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MW Loggings / October 2016 Michigan BCB Logs, including Argentina!
« on: November 08, 2016, 1819 UTC »
Here is a compiled list of stations heard in Michigan during the month of October, 2016.  All are new logs unless noted otherwise.  Thanks to the auroral conditions near the end of October, a bunch of new Colombians were heard, and finally an ID heard from Argentina!  In total, (7) new Colombians were logged, (8) new from Florida and (12) new from Georgia!

All dates/times UTC while using Perseus SDR.  Antenna used is noted in the logs.


1053.01 Libya - 0150 UTC 10/12/2016 - Fair audio during long durations lasting for several minutes with Arabic chant over the domestic splatter, on the North D-KAZ.  Heard a few times since with decent signals into West Michigan.  5,121 miles. 


540 HICM Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic - 0152 UTC 10/28/2016 - Dominant during au cx with SS religious music and clear "Esta es Radio A-B-C" // to webstream on South D-KAZ. 

590 XEFD Río Bravo, Tam., Mexico - 1101 UTC 10/17/2016 - Dominant with Mexican music, callsign ID in SS given at 1100 UTC and "La Mejor" slogans, on S/W phased BOGs. 

710 Radio Guamá, Cuba - 0059 UTC 10/28/2016 - Over WAQI Miami and others with YL announcement over Latin music "..musical de Radio Guamá..", during au cx, South D-KAZ. 

740 YNRS Managua, Nicaragua - 0132 UTC 10/28/2016 - Radio Sandino [relog] huge signal at times with SS music and talk and frequent "Sandino" slogans, au cx, South D-KAZ. 

870 [TENTATIVE] Argentina? - 0200 UTC 10/28/2016 - Not sure I'm comfortable counting a station based on time pips alone, but time pips heard here exactly in sync, tone, and duration with LS10 Del Plata on 1030 kHz.  We'll call it "tentative" for now. 

920 HJAA Cartagena, Colombia - 0100 UTC 10/28/2016 - With distinct YL SS "....Cartagena" jingle (refer to YT clip below), several Cartagena mentions by OM during talk and "Emisora Fuentes presenta noticia,..." way under semi-local WOKY during au cx, South D-KAZ. 

970 Radio Guamá, Cuba - 0059 UTC 10/28/2016 - With multi tone chime sounder cutting through the noise exactly in sync and parallel to Radio Guamá on 710 & 990, nothing else discernible, during au cx, South D-KAZ. 

1010 HJOP Barranquilla, Colombia - 0100 UTC 10/28/2016 - Heard with several "Doble U, Radio Colombia" mentions at TOH followed by Spanish music, mostly dominant during au cx, South D-KAZ. 

1020 Radio Guamá, Cuba - 0059 UTC 10/28/2016 - Poor under a stronger domestic with YL SS talk and unique multi tone chimes in sync & parallel to Radio Guamá 710, 990 & others, during au cx, South D-KAZ. 

1030 LS10 Buenos Aires, Argentina - 0158 UTC 10/28/2016 - Head-to-head with WBZ at TOH with 5 short time pips followed by "long dash" at TOH.  TOH pips on top of SS talk with "del plata" mentions.  Pips have been heard here before during AU, but it's nice to finally get a bit of clear audio from this one! 5,642 miles on the South D-KAZ.

1039.62 YVLB Valencia, Venezuela - 0156 UTC 10/28/2016 - Presumed YVLB due to offset frequency, auroral conditions, with Spanish talk containing mentions of Venezuela, audio heard briefly during HJAI fades, on South D-KAZ. 

1040 HJAI Barranquilla, Colombia - 0205 UTC 10/28/2016 - Very strong signal at times with lively tropical music with simple "Radio Tropical" slogans by OM between songs, strong het on 1039.62 causing interference from presumed YVLB, during au cx, South D-KAZ. 

1070 HJAH Barranquilla, Colombia - 0058 UTC 10/28/2016 - With Nelson Henriquez's Micaela (thanks, YouTube copyright bot)
 mostly dominant with "Emisoras Atlántico" jingles given at 0058 & 0101 UTC between songs, during au cx, South D-KAZ. 

1270 HJAR Cartagena, Colombia - 0157 UTC 10/28/2016 - Very poor under a domestic with "La Cariñosa" slogan and Cartagena mention, credit going to Patrick on the HF Underground for help in IDing this one, during au cx, South D-KAZ.  Just 2kw per WRTH! 

