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Latin American Pirate / Re: UNID 6934.8 AM 2319 UTC 21 Sep 2018
« on: September 21, 2018, 2328 UTC »
I'm getting faint music on this one as local sunset quickly approaches.  First time hearing audio from one of these South American stations!

S9 and sounding very nice here with the filters opened up, 15 kHz or so wide.  Thanks for the music, MRI!

Now 02:35 UTC and still a solid S9+ and sounding great.  Also caught you in Spain on a remote SDR with a fair signal!

Posted my reception to YT showing signal and wideband audio.  A few minutes into this and you'll forget your listening to sideband...and on shortwave nonetheless.  If anyone argues that sideband sucks for music then please direct them to this before YT mutes it for a copyright violation:


Mix Radio: nice job!

Conditions have been picking up here for early morning "down under" reception.  Weak carriers have been turning into weak audio on some frequencies.  2RN was a new one for the log book this morning:

576 2RN Sydney peaking from 11:07 to 11:19 UTC with very faint music. Confirmed 2RN against an online receiver near Sydney.  Distance is 9,345 miles (15,048 km) from transmitter to my backyard BOG array.

585 UNID carrier peaking to trace audio at 11:21 UTC with OM talking in heavy domestic slop, too poor to discern any words.

702 2BL Sydney peaking at 11:07 UTC with DU accented talk // to local remote SDR.

Plus a slew of weaker carriers noted on most 9 kHz channels across the whole band.

Perseus SDR + phased BOG array oriented towards the southwest, from Western Michigan

North American Shortwave Pirate / YHWH 7470 AM 0345 UTC 9 Sept. 2018
« on: September 09, 2018, 0345 UTC »
Usual recorded content, S6-S7, fair copy here.

S9 with jazzy tune and very wide audio, sounding great here!

0311: "Thank you for tuning into Mix"

Killer S9+ signal into Michigan with Billy Idol right now.  6933 + 6 kHz / -1 kHz with lots of low end bass when pulling back the filters to -1 kHz:

MW Loggings / Re: 630 XEPBGJ Guadalajara 1100 UTC 31 Aug 2018
« on: September 06, 2018, 2307 UTC »
Thanks guys.  Hopefully the recording of the doorbell sound effect will help someone else add XEPBGJ to their logs.

MW Loggings / 630 XEPBGJ Guadalajara 1100 UTC 31 Aug 2018
« on: September 03, 2018, 1051 UTC »
Jalisco Radio, a new one for me.  Their 6-note doorbell chime after the Mexican National Anthem gives this one away and really jumps out of the noise:


Heard on the Southwest phased BOGs at sunrise, 1,844 miles.

MW Loggings / Michigan auroral logs: Aug.26th, 2018
« on: August 27, 2018, 2336 UTC »
Instead of chasing Pacific carriers Sunday morning on the western BOGs, I found myself scrambling in the dark to get temporary feedlines setup from the shack to the South DKAZ to take advantage of the auroral conditions.  With just a few minutes to spare, I managed to kickoff a spectrum recording covering the 7am / 11:00 UTC TOH.  Later review exposed a pipeline into Texas including several new TX logs.

Receiver: Microtelecom Perseus SDR

Antenna: 117 FT D-KAZ remotely terminated and reversible aimed North/South

Location: Western Michigan

1280 KSLI Abilene, TX.      Aug.26th,2018   1101 UTC

Very poor with weak mix of stations playing oldies and
standards, then faint but clear OM w/ calls rising above
the mix with "K-S-L-I......" and lost again immediately,
during au cx.

ANTENNA: South DKAZ   1,045 miles   500w/226w

NEW LOG                  
1290 KIVY Crockett, TX.      Aug.26th,2018   1100 UTC

With adult standards and alone as captured in this
audio recording: https://tinyurl.com/y8sjze2z

ANTENNA: South DKAZ   965 miles   2.5kw/175w

1310 KTCK Dallas, TX.      Aug.26th,2018   1100 UTC

With ad for local collision shop in Dallas area, TOH
AM/FM ID with calls, strong during au cx.

