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Hearing "Eye of the Tiger" @ 0056 UTC, S6 or so and perhaps getting a bit stronger.

0103z: Blue Swede - Hooked on a Feeling
0010z: Music still playing but now too weak to identify
0119z: Chicago As Time Goes On - S8 now and much better!
0121z: Off

S6-S7 with TV news audio of current events, carrier is drifting downward..

Presumed CRN bubbling up through the noise between long fades with old time crooner music while taking turns with the Flight 93 Memorial TIS.

0202z: Sounded like an old PSA from Ronald Reagan
0204z: "Community Radio Network" ID and into more old time music
0212z: DJ with "The phones lines are open"
0230z: Live time check and local forecast by "Chuck the weather man"
0247z: "This is the place for the greatest music ever made"
0301z: National Anthem and off

Carrier tuning up and now abstract music signing on 1720 @ 2327 UTC.  S9

23:32z: Modulation suddenly came way up, sounding much better now.

Occasional music just above my noise floor, oldies including The Beatles, Tom Jones, Barry Manilow and others.  Live DJ between songs with live time checks.  Finally identified through web receivers as "Community Radio Network" near 0200 UTC top of hour mentioning a bunch of other frequencies and even a telephone number.  Searching this forum for "Community Radio Network" will turn up some logs of mine from two years ago of this station on 1710.  Signed off at 0300 UTC with "Community Radio Network" ID and ended with the National Anthem.

Drifting downward from 1711.6 during initial tune-in about 20 minutes ago.  News broadcast (TV?) audio just above the noise floor, occasionally good peaks.

23:20z: Has drifted down to 1711.0 now with man repeating "test...test...test" and what sounds like microphone taps.
23:23z: Off

I stumbled onto ADK completely by accident yesterday morning while trying to identify a faint Trans-Pacific broadcast station on 531 when I noticed some code fading up on 531 & 529.  Turns out it was ADK.  I'm using a new DKAZ terminated loop @ 270 from West Michigan and the MW stuff it is pulling in is pretty nuts.  Here's the reception:


Poor with man talking just above the noise floor at 0050z and into music.  Guessing Radio Corsair but too weak understand any of the talk.

Checking out the top of the MW band and found music on 1710.  No ID yet but suspect Radio Corsair based on the spacey music.  S6 over moderate storm noise.

North American MW Pirate Radio / UNID 1720 AM 0010 UTC 6 Jan 2020
« on: January 07, 2020, 0011 UTC »
1720 is active right now, male speaking, some whistling heard.  Off at 0004 UTC and returned a few minutes later.  Barely above the noise floor here, unable to make out any speech.

Someone (maybe Radio Corsair?) with relaxing electronic music, strong at times but with long deep fades.  No announcements heard yet.

0146: ID and tech talk dialog regarding audio chain, transmitter, transmitting antenna, etc.

Fair during fade-ups with Spanish (or Spanish religious?) music, no talk heard.  Best on the South wire.

Longwave Loggings / LWBC: 153 Romania into Michigan 27 Sept 2019
« on: October 02, 2019, 0040 UTC »
0002 UTC: I was doing a casual bandscan a few nights ago of the LWBC channels and came upon weak music on 153.  I've never heard anything on 153 before, not even a carrier, so this intrigued me.  I was able to match up this music with Romania's SRR Antena Satelor:


So..a new one for the log book!

Weak under heavy static and best on my North antenna with relaxing instrumental music.  This definately isn't Tater Patch Radio.  Also found it on the Rockport, Maine Kiwi SDR with a much better signal.  Guessing this is the same one that Chris Lobdell reported a few days ago on 1710.

EDIT: ID and email heard at 0043 UTC with what sounded like Radio Corsair with email address and solicitation of reception reports(!)

Off at 0153 UTC with no further announcements.

Thanks for the nice music and the ID!

0302z: Hearing music, possibly Adele's Someone Like You, very faint bubbling up from the noise floor on the North antenna.
0317z: another fade-up with slow female vocals, possibly a country song.

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