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0318: No rain remix... Loud and clear in NW New Hampshire! Thank you for the broadcast!

Solid signal into NW New Hampshire/Vermont border tonight. S7-8 and very clear.
0110: Port of Amsterdam
0112: more music

Thanks Radio WTF!

Chickin Little checking in from NW New Hampshire!

Light my fire- Doors
Mustang Sally
Green eyed lady something something...

This is my first time back on HFU in a long time! Good to hear Yeah Man Radio again on my
Tecsun PL880 and a wire!

0045z 6Jun22 UTC... Still on?

THanks for the broadcast into NH, USA tonight!!! Excellent signal here at almost S9/SNR:26.3dB... I think I'm hearing a radio drama of some sort...good listening for a Saturday night, regardless.  ;D

Absolutely massive signal in New Hampshire tonight. Thanx for the bang up show!

0100z STILL GOING STRONG at 25dB SNR!! Thank you MRI!!!

RX: RSPDX/300ft. Endfed dipole horizontally zig-zagged at 120 feet elevation over sea level.

0223z Just tuned in from the QTH here in NH, USA... Sounding really good, some minor fading.  I hear some really trippy stuff, which is what I would expect a pirate broadcaster to be playing late at night here in New England...
RX: Airspy HF Plus Disc. & 300' endfed at 80' above local elevation.

Sounding good here in NH, USA at S7/SNR:6.1dB, but I missed the last 4 digits of the call-in line...

A slight carrier here at the QTH in NH, USA...Hopefully it decides to pick up!

Ball Smacker into New Hampshire at +10 over S9/SNR: 17.4dB !!! Great signal!!

Decent signal into New Hampshire on 6.949.75 AM, at S9/SNR: 6.6dB

Capt. Morgan Shortwave Rules!!

Great signal into New Hampshire tonight...+10 over S9/SNR: 19.3dB
...some funky ol stuff playing right now...

Thanks Wolverine Radio!!

Monster of a signal here in New Hampshire...+20 over S9/SNR: 19.2dB

interesting... Hearing music at the QTH in NH... S8-9, SNR: 8.9dB

Almost readable in New Hampshire, USA. Just above the noise level here...

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