1270 [TENTATIVE] Argentina? - 0200 UTC 10/28/2016 - Not sure I'm comfortable counting a station based on time pips alone, but time pips heard here exactly in sync, tone, and duration with LS10 Del Plata on 1030 kHz.  We'll call it "tentative" for now. 

1309.68 HJAK Barranquilla, Colombia - 0002 UTC 10/14/2016 - Presumed HJAK due in part to the strong au pipeline bringing in Colombia on many other channels, and finding this on the grossly offset frequency of 1309.68. Bits of weak YL & OM SS talk heard over 1310 splatter, on the South D-KAZ. 

1520 HJLQ Barranquilla, Colombia - 0001 UTC 10/14/2016 - Presumed with several clear "La radio del principe de paz" mentions briefly strong and dominating the channel during au cx, South D-KAZ. 


540.05 WRGC Sylva, NC. - 0250 UTC 10/26/2016 - With noticeably offset carrier with 80s pop and ac music // to webstream, mostly dominant during au cx, on South D-KAZ. 

580 KIDO Nampa, ID. - 1100 UTC 10/15/2016 - Over(!) WIBW with ad mentioning age-related macular degeneration and then clear legal ID at TOH and into FOX News, on S/W phased BOGs. 

730 WSTT Thomasville, GA. - 2300 UTC 10/27/2016 - With black gospel music and nice formal sign-off announcement at TOH mentioning full contact information, power level, frequency, and transmitter site location address, days of operation, owner Southern Gulf Radio, dominant during au cx on the South D-KAZ. 

810 WSJC Magee, MS. - 2300 UTC 10/27/2016 - Strong with religious talk interrupted by legal ID at TOH: "You're listening to WSJC, if you have questions or comments, call us at 1-800-617-WORD" and into donation request, during au cx, South D-KAZ. 

810 WRSO Orlovista, FL. - 0230 UTC 10/28/2016 - Mostly dominant with numerous "Brazil Radio" slogans and Orlando mentions between what I assume is Brazilian pop music, during au cx, on South D-KAZ. 

870 KFJZ Fort Worth, TX. - 1100 UTC 10/9/2016 - With Biz Talk Radio programming clear under dominant WWL, several IDs at TOH and mention of FM 102.5 K273CS, on southwest phased BOGs. 

970 WRHA Spring City, TN. - 0000 UTC 10/14/2016 - With Little Richard's "Tutti Frutti", slogan at TOH: "Your all time favorites live here, Cruisin' Oldies 9-70, W-R-H-A, Spring City...", mention of Beverly Broadcasting, and into ABC News, during au cx, South D-KAZ. 

1030 WONQ Oviedo, FL. - 2300 UTC 10/27/2016 - Huge local strength signal with Spanish talk and simple W-O-N-Q, Oviedo ID in English over currently running Spanish program.  Power switch seconds later then completely gone, during au cx on South D-KAZ. 

1060 WKNG Tallapoosa, GA. - 2206 UTC 10/28/2016 - Under WHFB with classic c/w music, ID at 2206 UTC (nothing at TOH) with mention of FM 93.7 and slogan "King Country", during au cx on South D-KAZ. 

1070 WGOS High Point, NC. - 1100 UTC 10/15/2016 - Mixing evenly with KHMO with Spanish religious music and legal ID by YL in EE and SS at TOH with "NUEVA VIDA" slogans, S/W phased BOGs. 

1100 WWWE Hapeville, GA - 2300 UTC 10/27/2016 - With "the Bag Lady radio show", Atlanta area phone numbers given during show, no ID but matches WWWE schedule, mixing at the same level with WCGA. Power drop abruptly during mid-sentence and vanished, during au cx, South D-KAZ. 

1120 KTXW Manor, TX. - 0059 UTC 10/28/2016 - Under KMOX with "All New Christian Talk" and using slogan "The Bridge" at TOH and into religious program, during au cx, South D-KAZ. 

1130 WYXE Gallatin, TN. - 0007 UTC 10/14/2016 - Spanish music, dominant during au cx, with YL ID in English given at 0007 UTC, then gone, on the South D-KAZ. 

1150 WAVO Rock Hill, SC. - 2159 UTC 10/28/2016 - Very weak with adult standards music, and OM ID at TOH: "You're listening to W-A-V-O...11-50 AM...greatest music.." then lost, during au cx, South D-KAZ. 

1160 WCFO East Point, GA. - 2259 UTC 10/27/2016 - Way under WYLL with calls standing out given at TOH, then lost or power switch during au cx, South D-KAZ. 

