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a sudden drop off in activity could be just as important of an indicator as an increase in activity.
Last Edit: June 20, 2018, 1226 UTC by R4002

Truer words have never been spoken, well done R4002.  ;D

Josh, your magnificent analysis has, until now, not been as widely lauded as it deserves. I particularly like this:

"EAM: Emerging Artist Message
This Flash Priority message type promulgates official information regarding new artists in a given recipients local music scene."

If only the EAM's were so interesting... Still, mega points to Josh for a new approach to the football field of traffic analysis, which will surely reach new points as the pundits fathom Germany's World Cup defeat. LOL and cheers!

Spy Numbers / Re: Continuing Mystery of S06s/E17z
« on: June 28, 2018, 0506 UTC »
Hi Ary! Thanks for your post, very very interesting...

I still wonder what the purpose of this station (S06s) is. We can say, oh yeah, this is just tests or trial runs, etc., etc.,  but in the end this whole endeavor costs mucho bucks and, given the state of the country that is supposedly transmitting this stuff, I continue to wonder what exactly is the purpose of this station.

For those who don't know, Ary B. is a true bad-@$$.... Ary knows way more than you and I have forgotten about numbers stations. Cheers and warm regards!

Spy Numbers / Continuing Mystery of S06s/E17z
« on: June 26, 2018, 1625 UTC »
I 've only heard S06s on the Twente SDR, so my interest in the station is recent, but given the Priyom pages and this very interesting article in Enigma 2000...


... this station still remains an oddity, for all the reasons mentioned by JkC in the article.

So last night via Twente I heard the following at 0730 and 0740:

427 806 5 46062 68672 97478 39685 30485 806 5 00000

which is very, very similar if not identical to the following pattern that JkC in Enigma monitored three plus years ago:

46062 68672 97478 39685 30485 96632 52537 53317 (p. 46 of the Enigma article from 2015)

Just found the pattern by happenstance, I don't usually monitor Twente or this station in general.

I've read the article several times and know the various theories about this station's raison d'etre, curious if Ary on any other monitor knows how common it is for S06/E17z to transmit the same message over a period of many years.

A very strange station, no doubt!

Thanks for another very useful schedule. I was curious about the Priyom info on these broadcasts, which states that some stations (the ones that keep the same sked all year) never broadcast null messages. Wondering if this log was anomalous in any way.

Following your info I've logged the following in SW AZ, adding to my numbers station catches here for the first time in a few decades! Gracias!

V07, S06, M12, M14

Spy Numbers / M12, strong signal, 12193 kHz, 122+null message
« on: June 26, 2018, 0713 UTC »
Heard SIO 333 here, repeating 122 X3 and 000 in CW for a few minutes, 6/26/18. Better conditions here than last night.

Spy Numbers / Re: S06 "Pacific Weekdays Network" 15721 kHz 0400z
« on: June 25, 2018, 0510 UTC »
Also just barely copying M14 one hour later, on 18042 kHz (SIO 211).


Spy Numbers / S06 "Pacific Weekdays Network" 15721 kHz 0400z
« on: June 25, 2018, 0432 UTC »
Caught S06 for first time tonight on 15721 kHz @0400. Copied "480" repeated over and over for a few minutes, then static crashes and QRN made it hard to copy preamble, I thought group count was "sem null" but could be wrong as I'm new at Rus. numbers. Copied the odd "chetyre" "odeen" and "tri" here and there, listened to rest on Kobe, Japan KiwiSDR.

Signal out here was SIO 322 with a lot of QRN, still, fun to hear a new station and this one (via Priyom info, "S06" and "Pacific Weekdays Network") seems to have a daily sked and would be audible much of the year. Interesting station totally different from V07 but seems to be coming from the same direction (in a vague "point the PL-880 kind of way").

TV DX Loggings / Re: I miss analog TV!
« on: June 25, 2018, 0205 UTC »
"Zenith Space Command"... doubtless rated number one by an ancient tome called Consumer Reports, the true badge of quality (sic)! The tactile _feel_ of those bars and hammers, ahhhh... :P

Spy Numbers / Re: V07 again, excellent reception
« on: June 24, 2018, 0706 UTC »
Another null msg tonight. Must be the World Cup.

TV DX Loggings / Re: I miss analog TV!
« on: June 24, 2018, 0449 UTC »
I too remember when color TV came in mid-seventies and it was a big deal at my house. Remote control was an exotic luxury!  ;D

I used to DX Mexico around here all the time twenty years ago... pick up those Mexican league baseball games, which were just the coolest. Hermosillo station, I believe. If they haven't gone to dig then suppose one could do it today, but I have no TV... I think the b/w TV sounds like a good idea/fashion statement, etc.

Clandestine Stations / Echo of Hope on 9100kHz 0900z?
« on: June 22, 2018, 0917 UTC »
I 've heard this a lot recently & wondered what it was; tonight/this morning on 9100kHz 0800+... It's a faint SIO 211 tonight and not worth recording, and I can't tell if the language is Korean or French, that's how bad reception is. However it sounds like Korean to me, or maybe a Korean speaking French. Echo of Hope is the only listing I've found for this freq and time...?

I will have to look that up! So great it will be to put a face on the voice I've heard over the decades, LOL.  I assume that the non-professionals in the United States who actually listen to this stuff are fewer than fifty people. ;)

Spy Numbers / Re: HM01 log, June 2018
« on: June 03, 2018, 2329 UTC »
If we assume that the common westerner outside of an alphabet agency will look at the Chinese as "gibberish" and throw it in the trash, it's kind of low-tech-brilliant. OTOH, what the hell, at least it's something new! :P

Agree w/ everything you said MDK2, also have to add, these two announcers have AFAIK been the same for many years (decades?)... it's amazing they have anyone speaking English at all, so we have to give these two announcers credit for at least the "college try". Can't imagine there are a ton of anglos around to practice with. Also, you are correct the YL is far easier to copy than the OM.

As for style points mentioned by tRMZ, VOK has long been in a class of its own -- even since the 80's when stations like R. Albania gave them serious run for their money. For sure, anyone who listens to this station for a while will know the DPRK nat. anthem very well, which is what they play after the interval signal, and which gives the listener a relatively useless bit of knowledge that is interesting nonetheless.

Very interesting listening to this station in 2018 and reading between the lines (when you can make out what they say at all!)...

Spy Numbers / Re: V07 again, excellent reception
« on: June 03, 2018, 2255 UTC »
Interesting, a rare mistake by this "Operator". Looking at today's Priyom skeds, there were some other sked changes/searches today.

Your post and sked above really deserve to be in a wiki somewhere. What a wealth of information. I've seen your YT, do you have a proper webpage? If not, long overdue, kudos and thanks. You've got a book in there somewhere.

I'm curious Token if you've heard any of the western transmissions of this "operator" at your location. Also, if the far eastern tx have included any stations other than V07, historically. Sig is so strong, almost akin to China Radio, certainly beats out Radio New Zealand, in comparison. Obviously some thought has gone into which freq's to use, at what must be very high power. There are some conclusions one could speculate on as to what this means as to the importance of these transmissions, which would of course be mere smoke of opinion. 8)

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