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North American Shortwave Pirate / YHWH 6280am 0403 UTC 11/28/2014
« on: November 28, 2014, 0403 UTC »
With sign-off song and live talk preceding.  Looks like I'm just catching the end of a broadcast.  S8

Nope, right into another show at 0407z.

North American Shortwave Pirate / YHWH 6280am 0307 UTC 11/27/2014
« on: November 27, 2014, 0310 UTC »
Tuning around and found YHWH on 6280.  S6-S7 with some outbander interference from 6280u, but generally decent signal.

0400z: Op is now speaking live off the cuff, same rhetoric...

North American Shortwave Pirate / WJFK 6949 AM 2145 UTC 23 Nov 2014
« on: November 23, 2014, 2145 UTC »
"Sunny, I love you" song at 2145z, S5-S6

Off at 2153z.  I never did catch an ID here.

Pirate Radio Boston coming in here at S6-S7 with no fading over a quiet noise floor.  Soul Coughing tune right now at 2255z.  Sounding good, thanks for the broadcast sir!

Upper sideband just above the noise floor with blues song and clear ID given at 0244 UTC.  I also have a faint AM carrier on 6925 but can't tell if it's related to Chamber Pot.  If they are in AM, then I don't see any modulation in the lower sideband.

Carrier off at 0253 UTC and the music ended at the same time so I guess they were transmitting in AM?

Undercover Radio just signing onto medium wave on 1710 khz, spooky sound effects and familiar IDs.  Longer fades on MW, signal anywhere from S4 up to S6.  100% copy so far.

Undercover Radio on medium wave.  Solomon Islands story right now at 0117z with a solid S6 signal.

Always nice hearing a pirate on MW.. Thanks UR!

Open carrier noted for several minutes at 0125 UTC tune-in.  Undercover Radio ID at 0129z. S6/S7 signal here.  Coming in better than last week.

0147z: Dr. Benway live ID and discussion on 17xx challenges and mention of a new antenna (working great I'd say!)

Thanks UR!

MW Loggings / 1740-1745 WH2XDE QSO 0021 UTC 10/19/2014
« on: October 19, 2014, 0023 UTC »
Close enough to MW to be interesting:

WH2XDE on 1740 & 1745 khz AM mode in QSO with at least two other hams comparing antennas, power levels, etc.

WH2XDE/1 is Jerry in Victor, NY. (strong)
WH2XDE/2 is Penn Yan, NY. (strong)

There were two weaker stations earlier when I first tuned in.

Signing on now, big signal as usual!

Shortwave Broadcast / LRA36 (TENT) 15476 2130-2145* UTC 10/17/2014
« on: October 17, 2014, 2153 UTC »
Presumed with very weak pop music (none which I could ID) just above the noise floor using an external preamp with signal actually better on North DKAZ vs South DKAZ. Signal abruptly off at 2145 UTC. Modulation favored the upper sideband with no noticeable modulation on the lower sideband. Is this a characteristic of LRA36?  Weak carrier noted but signal best heard using USB on 15475.96 kHz.  First time catching this for me.

S1-S2, hearing Who song playing right now at 1438z.  Haven't caught an ID yet.

1445z: Time pips with Arnold's "I'll be back" sound clip.
1447z: Michael Jackson's "Beat It"
1455z: OM talk, IDs, and shout-out to HFU loggers.  Signal weak now.
1459z: Canned "Sluwe Vos Radio" ID.
1503z: Men at Work "Down Under"
1517z: Cyndi Lauper "Girls just want to have fun"
1519z: "Sluwe Vos Radio" ID

This one was hanging around later than usual this morning, well after my local sunrise.  English language with an American accented preacher hawking "The book of revelation, unveiled" with 1-800 toll free number.  The program was clearly aimed towards an American audience, but seems odd a PNG station would be airing something like this.  Are they selling air-time?  Abruptly off mid-program at 1231 UTC.  Poor but audible 30 minutes after my local sunrise, and strong via Australian remote Perseus.

Shortwave Broadcast / TENT Radio Candip 5066.3 0345 UTC 10/4/2014
« on: October 04, 2014, 1917 UTC »
Thanks to jfarley for the suggestion, a tentative Radio Candip was heard here last night on 5066.3 kHz.  I started checking for it at 0330z sign-on (according to EiBi).  Nothing heard, not even a faint carrier.  Checked back at 0340z and still nothing.  When I returned at 0344z, I was surprised to not only see a carrier but also hear the sounds of faint music coming from the weak signal.  Heard best using the North D-Kaz.  Signal faded after 0410z, which coincides with the sun coming up there.  Pretty short window to catch this one!

Dutch pirate, "closing down" mentioned now at 1306z, haven't caught the ID yet - anyone else?

Off at 1308z

EDIT: Possibly Black Arrow Radio, per #pirateradio

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