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FDR speech...Big signal into NH tonight...2305z S9+
2313z Assassination of leader of Romania by Hitler... Beautiful signal here...
2341z WFDR Goodnight

Thanks for the show! Excellent signal into NH!

Sunny Afternoon, Kinks... 0115z S7-8 into New England

Beatles and strange noises pumping into New England at S9+

Blazing some Muddy Waters into New Hampshire at S8-9+ and very clear signal... Sounding fantastic. Good job, love the show. 8)

Coming in very nicely here in NH, USA... S8-9+ Very clear sound...  8)

Your signal was good at about a S7-8 into New Hampshire, but now it seems to have faded quite a bit

Beautiful signal into New Hampshire this afternoon...S9+10 and SUPER CLEAR/LOUD...

Thank you for the pretty dance music stuff on such a gloomy day here...

aaaaand switched to USB...MUCH BETTER sound now...

S9+ into NH
Space noises...
0038utc instrumental new wave music...

aaaaaand dogs barking!!

0041 Led Zeppelin

S5 or S6 in New Hampster...
0035 Black Sabbath, Iron Man

Thanks for the show!

Coming in nicely to New Hampster S9+
Your voice sounds like buttah! or warm olive oil!  8)
Signal still good at 2342utc...S9+

North American Shortwave Pirate / WDOG 6950 AM 2306 UTC 5 MAR 2022
« on: March 05, 2022, 2307 UTC »
Just picked this up with the long wire... S9+ into New Hamshire by the sea, with barking dogs

2307UTC Men at WOrk

2339 Betty Davis' eyes... I never understood what this song was about...besides the eyes...
         Signal still S9+10
0032 (WHat song is this???) I love whatever is playing right now... still good signal S9+

0050 Station ID WDOG followed by more Zepp  S9+

Solid S7 into NH, USA!! Sounding wildly mediocre and super decent!  8)

...and off at 2228UTC

S7-8 into NH, USA! Sounding super decent!  8)
Eeek a mouse! @2217UTC

@2230UTC -Signal is booming now with low noise floor...

Great signal here in NH...5 to 6 db over noise...slight fading, but overall coming in very nicely. 0320 utc
0326UTC Burritozilla was named!
0334 Ukraine music

5db over the noise here in New Hampster! Sounds great!
Off at 1800 UTC...  :'(

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