy on air, qrz forums not so much. [QST magazine is another weird stagnant pool with a few bright spots IMO]

SIO 323 but the slide guitars are cutting through. Great sounds to be hearing out of the SW bands tonight, excellent as usual, thank you!

Shortwave Broadcast / Radio Omdurman Sudan 7200/7205 kHz
« on: July 26, 2022, 0445 UTC »
Presumed R. Omdurman Sudan on 7200 kHz at 0440z, with presumed Sudanese music playing very legibly beneath some somewhat irritated/amused amateur radio ops.

This seems to be the domestic service, per 2021 WRTH. The music is very interesting, a mix of middle eastern and west African and currently featuring an accordian.

Fansome lives on in those who believe ;-)

Pigmeat was Fansome's spirit animal.

 I am thankful for Pigmeat's return.

Long live Pigmeat.

Long Live Al Fansome.

Amen. God bless all of you.

Agree with all comments above. Locally, the Highway Patrol is not encrypted, and when certain events take place, the radio is often the only way to have any clue what actually happened. I'm thinking of a particular situation a few years ago, none of the details made the local news. As said above, "journalism" these days is a joke, and their stories are weak at best, outright propaganda most of the time. It could actually help the public image of the police (not sure if that's this politician's idea, probably not).

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