1160 WODY Fieldale, VA. - 0211 UTC 10/28/2016 - Over/under WYLL during auroral cx with JOY FM religious programming, soliciting sponsorships, and multi-station ID including WODY Fieldale, on South D-KAZ. 

1170 WKFL Bushnell, FL. - 0000 UTC 10/14/2016 - With bluegrass song and TOH legal ID with: "You're listening to Kickin Country, 11-70, W-K-F-L...." and into CBS News, mostly alone during au cx on the South D-KAZ. 

1190 WMEJ Bay St. Louis, MS. - 2357 UTC 10/27/2016 - Over WOWO with urban gospel music, "Rejoice & Praise" slogans, // FM 104.3 mentions while // to webstream, strong at times during au cx on South D-KAZ. 

1190 WAFS Atlanta, GA. - 2300 UTC 10/27/2016 - Plug for a Saturday morning real estate show, slogan "Biz 11-90" and into TOH legal ID while over WOWO during au cx, South D-KAZ. 

1190 WAMT Pine Castle, FL. - 0029 UTC 10/28/2016 - Under and over WOWO at times with Creole talk (maybe preaching) // to online audio stream, during au cx on South D-KAZ.  Thanks to a tip from Robert Ross on the BCB Prop Logger! 

1210 WTXK Pike Road, AL. - 2159 UTC 10/28/2016 - With ad for Chevrolet dealership, ID'ed at TOH as "FM 107.5 W298BC", weak & mixing with unid SS music, during au cx on South D-KAZ. 

1240 WSFC Somerset, KY. - 0000 UTC 10/14/2016 - With "Newstalk 12-40", mentioned I-Heart, with TOH legal ID and into FOX News radio at TOH, dominant over the GY noise during AU CX, on the South D-KAZ. 

1260 WPHB Philipsburg, PA. - 0200 UTC 10/28/2016 - With jingle ID at TOH and back into classic c/w music, fair during au cx on the South D-KAZ. 

1270 WHGS Hampton, SC. - 0000 UTC 10/14/2016 - Mostly dominant over WAIN with c/w music and TOH ID with slogan "Kickin Country", during au cx, South D-KAZ. 

1270 WAIN Columbia, KY. - 0000 UTC 10/14/2016 - With CBS Sports Radio, TOH ID, poor under WHGS during au cx, South D-KAZ. 

1270 WRLZ Eatonville, FL. - 0103 UTC 10/28/2016 - SS religious talk program, full legal ID with calls given in SS at 0103 UTC with slogan "LA ESTACION DEL PUEBLO", mostly dominant through TOH during au cx, on South D-KAZ. 

1290 WCHK Canton, GA. - 0004 UTC 10/14/2016 - With SS MX, YL legal ID in SS at 0004 UTC and slogan "La Mega", during au cx on South D-KAZ. 

1290 WTKS Savannah, GA. - 2259 UTC 10/27/2016 - With local traffic & weather leading up to TOH legal ID, mention of FOX News but then gone during presumed power/pattern change, during au cx on the South D-KAZ. 

1320 WJNJ Jacksonville, FL. - 0000 UTC 10/14/2016 - With YL legal ID at TOH and slogan "Pure Radio", under WBRT during au cx, on South D-KAZ. 

1330 WAEW Crossville, TN. - 0003 UTC 10/14/2016 - Huge signal over usual dominant WVHI with legal ID finally given at 0003 UTC during au cx, on South D-KAZ. 

1360 WCGL Jacksonville, FL. - 2300 UTC 10/27/2016 - Difficult copy under WKMI with black gospel music and legal ID at TOH, calls best deciphered using USB for best clarity after several trys, during au cx on South D-KAZ. 

1380 KRCM Shenandoah, TX. - 0100 UTC 10/28/2016 - With full legal ID & calls in Spanish at TOH preceded by Spanish religious music and "Vida Trece-Ochenta" slogans, dominant during au cx, South D-KAZ. 

1400 WIEL Elizabethtown, KY. - 0000 UTC 10/14/2016 - With TOH legal ID and lost in the noise again, during au cx, South D-KAZ. 

1410 WLAQ Rome, GA. - 2300 UTC 10/27/2016 - Poor, but with this YL ID: "You're listening to your station for the CBS Sports Radio Network, W-L-A-Q, Rome" and into CBS Sports at TOH, during au cx on South D-KAZ. 

