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Shortwave Broadcast / [UNID] 6915 USB 0200 UTC 27 Feb 2016
« on: February 27, 2016, 0207 UTC »
Heavily over-modulated signal of (anti?)-Brother Stair, ranting preacher? loud but practically illegible. Mix of preaching and choir music.... Brother Stair? I thought I heard a Walterboro address...anyone else hearing this?

Big rant going on mixed with music for the last half hour. "You're filthy, full of sin" I think I made out. Very poor signal hear but I hear snippets and am recording them. This guy is really pissed off!

Heard good signal in AZ till 0153z, fading into hash now but still legible.

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: WRMI 6915 AM 2356 UTC 16 Feb 2016
« on: February 17, 2016, 0722 UTC »
You make some very interesting points, ED. This is one of the weirdest "pirates" I've heard. It's still going on and on, 0721z...

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: WRMI 6915 AM 2356 UTC 16 Feb 2016
« on: February 17, 2016, 0534 UTC »
I'd just stumbled into content at 5:20+UTC and there is still barely legible signal, interesting audio. Hope conditions improve, thank you for the broadcast WRMI!

[Edit B. Stair (?) thing is on now at 5:42, it's intense!]

[Edit: Same strange content has continued until  0653Z, Still on.  Quite an off-the-wall marathon. Was this all in fact WRMI?

Off at 0658? No, back at 0700, QSO?  What a thrill, thanks for the show!

Thanks for shoutout to the AZ desert, RedHat! Signal getting better and better, S8 steady here and totally legible! I tip my glass of ale to you!

S8 fading to S6 here in AZ... ID and email at 024. Coming in strong, thanks for the show XFM!

Aerosmith's "Dream On" @0205, SIO 323 here in AZ.

Great survey, Chris. Food for thought. I remember, 10-15 years ago, after PassportoWBR went away and many were talking of SW  as a doomed, outdated hobby in the digital age. I remember some guy telling me that podcasting would kill the shortwave pirate. Au contraire, mon fraire. What an exciting time to listen to the pirate bands. I love all the new frequencies -- great to hear the ops experimenting... with the internet to spread the news, there are more listeners than people think.

In the 80's it was 7415kHz for the most part.  Later 6925. I'm sure I'm forgetting some freq's with tonight's holiday cheer. The variety now is far more interesting. How would you compare last year's activity to twenty and ten years ago, Chris? I think the number of stations is high. (?) Even with the list of "most heard", it still beats the old ACE bulletin numbers, I would think? A ten percent increase (accounting for a few points here and there) in a year, in the iPhone age? Pretty cool.

 The activity over the weekend has been stunning, even here in AZ, with lousy conditions, XFM was heard very legibly, i.e. we ID'ed the station and heard the tunes, S-3, on a cheap Grundig in the field, so to speak! What would also be interesting:  which stations covered the most of the continent (and beyond)? There were some great, very loud stations that took the western states (and elsewhere) seriously as listeners this year (timing does matter) and I really appreciate that.

Other / Re: 98.1 FM Tubac/Tucson KTBX, "Mysterious, ad-free radio"
« on: November 20, 2015, 0723 UTC »
Thanks very much for the info Pigmeat. According to the FCC this station is putting out a feeble signal which reaches Tucson. The transmitter's in the Santa Rita mountains. The material they play is quite good, but you're right, it's pre-programmed  (from an interesting and curious collection). Your observations are spot on and  while I enjoy listening to KTBX,  Pirate Radio it is not.

Tucson's had a history of interesting FM pirates over the years: Radio Limbo and KRVL, two very different stations with different philosophies (and tech -- Limbo was very sophisticated), which are no more -- a lot of work to do when there's no $$$. Someone made a documentary about these stations ten years ago, "Making Waves."  Tapes I made of KRVL are still crucial for hilarity at late night parties. What more can you ask for, after a truly absurd alien base documentary, then Neil Young singing "and I dreamed I saw the silver space ship...all in a dream, the loading had begun...", etc.
Film trailer:

Other / 98.1 FM Tubac/Tucson KTBX, "Mysterious, ad-free radio"
« on: November 06, 2015, 0141 UTC »
"Mysterious, ad-free radio station draws local fans"


"“Hello, Mr. Radio, you friendly station,” Electric Light Orchestra frontman Jeff Lynne plaintively sang Wednesday afternoon on Tubac’s 98.1 FM. “So glad of your company, your morning music.”

What followed in the programming lineup were lesser-known songs by some of the most successful artists of the 60s, 70s and 80s, as well as music from acts that never broke through to fame or achieved staying power. What the programming didn’t include were advertisements, nor the voice of any DJ or on-air personality. Just music and an occasional, mandatory announcement of the station’s KTBX call letters. All day.

That formula has drawn a loyal and growing following in Santa Cruz County, but also curiosity about how such a station, which takes in no ad revenue, can stay on the air."

Anyone in the Tucson general area (faint, but completely audible in my car and ICF2010) down to Tubac should check out this station if they like B-side, obscure (for the most part), ad-free 60's-70's rock. This is a killer station, it seems like the owner is some kind of eccentric who makes stations like this and then sells some of them? I've been searching for info -- no website AFAIK. Playing Badfinger and Gallow's Pole (Zep) now but they go all over the map. I wish more rich people (?) would do things like this, it's a big improvement to the local airwaves. No announcements except the call sign and no ads... it's like what I imagine early 70's FM to have been.

Vocal music (female?) at 0057 starting to fade in as the sun goes down here in AZ.

Getting more legible out here in AZ, strong signal cutting through a lot of noise @0521.

Update: 0535 Fully legible 80's music w/ S7 in spite of static.

Really some of the most superb audio I've heard since the KIPM days, even with abysmal local conditions.
All the music was trippy, interesting and new to me... thanks again! Nothing like hearing weird new music out of
a SW
X-FM ID and off at 0556. Thanks for a really great show, one of the best I've heard.

Thanks so much, Oliver!

Coming in stronger by the minute at 0253z, s6 here in AZ. Great signal for this time of day!

Good signal here into AZ, heard Dylan clearly, thanks for the show!

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