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I just caught the last minute or two of this, then off at 0345z, good signal while it was there.  Occasional on/off strong carrier up to 0354z.

Hey Dickweed, you're loud in Michigan!  Thanks for the tunes!

Someone (maybe Radio Corsair?) with relaxing electronic music, strong at times but with long deep fades.  No announcements heard yet.

0146: ID and tech talk dialog regarding audio chain, transmitter, transmitting antenna, etc.

Fair during fade-ups with Spanish (or Spanish religious?) music, no talk heard.  Best on the South wire.

Longwave Loggings / Re: LWBC: 153 Romania into Michigan 27 Sept 2019
« on: October 03, 2019, 0037 UTC »
Hey guys, thanks!

Josh: Thanks!  Cosmetically, the RBL-5 was an eyesore when I brought it home but I'm happy with the way it turned out.  Not perfect but much better than before.  Before and after:


Longwave Loggings / LWBC: 153 Romania into Michigan 27 Sept 2019
« on: October 02, 2019, 0040 UTC »
0002 UTC: I was doing a casual bandscan a few nights ago of the LWBC channels and came upon weak music on 153.  I've never heard anything on 153 before, not even a carrier, so this intrigued me.  I was able to match up this music with Romania's SRR Antena Satelor:


So..a new one for the log book!

QSLs Received / Re: Radio Corsair 1710 MW e-QSL!!!
« on: September 29, 2019, 1124 UTC »
Received one overnight also for their Sept.25th broadcast on 1710.  Thanks Radio Corsair!

Weak under heavy static and best on my North antenna with relaxing instrumental music.  This definately isn't Tater Patch Radio.  Also found it on the Rockport, Maine Kiwi SDR with a much better signal.  Guessing this is the same one that Chris Lobdell reported a few days ago on 1710.

EDIT: ID and email heard at 0043 UTC with what sounded like Radio Corsair with email address and solicitation of reception reports(!)

Off at 0153 UTC with no further announcements.

Thanks for the nice music and the ID!

Solid S9 into West Michigan and sounding great with the filters opened up. The Manhattan's Shining Star @ 2338z..

S9 currently during sign-on music..a great start!  Let's hope the conditions hold up! Thanks Redhat, looking forward to the music tonight.

0608z: Weak to fair in New Zealand via a remote SDR, nicely done!  Still S8-S9 here in MI.

Thanks for the music tonight!

Off-air recording here for those interested.

Show just starting, S7-S9 in my backyard, looking forward to the music tonight!

Off-air recording of the entire show, from 0123 to 0536 UTC sign-off:


Thanks for the show Redhat!

2321 UTC: song by the Doors just above the noise floor, but very weak.
0059 UTC: Devo "Whip It"
0100 UTC: Still Devo song but I heard DTMF programming que tones under the song from the "Community Radio Network" station, so this is in fact a different station than CRN.
0101 UTC: YL ID, sounded like 90.7 WPEF or similar
0102 UTC:  Dire Straits "Walk of Life"
0108 UTC: DJ talk "DJ Downer" or "DJ Donner" or similar with live time check at "Eight-O-Eight"
0116 UTC: More DJ talk with call-in listener, going on for several minutes now
0124 UTC: Local ads for Virginia businesses

This seems to be a relay of FM 90.7 WPEX in Virginia

What it sounded like from Western Michigan: https://youtu.be/undv90zIDS0

Just caught a bit of this in Michigan: very strong signal, 6990 LSB, 1/5/2019 and off at 2205 UTC.

The Who at 0126z, S7 into Michigan

S9 into West Michigan.  Signed on with Aerosmith and into Alice Cooper, Edgar Winter Group, and others.  Great signal here!

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