1420 WRCG Columbus, GA. - 2300 UTC 10/27/2016 - With Southern gospel song leading up to TOH legal ID and into SRN News, dominant station on the channel during au cx, South D-KAZ. 

1430 WDAL Dalton, GA. - 2203 UTC 10/28/2016 - Faint under semi-local WION with c/w music and OM ID as "98-3, Bulldog Country", during au cx on South D-KAZ. 

1450 WFRA Franklin, PA. - 0200 UTC 10/9/2016 - Mixing evenly with WLEC with calls & Franklin mention and possibly into FOX Sports, on NE phased BOGs. 

1460 WXRQ Mount Pleasant, TN. - 0057 UTC 10/14/2016 - Dominant during au cx with Southern gospel mx, legal ID at 0057 UTC, on South D-KAZ. 

1460 WQOP Jacksonville, FL. - 2258 UTC 10/27/2016 - Dominant with Catholic religious programming and talk, ad for local Jacksonville Catholic school, donation request, calls at TOH during au cx on South D-KAZ. 

1470 WRGA Rome, GA. - 2200 UTC 10/28/2016 - Very faint and difficult ID under a strong WQXL with calls and Rome mention, ABC News at TOH, during au cx, South D-KAZ. 

1470 WQXL Columbia, SC. - 2200 UTC 10/28/2016 - With local ad and rapid-fire multi call ID given at TOH and into ABC News during au cx on South D-KAZ. 

1490 WIGM Medford, WI. - 1059 UTC 10/8/2016 - Over usual dominant WTIQ with TOH legal ID and into CBS Sports. 

1520 WTLM Opelika, AL. - 0100 UTC 10/14/2016 - Under KOKC with classic c/w mx, TOH legal ID and slogan "Classic Kicker Country", on South D-KAZ. 

1530 KGBT Harlingen, TX. - 0102 UTC 10/14/2016 - Over/under WCKY with SS religious music and YL legal ID in SS at 0101 UTC during au cx, South D-KAZ. 

1540 WKXG Greenwood, MS. - 0400 UTC 10/26/2016 - Heard with black gospel music, local ads and callsign during au cx on the South D-KAZ, mostly alone for several minutes over both KEDA & KGBC. 

1590 WALG Albany, GA. - 0059 UTC 10/14/2016 - Extremely faint under a huge signal from WCSL with legal TOH ID "Newstalk 15-90, W-A-L-G, Albany, a Cumulus station", during au cx, South D-KAZ. 

AM carrier noted here right now with occasional modulation (music) on signal peaks.

EDIT:  Was originally reported as Enterprise on a Facebook group, then Powerliner.  Still an UNID to me...

ID and Translation Requests / UNID 1270 Spanish ID
« on: November 05, 2016, 0051 UTC »
Can anyone ID the Spanish station under the dominant domestic?  Colombia, Venezuala, etc. were coming in strong during the same time.  Possible ID in this clip:


HF Beacons / 1650 kHz "SAC" mystery 2217 UTC 10/28/2016
« on: October 28, 2016, 2222 UTC »
I don't even know where this log belongs, but here's an oddity.  Last night, 0340 UTC, hearing "SAC" repeated in morse code on 1650 kHz (yes, 1650 khz).  About 5 wpm, code heard above and below the broadcast station carriers +/- 400 Hz, easily audible on peaks and clearly visible on the SDR waterfall.  Sounds like a directional beacon, but 1650 kHz?  Conditions were heavily favoring the South last night and I suspect this was coming from the deep south.  Other MW DXers were catching it too from TX & AL.  Let's see if it's there again tonight.

EDIT: 2217 UTC, it's starting to fade in again right now tonight.

Anyone else hearing it?

Other / 1725.4 kHz UNID start/stop carrier 0040 UTC 10/11/2016
« on: October 11, 2016, 0044 UTC »
Not sure what this is and I've never seen this before in the 1720-1800 kHz band.  Carrier at 1724.4 kHz, 9 seconds on and 9 seconds off, repeating.  No apparent modulation and the carrier sounds a bit "fuzzy", so to speak.  Weak into Michigan but fairly strong on the east coast remotes.  Malfunctioning driftnet beacon?  I dunno!

MW Loggings / September 2016 Michigan BCB Logs
« on: October 02, 2016, 1645 UTC »
New logs heard during the month of September, and a British relog.  Listening from Western Michigan.  Times / dates in UTC.  Perseus SDR & reversible north-south D-KAZ.

