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S3 in and out, decent at times, shout-outs to Dutch and Kilokat7 with apologies to Dutch for the music.

1234z: someone else just came on a few hz above Sluwe causing a mess on the channel now.

Decent S6-S7 signal with good audio, but over strong t-storm noise tonight.

MW Loggings / 539.86 Radio Corporación, Nicaragua 0130 UTC
« on: September 26, 2014, 0136 UTC »
New log and a new medium wave country tonight, off-frequency so easy to parallel the Latin music against Radio Corporación's live webstream when listening to 539.86 in LSB.  I've seen this offset carrier before but haven't been able to confirm any audio until a few minutes ago.  Battling with on-frequency KMLB Monroe, LA. on the new south d-kaz antenna.

Shortwave Broadcast / 4739.98 UNID Harmonic 0207 UTC 9/18/2014
« on: September 18, 2014, 0217 UTC »
Guessing this is a MW harmonic, but from where?  Weak copy but language is definitely not English, seems to be mostly talk, possibly Spanish with some brief music occasionally thrown in.  I've been hearing it nightly since I first saw mention of it in #SWL last weekend.  Anyone else have a better copy on this to help ID it?

North American Shortwave Pirate / YHWH 11595am 0150 UTC 9/14/2014
« on: September 14, 2014, 0151 UTC »
Up right now on 11595 khz am, weaker signal but mostly understandable, S5 at best.

0159z: Signal hitting S8 now.

0206z: Signing off with the music and mentioning he'll be on in one hour, on 9605 khz.

North American Shortwave Pirate / YHWH 9605 0357-0400* UTC 9/13/2014
« on: September 13, 2014, 0357 UTC »
YHWH up right now suggesting that listeners search for "yhwh pirate" on the internet "where people have been reporting station Y-H-W-H....go there and leave questions or comments, opinions.  If you want me to get ahold of you, leave some kind of mailing address and I'll mail you whatever you request through a round-about mailing system."

0356z: "I'll be on tomorrow, on this frequency, about 8pm California time again.  I'll be on 15.655 mHz in the high point of the day / mid point of the day, and also 11.595 beginning and ending of the day, like in the afternoons and mornings, so that's where you have to look for me."

0358z: "Hard Life" closing music and carrier off at 0400z.

North American MW Pirate Radio / 1710 W807 0234 UTC 9/13/2014
« on: September 13, 2014, 0239 UTC »
This one hasn't been reported in a while, so...W807 (Chicago) strong at times right now with long angry rant about earthquakes, Fukushima, etc.  "DJ Storm's" voice is very distinct and stands out.  I'm also hearing another station underneath W807 with music, probably Radio Celestial.

North American Shortwave Pirate / YHWH 9605am 0300z-0444z* 9/1/2014
« on: September 01, 2014, 0302 UTC »
Good copy right now over the static.  Typical eerie sign-off music at 0339z but program restarted and is still going strong.  S7-S8 right now at 0345z, off at 0444z.

MW Loggings / 600 KOGO San Diego, CA. 1100 UTC 8/30/2014
« on: August 31, 2014, 1319 UTC »
I was surprised to catch this one, 5kw from the west coast.  Here's what it sounded like from Michigan:


Received using the phased BOGs.  600 is just about always 100% WMT with a huge signal from my location.

"Don't let them see us, don't tell them what we are doing" @ 0229 UTC, strong signal Doc!  Signed off at 0233  :'(

MW Loggings / South Pacific DX 8/17/2014
« on: August 17, 2014, 1141 UTC »
702 Presumed Sydney in this morning with a good carrier and then into *very* faint audio peaking around 1043 UTC.  Man speaking with call-in listener which seemed to match up with the 2BL webstream.  I was hoping for some music that would help nail it, but these MW sunrise peaks only last for a few minutes, and poof - they vanish completely.  Strong t-storm crashes on the band didn't help things.

738 Tahiti, Polynésie 1, peaking around the same time as above with upbeat music that clearly matched their webstream.  Destroyed at 1100 UTC when 740 WRPQ Baraboo came on.

Other carriers noted this morning: 747, 1017, 1026, 1035.

Signing on now, S9+ signal, and into vintage tune "We're In the Money"

Utility / 1752u Valentia Radio (Ireland) 0240z 8/16/2014
« on: August 16, 2014, 0247 UTC »
First logging of this one this season on the North D-KAZ.  Weak with some of it understandable, but t-storm noise making it very difficult to copy.  Looking forward to when the band quiets down.  Some VFO swishing also heard during this time.

MW Loggings / New DKAZ antenna & new catches 8/10/2014
« on: August 10, 2014, 2045 UTC »
Finally finished the DKAZ loop this weekend and almost immediately picked up a few new ones for the log book that I was never able to receive before using the BOGs:

600 CJWW Saskatoon, SK. - 8/10/2014 0159 UTC - With slogan "Today's Best Country, Country 600", fair and mixing with WCHT (Escanaba, MI.) 1134 miles.

910 WAKO Lawrenceville, IL. - 8/10/2014 1059 UTC - With legal sign-on / ID and mention of FM 103.1, poor under WFDF. 500w days / 50w nights. 318 miles.

920 WMPL Hancock, MI. - 8/10/2014 0200 UTC - With station ad for local high school sports coverage and mention of "Mix (FM) 93". Strong during signal peak. 1000w days / 206w nights. 295 miles.

Also, 1566 khz TWR Benin produced some bits of audio last night around midnight EDT, also received on the new DKAZ.

Great article on the DKAZ: http://www.durenberger.com/documents/DKAZ070314.pdf

Shortwave Broadcast / Solomon Islands 5020 1123 UTC 8/10/2014
« on: August 10, 2014, 2037 UTC »
Fair copy this morning on the newly built DKAZ loop when reversing direction to favor Northern reception.  The nearby Cuban blaster on 5025 was reduced to almost nothing while boosting SIBC at the same time.  S6-S7 copy with choral music and EE inspirational talk between songs.

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