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"Smoke on the water"  at 0206, very nice clear s7 signal here in AZ.

Utility / Re: 11175 USB
« on: May 16, 2020, 2124 UTC »
0216z, RADIATION (?) calling Navy Papa Tango 511, standing by to authenticate Papa Papa Tango. (lots of activity, even some doubling it seems)

Clear S7 signal here.

Coming in loud and clear here, clear music and SSTV, "Riders on the Storm". Edit: Hendrix, "Star Spangled Banner". Thanks for the show!

Whew, tonight's experiment gone, just like that QRT 20 seconds ago... and the beat goes on.

"They're testing something."

I think that idea has a lot of merit.

On again tonight, like clockwork, as I write this.

Kiwi in Khabarovsk:

On 9024 kHz tonight again, via Khabarovsk SDR, 10+ over s9...

Great video/recording, Token! I should be able to hear this one from time to time, must check it out. The selection of K-pop songs to select msg recipients must,surely be unique!

Spy Numbers / Re: Numbers Station News Story
« on: March 07, 2020, 0501 UTC »
I'm currently working on a long-form article about numbers stations: why they're still utilized by governments because of their remarkably simple yet effective communication capabilities

They're still used 'cause they can't be decrypted by anyone who doesn't have the one-time pad, or "key".
2600 magazine had a good article on the maths of why this is so in the mid-2010's.

and why shortwave radio enthusiasts are eager to track a mystery that may never be solved.

Um... A lot (i.e. tons) of people have speculated for decades, for example going back to Havana Moon and H. Helms (both wrote books in 1980's) and many others, and by this point in the present, people at places like the old A.C.E. and this forum and N&O and Priyom (international but also .ru-zone) and Enigma 2000 basically "solved" the general topic and lately most of the specifics also. Not "the mystery"... every station, and even some transmissions themselves are different mysteries. New ones pop up too, the subject is fluid. The more things change, the more they are not the same any more.

Maybe what you mean is, no SWLer will ever be able to understand or decode a message, which is a fact.  it's not possible (which again answers your first question)...

To answer the question "why", maybe because it's fun? It definitely beats watching the paint dry or reading an anonymous twitter feed. Don't knock it 'till yer tried it.

Barely audible here above noise floor, however, nights like these are what a certain online SDR avec sky loop is for (thank you for the public service, Chris). Excellent, a$$-kicking show!

Great signal out here from "Rudolph" till off-air.

Huge signal here, s9. Great audio.  Only caught the Rush songs, but thank you so much for the show!

Lots of fading here but very legible with good audio, SIO 454 at best.

He's blasting into my QTH with 59 signal @ 2110 z.

Thank you very much indeed, Josh.

edit: What a masterpiece of intelligence service writing. A history of radio in warfare, Mr. Flicke's life work it would seem.

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