580 WTAG Worcester, MA. - 1005 UTC 9/4/206 - Poor with FOX News at TOH and into "local weather brought to you by the New England Truck Solutions Weather Center" at 1005 UTC followed by W-T-A-G calls and WTAG.com mention, creeping into the back of the SW BOGs.

720 Radio Catolica Managua, Nicaragua - 0200 UTC 9/5/2016 - With Spanish religious music and YL talk backgrounding WGN's flamethrower signal. Weak but good enough to compare against their live webstream to confirm reception, on South D-KAZ during slight au cx. 

720 WVCC Hogansville, GA. - 0112 UTC 9/14/2016 - Thanks to a DX tip, daytimer on late way under dominant WGN with Larry Elder talk show // to WVCC webstream, on the South D-KAZ. 

800 WPJM Greer, SC. - 0041 UTC 9/4/2016 - With black gospel song over GY-like station roar easily // to WPJM webstream during slight au cx, on South D-KAZ. 

870 KJMP - Pierce, CO. - 1002 UTC 9/4/2016 - Taking over WWL with The Contours song "Do You Love Me", great signal and into ID: "Rocking and Rolling on the __?__, the Big 8-7, K-J-M-P, Pierce/Fort Collins" and into Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode", SW BOGs. 

910 Radio Cadena Agramonte, Cuba - 0258 UTC 9/3/2016 - From poor to strong during au cx with SS music, Cuba talk, and Radio Cadena / Camagüey mentions, on the South D-KAZ. 

950 WXLW Indianapolis, IN. - 0200 UTC 9/6/2016 - Dominant with Freedom 95 slogan and legal TOH ID, on South D-KAZ. 

1050 CJNB North Battleford, SK. - 1100 UTC 9/11/2016 - With modern c/w music and legal ID at TOH with mention of FM 102.3 and slogan "Today's Country", soon lost to WTKA on the North D-KAZ. 

1150 KASM Albany, MN. - 1106 UTC 9/11/2016 - Signing on the air with southern gospel music and multi-ID given at 1106 UTC for KASM & KDDG, on the North D-KAZ over WHBY.

1150 CJSL Estevan, SK. - 1057 UTC 9/11/2016 - Extremely faint under WHBY with slogan "CJ 11-50" after c/w song ended, then calls given and soon lost again when KASM signed on, North D-KAZ. 

1210 KRSV Afton, WY. - 1101 UTC 9/18/2016 - Poor with C/W music and this OM ID given at 1101 UTC: "K-R-S-V, 12-10 AM, Black." Checking the KRSV online stream later that night confirms their slogan is cut-off at the end. What should be "12-10 AM, Black Mountain Country" comes out as just "12-10 AM, Black." Fair off-frequency het also noted on 1210.14 (first noted here back in Jan. 2013 and still remains a mystery for me). On North D-KAZ. 

1220 CJRB Boissevain, MB. - 1058 UTC 9/18/2016 - Very weak OM with "You've been listening to classics......on C-J-R-B....AM twelve...." and then into CJRB News, on North D-KAZ.

1230 WKLK Cloquet, MN. - 0300 UTC 9/24/2016 - Very clear YL ID at TOH: "Thank you for listening to the area's best music right here in Minnesota's northwoods. AP Radio News is next, here on AM 12-30 W-K-L-K Cloquet." On the North D-KAZ.   

1240 KCCR Pierre, SD. - 1100 UTC 9/20/2016 - Just above the GY noise with partial OM slogan: "...City Radio" and clear calls and city during legal TOH ID while mixing with WJMC, on the North D-KAZ. 

1330 CJYM Rosetown, SK. - 1000 UTC 9/15/2016 - Under WVHI with local weather forecast with temps given in Celseus, faint call sign given with announcement "We are classic hits..", on North D-KAZ. 

1400 WCCY Houghton, MI. - 1100 UTC 9/24/2016 - Legal ID at TOH and into network news, good during ID and soon lost again, on the North D-KAZ. 

1400 KEYL Long Prairie, MN. - 1059 UTC 9/27/2016 - Pop-up OM ID out of the noise: "Your home for....Minnesota, K-E-Y-L, Long Prairie" then lost again after TOH, on the North D-KAZ. 

1450 WFMB Springfield, IL. - 0300 UTC 9/5/2016 - Poor in the GY mix, no discernible calls but a clear "Sportsradio 14-50 and FM 107.1" mention matching WFMB, on the South D-KAZ.