ANTENNA: South DKAZ   917 miles   25kw/5kw

NEW LOG                  
1470 KLCL Lake Charles, LA.   Aug.26th,2018   1100 UTC

"Magic 1470" with a big signal battling against KYYW as
heard in this audio clip: https://tinyurl.com/y6wqkzfm

ANTENNA: South DKAZ   974 miles   5kw

1500 KJIM Sherman, TX.      Aug.26th,2018   1059 UTC

Poor and mixing with XEDF with adult standards and OM
call letter ID at TOH and into CBS News, during au cx.

ANTENNA: South DKAZ   863 miles   1kw daytimer

NEW LOG                  
1510 KMND Midland, TX.      Aug.26th,2018   1100 UTC

Slightly dominant over other weak signals during au cx
with AARP ad and OM ID: "You're listening to
AM 1510....and K258AO.....You're listening to FOX
Sports Radio".

ANTENNA: South DKAZ   1,163 miles   2.4kw daytimer

NEW LOG                     
1540 KZMP University Park, TX.   Aug.26th,2018   1100 UTC

Dominant with ESPN Deportes Radio and calls at TOH, very
strong during au cx.

ANTENNA: South DKAZ   927 miles   32kw/750w

NEW LOG                     
1580 KGAF Gainesville, TX.   Aug.26th,2018   1058 UTC

With Tesla's "Love Song" & ending with OM: "This is your
hometown radio, K-G-A-F", over/under KHGG during au cx.

ANTENNA: South DKAZ   886 miles   1.2kw/275w

NEW LOG                     
1600 KLEB Golden Meadow, LA.   Aug.26th,2018   1100 UTC

"The Rajun Cajun" with big signal, audio recording here:


ANTENNA: South DKAZ   979 miles   5kw/250w


Nice catch, Boombox.  Conditions have been good.  I had 600 KOGO San Diego (5 kw) yesterday morning at sunrise, completely taking over the channel and blowing out usual WMT.  KOGO is just over 1,800 miles from my West Michigan location.  A nice kickoff to the DX season here..

Thanks, Pigmeat.

Chris ~ The software sounds interesting but I think you will have better luck phasing two parallel wires vs. wires that are perpendicular to one another.  Space two parallel wires about two feet apart and cut one a bit shorter than the other and I think you'll get better results (avoid equal lengths).  Oh, and don't terminate the far ends if you plan on phasing them.  As you know, phasing will allow to you essentially reverse the antenna pattern as I do here with my unterminated BOG wires.  My wires are about 500 & 450 FT long.  I see good F/B nulling with the phased BOGs covering about 500 kHz worth of bandwidth before I have to tweak knobs on the phaser.  Yes, nighttime skywave can make phase-nulling tricky, but I generally don't have to fiddle with the knobs until I reach that bandwidth limit of about 500 kHz.  The nice thing about the DKAZ is that it is broadband.  Once you establish termination resistance, it's mostly "set and forget", which is great when recording the whole MW band!  The BOGs offer much more gain than a DKAZ, which is why most people amp their DKAZ loops.  My noise floor is usually quiet enough to where I can get away without running a preamp, but the gain really falls off at the bottom of the MW band.

MW Loggings / Re: Radio Sawa 1548 AM 2244 UTC 08 Ago 2018
« on: August 15, 2018, 0015 UTC »
Nice catch!  Not heard yet here, or any TA on 1548 for that matter from Michigan.  Maybe this season...

0230 UTC: 1089 Talksport, UK fair at times with sports talk and slight echo heard on signal peaks (they run multiple transmitters on the channel).  Relog but interesting to hear Trans-Atlantic stuff during the summer months.

0924 UTC: 1550 KRPI Ferndale, WA. over/under CBEF with South Asian chanting.  This one really stands out and easy to parallel against their webstream.  Relog but nice to hear again, especially in early August!

Both heard while testing the remote terminated D-KAZ loop which I just rebuilt.  Looks like things are working!

Antennas are down here for the summer, but S8 into the Detroit Perseus SDR.  Great to hear you again Redhat!

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