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Caught the tail end of whatever this was, sounded like Tibetan monks droning, very strong signal here. At first didn't know what it was, around 0132 they signed off w/ SSTV transmission. Whoever did this strangely beautiful broadcast, thank you!

Bits of very cool music are coming through here in spite of the noise. Thank you very much for the show Wolverine!

Other / Re: Classic Rock 7200 LSB 8 Feb 2019
« on: February 09, 2019, 1959 UTC »
I heard an interesting (hic) liquid discussion in one of the 80M SSB saloons last night about whether the FCC would do anything about this sort of thing any time soon, or took much interest in the subject. The answer seemed to be no.

HF Mystery Signals / Re: All 1 PPS pip / pulse / tick logs here please
« on: February 09, 2019, 1950 UTC »
UNID time signal/pip was on 14304 kHz this morning (2/9)  a few minutes before 1900UTC, it sounded exactly like T's recording.

Tried to get recording together but was off at 1900. Anybody else heard it lately?

I heard voices in Spanish last night (sorry, didn't log) in USB on 5555 kHz (local receiver with wire), hadn't seen your post yet.  Will monitor freq and see if they show up again. My Spanish is slowly improving listening to these guys and the Mexican amateurs on 80 meters, who are often more interesting than the saloon jamming activity.

Your points are also well taken. I don't know if it's 50/50, but it seems to me that the ham community that is interesting these days has a lot of action in QRP stuff and DIY. But I've certainly heard tons of the guys you're talking about. I heard a W2 turning his mega fantastic 20 over S9 beam around, just for kicks, to show how bad-arse the reverse beam was... 80 years old. He was very funny. More power to him, I say.

Also, with the long list of "Silent Keys" in each issue of QST, there's a lot of really good gear that's been fawned over, i.e., a Kenwood ts-820 I got for $0 that was barely used, and another person  just brought over coax and an antenna turner, and in these cases my friends thought I was doing _them_ a favor by taking stuff they'd never use. Also, a TenTech Century 21 thrown in... There are ridiculous deals out there if one is patient and ignores Ebay; a lot of the Kenwood stuff from 70's-80's was really well made (not to mention the classic American Swans/Hallicrafters and so forth that I missed out on, from same friend...)

Gotta add that anyone who takes the FCC exams is told that the antenna is the most crucial part of the rig. $1000 transceiver doesn't mean so much with crummy antenna. To really do what I want has meant DIY for me; I don't have an Elmer (yet).

I heard a lot of action on 10 meters during the "Cal QSO party", not so much since, would love to hear more on your home-made Yagi. A CB would be nice to monitor propagation as you and others have (I believe) suggested... As for 20 meters, I hear a lot of guys using 100 watts. The nightly saloons on 80 meters are usually using big amps and God knows what for antennas. YMMV.

73's and best to you!

the remaining hams are generally well-heeled

Gotta beg to differ; well, maybe half of them, the guys with 200 ft towers and $5K SDR's and the latest, always, from Icom/Yaesu/Kenwood...

The remaining hams are _cheap_... cheap, worn as a badge of honor. A truly great American tradition that represents the true hacker spirit. If you buy an antenna, to these guys you are a loser. If you think there are arguments here, you should see Eham and qrz.
In this tradition, I've been enjoying a 1974 copy of the ARRL antenna book, which cost me $3 (too much I'm sure), and the glories of copper wire in spools from HDepot.

Speaking of cheap, that Recent transceiver looks amazing, hell, Baofengs are amazing for the price -- Shenzhen attitude in action.

Excellent and clear signal here with great music. AM sig to die for, I synch-selected it w/joy until QRN or something clobbered it fifteen minutes ago. Thanks very much to whoever broadcast this.

Good S7 here with occasional fading.

Lots of fading and noise here, SIO 323, but definitely legible. Thank you for the show!

Strong signal into southern AZ tonight, great music ("Our lips are sealed"), thank you so much Wolverine Radio!

Spy Numbers / Re: S06 "Pacific Weekdays Network" 15721 kHz 0400z
« on: July 17, 2018, 0422 UTC »
Heard here again 7/17 @400z, SIO 222, 480 into 5D groups. Speed of the recording was roughly twice that of the most recent clip on N&Oddities, although the tone of voice stayed the same (It took a little over 3 seconds for a 5D group). Off w/ nulls @411z.

Spy Numbers / Re: V07 again, excellent reception
« on: July 08, 2018, 0733 UTC »
Today's transmission must be the temporary end of the null messages (again, must be World Cup... as I write, this will be bdcst again in ten minutes...)

512 (x3) 1

7523 47

18002 85225 95828 40998 52459 55513 .... (lost track after that.... _you_ try going around town and checking in with various dubious music scene characters, and then trying to keep your head with the spanish numbers from Rus).... I have done my best.

The signal into AZ here, has, as always in this thread, been super-f-in excellent. SIO=454, always able to copy well... sometimes it isn't the sig strength but whether or not the guy listening is tired at all, that seals the fate... no, I did not copy this whole transmission, etc., etc.

As I type this, coming through loud and clear on 10263 kHz... Skol to all.

a sudden drop off in activity could be just as important of an indicator as an increase in activity.
Last Edit: June 20, 2018, 1226 UTC by R4002

Truer words have never been spoken, well done R4002.  ;D

Josh, your magnificent analysis has, until now, not been as widely lauded as it deserves. I particularly like this:

"EAM: Emerging Artist Message
This Flash Priority message type promulgates official information regarding new artists in a given recipients local music scene."

If only the EAM's were so interesting... Still, mega points to Josh for a new approach to the football field of traffic analysis, which will surely reach new points as the pundits fathom Germany's World Cup defeat. LOL and cheers!

Spy Numbers / Re: Continuing Mystery of S06s/E17z
« on: June 28, 2018, 0506 UTC »
Hi Ary! Thanks for your post, very very interesting...

I still wonder what the purpose of this station (S06s) is. We can say, oh yeah, this is just tests or trial runs, etc., etc.,  but in the end this whole endeavor costs mucho bucks and, given the state of the country that is supposedly transmitting this stuff, I continue to wonder what exactly is the purpose of this station.

For those who don't know, Ary B. is a true bad-@$$.... Ary knows way more than you and I have forgotten about numbers stations. Cheers and warm regards!

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