1480 WVOV Bridgeport, AL. - 0200 UTC 9/5/2016 - Very poor under dominating WJBM with no sign of semi-local WGVU. Legal ID at TOH finally realized under WJBM after a few times playing back the recording, during au cx on the South D-KAZ.

1480 KAUS Austin, MN. - 1059 UTC 9/20/2016 - Weak with partial OM slogan and solid call letters heard: "Mower County's Voice....K-A-U-S, Austin" followed by FOX News at TOH, mostly alone on the North D-KAZ. 

1490 KXRA Alexandria, MN. - 1059 UTC 9/20/2016 - With live/local YL reading weather and then into "K-X-R-A Alexandria" (with possible second callsign given) and dot com website mention, poor and just above the GY roar, on the North D-KAZ.

1500 WQCR Alabaster, AL. - 0202 UTC 9/5/2016 - Over WLQV with SS music, calls and "Juan" slogans, presumed still on day power, on South D-KAZ. 

1620 KYIZ Renton, WA. - 0215 UTC 9/25/2016 - Fair signal despite t-storm static with urban ac music with two songs easily // to their webstream, on the North D-KAZ. 

1580 WZKY Albemarle, NC. - 0343 UTC 9/3/206 - With CCR tune and other oldies, several "W-Z-K-Y" & "AM stereo" mentions during fade-up and mention of North Carolina during local weather forecast, on the South D-KAZ. 

1700 WQEU865 Toledo, OH. - 2317 UTC 9/3/206 - With YL robo looped message: "This is the travel time information station, provided by the Ohio Department of Transportation. This message is current as of 7:15pm, Saturday, September 3rd, 2016. For additional traffic information, please go to www.ohgo.com" Careful listening also reveals what appears to be a second identical station underneath repeating the same loop, however the FCC only shows one ODT outlet on 1700. WQEU865 calls & Toledo mention given at 2321 UTC. On the South D-KAZ.


1215 Absolute Radio, UK - 0010+ UTC 9/24/2016 - Best TA of the night with a fair and steady signal lasting for at least an hour with a great selection of modern rock and alternative music from The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tears for Fears, Garbage, The Smiths, and even some Bob Marley at entertainment level at times.  Several "easy" IDs given and signal the best on the North D-KAZ.  Relog but good to hear them here again.

Signing on right now, S8-S9 into Michigan, very wide signal, sounding great!

I wasn't expecting this one at all and had my sights set on Latin Americans with the D-KAZ pointed towards the south.  Then I noticed some weak Middle Eastern TA carriers coming through at the high end of the band, so I reversed the antenna and aimed north and started dialing around.  917 is an oddball frequency and doesn't fit the usual 9 kHz spacing.  As far as I know, Nigeria is the only occupant on 917, and there it was on my waterfall showing some weak modulation patterns!  So a new log, and a new country, and completely unexpected:


MW Loggings / 1579.582 WVOK Oxford, Alabama
« on: August 10, 2016, 0047 UTC »
Tip: this one is waayyy off-frequency making it easier to separate them from the others on-frequency.  Verified last night with a call letter ID and Braves-Brewers MLB.  Offset carrier present again tonight, not sure how long this has been going on but they really stand out on the SDR.

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6930 am 0114 UTC 8/7/2016
« on: August 07, 2016, 0116 UTC »
S6-S8 over the static with rock tune, suddenly off at 0115z.  Never caught an ID.

North American MW Pirate Radio / 1710.006 CHIM-FM 0227 UTC 8/6/2016
« on: August 06, 2016, 0236 UTC »
Presumed because I recognize their FM'ing modulation, with talk over music recognizable on good signal peaks.

The D-KAZ is giving me W807 to the South.  When I reverse the antenna and switch it to the North, W807 disappears completely and I get CHIM on 1710.

Sounds like dialog from a documentary concerning nuclear fallout - typically of the stuff I've heard in the past from W807.  I have them at 1710.088 for those interested in catching this one.  Weak as usual and just above the noise tonight.

MW Loggings / 1700 WQIZ337 (Dayton area) 2340 UTC 8/5/2016
« on: August 06, 2016, 0000 UTC »
Finally IDed this one as WQIZ337 from the Dayton area, about 250 miles to my southeast, with robo voiced YL, calls, and mentions of the Ohio DOT.  Very weak but mostly alone right now (skywave hasn't fully kicked into gear).  New TIS log!

Bram Stoker just signing on after R.A. interval signal, S5 with the summer static..

Signed on a few minutes ago with interval signal and mention of "clandestine broadcast".  Now running oldies, nice audio again tonight, S5-S6.

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