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What I love about X-FM  is that the operator genuinely has no snobbery about music categories, he just plays whatever moves him, whatever he likes. This is maybe _the_ theme of pirate broadcasting, back to the Radio Caroline days, it's true of most operators, come to think of it. Even when the music style isn't my usual thing I learn something, and there's always a good idea in there.  Sometimes there are themes from music over the years, which is pretty much a pirates-only thing.  I'm more a rocker too and listen to very little current stuff, but I'm hearing good songs tonight. Cheers to XFM for this incredible signal and for flying the freak flag, high, as Jimi Hendrix used to say.

edit: signal into Baja Arizona has only improved over the last hour

I'm late to the party! Lots of fading here but totally copyable on primitive passive loop of wire around my window. Thank you once again, RedHat!

Coming in consistently strong down here, playing some of the finest music ever anywhere on the bands. What a way to bring in the year.

Some fading here and there but my vertical on the truck doesn't flinch, every guitar lick and harmonica riff coming in loud and clear. You can hear the late 50's tube amps pummeling both.

The stations vibe is blues but also rock n roll, call it "Jimmy-Reed-ish", very rare to hear a station specialize in that. Imagine it feels like the 60's rock guys listening to Radio Caroline and friends, literal pirate ships. Thank you so much, Outhouse Radio, this material is deep enough to educate even serious blues fanatics.

Killer strong signal into southern AZ, great audio, great blues music -- the real deal. Thank you and Happy New Year to whoever is broadcasting this!

Just tuning in here in AZ, barely legible, but hell yeah, you are in there. I don't have my good antenna up tonight. Sounds like there's a great party going on just a little too far in the noise, which is A-OK by me.

Thank you so much for the show, DDJ!  Your audio mixing with the kids setting off firecrackers a half block away, what could be better?

 Happy new year to all!

HF Mystery Signals / 325 hz Tone, 7310 kHz AM, 12/14/2020 0930z (+)
« on: December 14, 2020, 1018 UTC »
Not sure if I'm missing something. This tone was strong at my QTH and Kiwi SDR's in Nevada, Alberta CA, and Missouri. Seems to be gone as of 1000z.

Hopefully these links work...


Congratulations! I got my Tech and General a few years ago after 35+ years of SWL'ing and DX-ing!

It turns out that SWL/DX listening is very useful for amateur radio. Some of my best catches have been just going by ear, hearing some guy from Spain or Japan under tons of noise. If you check 14.205 on a good day, W2NQ/7 will be going on about this, about "learning to listen". His rants are usually very similar but always entertaining.

As for 10m, it's not been terrible lately. There seem to be openings most weeks, sometimes a few a week.

That's good to know. I can't talk to them until they're over 3800, but it would be nice to hear them, anyway. Which is far more unlikely out here, but you never know the way those skips and hops are gonna go. A lot of weird signals end up out here. Have you ever heard that South African guy who does little nets on 20m and 40m? He's usually in a part of the band that I as a General can't talk to. Thanks for the info!

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6930 USB 2342 UTC
« on: November 29, 2020, 0044 UTC »
Copying organ music here @00:40z... Linconshire Poacher @ 00:47....S5-6

Thanks for the broadcast!!

Lots of peskie action in the region tonight for sure.

I'm hearing the carrier (very loud) here in AZ, as well as what sounds like people talking underneath...

Edit: definitely AM and definitely music and chatter in there.

General Radio Discussion / Re: RIP Universal Radio
« on: November 26, 2020, 2309 UTC »
I learned a ton of things from their website back in the late 90's, such a helpful site just being there. I'm thinking of the days when dxing.com and a few others were go-to places (i.e. long ago). Sad to hear about this.

Equipment / Re: Care and feeding of beverage / longwire antennas
« on: November 16, 2020, 0318 UTC »
I really appreciate this post, some of the best first-hand stuff I've found on the beverage antennas (there's a lot of good stuff, of course, but some of it is "bibliographic echo" so to speak)... I have a place to try some ideas (one of these days), and you basically summed it up, thank you.

Now here's a question. I think in the old docs by Mr. Beverage himself or the ARRL, people have transmitted with these. Surely not optimal. Have you heard of someone doing this successfully? I know there are issues with transmit big enough to drive an aircraft carrier through, so to speak. ;)

Equipment / Re: Generic Handheld Radio (Numbers Station)
« on: November 14, 2020, 0239 UTC »
Hi Rob, that's the model I was talking about in another thread, the Belka-DX from Belaruss. That's a really beautiful piece of kit. To the OP, I think that would be very close to the 80's cold war dream of what people did to listen to numbers stations.

I think Belka-dx doesn't have a speaker, headphones/ext speaker only, but so tiny!

Equipment / Re: Sangean ATS-909X2 Launch + Pre-Order
« on: November 14, 2020, 0213 UTC »
R&L Electronics also has this pretty cool looking little SDR radio, this one's Rossiskie, there's another from Belarus, forget its name.

Malahit mdr2000 ($250)

It also decodes CW and has VHF/UHF in all modes, I think. Only big glaring omission is no presets. Also, speaker probably is lousy, but there are
vids of people using them and they look nice.

Might have to get one for myself this winter to check it out.

These things are the wave of the future for portables, Tecsum/Sangean et al are seriously behind the curve.
Supposedly there's a Chinese knockoff called something similar that's nowhere near as good, I read that the Russian one is way better.
Haven't used one myself, but really, Sangean, for $300+ euros, you could buy an old Thinkpad and put an RTL on it, easy peasy!

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