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Shortwave Broadcast / Re: UNID station 9620 Khz
« on: February 12, 2024, 0357 UTC »
Hearing a range of pop music (60's - 80's) along with English male announcer on 9620 Khz. I've not been able to catch an ID yet as there is deep qsb at times.

I checked three online sources for the time you posted, all identify it as China National Radio 2 albeit not in English.

Eibi lists it as China business Radio which wouldnt be playing music or in english.

It would be helpful to include your location and time of your post, cendoubleu

I've noticed something interesting about Radio Nacional de Amazonias

They're LISTED on till 0300 but ever since the start of A23 or about the time change in the US, theyd been going off at 0200.

I surmise that may have been, at one point, because China had an 11780 00-01 and 02-03 at some point.

Well, the last 3 nights, ive heard 6180 and 11780 Brazil sail past the 0200 usual sign off and in fact, sail way past the 0300 sign off.. staying on till about 0330 or so.. though i havent been at my radio exactly when they go off, so i cant say for sure.

But they are my current favorite SW station so ive been paying them close attention.

Shortwave Broadcast / R. Tarma 4775 0100 Jan 16
« on: January 16, 2024, 1654 UTC »
1KW Radio Tarma on 4775khz from Peru was just pounding in despite CODAR just after 0100UTC Tue Jan 16th (Which is 4pm AK Time Monday)

I've heard this one in Alaska quite a bit, including their 6010 outlet... and way better than youd expect

MW Loggings / TX & MX In Alaska.. Again!
« on: January 10, 2024, 0608 UTC »
TX And MX AM's in AK Tue Jan 9

1250 KZDC San Antonio, TX with legal ID right about 8pm AK Time and signal got even stronger and very listenable during the network sports programming

XERDO 1060 near Brownsville, TX at good strength with music and La Raza slogan.

900 XEW Mexico City with spanish language talk between man and woman, discussing musical artists Kendrick Lamar, Imagine Dragons and James Blake

MW Loggings / Re: Mexico In Alaska!
« on: January 09, 2024, 1501 UTC »
About 802-805pm AK Wed Dec 27, I had some spanish language music on 1410khz and couldn't for the life of me tell you what flavor/format it was but I did hear a female voiceover say a bunch of things, of which I understood a word, "Sabrosita"

I thought surely this was a west coast station. Well, I went to Google and only got ONE hit for "Sabrosita" on 1410, being XEBS.

So, I tuned in to the webstream and im more than 90 percent positive, the female voiceover talent I'm hearing doing the station liners on the stream is the same one I heard on 1410khz.

25kw Day 10kw night at 4000 miles

MW Loggings / Mexico In Alaska!
« on: January 09, 2024, 1501 UTC »
Sun Jan 7th
XERDO 1060 Matamoros, Tamaulipas,  near Brownsville TX. 7pm I almost passed this up thinking it was KTNS Fresno, CA that I heard just the day before. I don't speak any spanish and understand only the very basics, but I heard "La Raza" mentioned in the way a slogan would be mentioned then what was clearly an X Call letter being mentioend and the typical mexico station id thats so long, I joe the station ID's everything including the location of the kitchen sink. Heard again even better nearly 53 minutes later with a man talking.

Mon Jan 8th
XEW 900 Mexico City heard at 612pm AK Jan 8th 4000 miles away with man talking, sounded like a long form interview of some kind. Signal held out for 10 minutes!

2130 Tentative reception here with live church service in English, preaching. choir music. Heard here in past winters. Weak.

I have this on my most wanted list.  I'd about s&^t myself if ive heard it.. but i think ive proven alaska propagation is an odd duck that doesnt follow convention rules, so anythings possible.

Heard YHWH again over the weekend of the 23rd.. i forget if it was sat or sun without looking at my notes, but it was about as good as my Dec 20th reception.   im pretty sure i had him another time between the 20 and 24th, but not as good as the 20th or the weekend of the 22nd, for what its worth

S9+10 or so in Alaska, some fading and light nosie but very clear and understandable

Just heard this via Washington DC. 


RRI doesnt have a transmiter site for SW in Washington, DC.. theyre in Romania........   

Hausa service, fair reception - noisy.  This is at least fifth year in row, DW has extended Hausa service on Saturdays to broadcast live Bundesliga action.  Have not been able to ID match yet.

1544 YL and OM on coverage of football match, crowd noise is very loud.

I hear this one fairly to quite well somewhat regularly in Alaska in the summer

This is audio of what 25 MEGAWATTS ERP sounds like when it's pointed RIGHT AT YOU from 5100 miles away, putting you just about dead center in the main beam. VOA in Korean via Udon Thani, Thailand to the "Far East" (21 deg. azimuth) between 1900 and 2100UTC

TEF6686 radio, 15 ft wellbrook loop, DXEngineering preamp and EmTech ZM2 Tuner


Shortwave Broadcast / Re: ALCARAVAN RADIO 5910 am 1045 utc 8 Dec 2023
« on: December 14, 2023, 0454 UTC »
heard more often in alaska than youd imagine, and better than youd think sometimes

easily heard here in alaska on 9665 most nights year round, some much better than others.. 9665 seems to bee best in spring and fall here.. 5940 moreso in winter

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