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You really hear how rock n' roll evolved from this stuff... Incredible selection of tunes.

Good signal for the music out here, can't copy a station ID...

Edit: Thank you so much for this fabulous music! This kind of blues is somehow so relaxing tonight. Just incredible tunes, none of them familiar to me and I thought I knew the blues pretty well.  Cheers!

Thanks for posting this, really interesting and unique footage. Amusing to see Brother Stair in action, as it were. The video quality isn't the greatest, but what a strange project! Brings back a lost era.

Hey R. Pushka, the signal probably skipped right over me, no worries! I'm sure I'll hear you one of these days, I'll be listening. Had no idea where the station was.

Anyhow your station is without doubt unique and interesting, thanks for the enjoyment.

Hearing a carrier for this @ my QTH.

Heard via Token's SDR, but strangely absent here. Hey, you played Autograph (the band)! Forget the name of the song. Thanks for the show, Pushka!

Presumed Two Dog Radio good signal here  0022 UTC; Joe Walsh, Don't Fear the Reaper, Fox on the Run, Paint it Black. Thanks again for the music!

(edit: UTC time in first post incorrect? Maybe meant 0006?)

Stumbled on this, coming in SIO 333 here in AZ.

S5-7 signal here with high noise floor. Audio quality excellent! Good to hear you again!

Lots of fading here, but when that audio comes through it sounds damn good (as usual)... Great music!

Excellent over S9 signal here in AZ! Fine audio quality, I'm guessing it was Santana doing some live guitar wizardry at first, now into "take 5", really great to hear you! This is the kind of signal I've been looking for all weekend. ;D

Your audio sounds like it's going through tubes somewhere... maybe it's just the killer guitars. Kudos Two Dog!

Don't know which song but I hear the music above a pretty high noise floor here in AZ. Thanks for the show, good to hear you again!

Edit: So nice to hear some mellow Neil Young on this winter night.

Peskies / Re: UnID Spanish 6900 kHz LSB 01:55 UTC 3 July 2021
« on: July 09, 2021, 0509 UTC »
Pretty mellow net happening now @ 0507 UTC 7/9/21. They're here lots of nights. I can't copy the more distant station.

Peskies / Re: UnID Spanish 6900 kHz LSB 01:55 UTC 3 July 2021
« on: July 08, 2021, 2109 UTC »
This is maybe the same net heard down here many nights,  lots of "Buenas Noches", also switched sometimes to 6910.10 LSB. Sometimes very rowdy, sometimes a call out of locations and more business-like. I've heard Arizona, Califrornia, Colorado, Tamaulipas mentioned repeatedly. Also have heard a (presumed American anglo) ham break in trying to join the discussion getting yelled/keyed over and prevented from doing so. Interesting net, usually nightly and more than two stations (?)

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: Radio Helliniki Radiophonia
« on: June 30, 2021, 0402 UTC »
Getting them beautifully tonight, with some of the best music left on foreign shortwave! Always a pleasure to catch them, it's almost like they don't know bad music.

Musical style and instruments vary, but I always think: "Balkans".  Excellent sounds for tinkering with stuff in the shop or garage or studio or amateur station.

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