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0405z Reggae music coming in at S7-8+ here in NH, USA
0415z SSTV
0418z signal getting low, still playing reggae
0425z ... almost caught the ID... "[something] Radio, broadcasting live"
0437z Bankrobber- The Clash
0443z unintelligible words; voice/music is just at the noise level.
0454z Robinhood Radio ID, more reggae jamz
0500z sound getting very low...
0515z still on... Awesome reggae...
0520z I switched to NH, USA KiwiSDR;   W1NT for better sound. It worked.
0527z Bradley, Bud, and Eric of Sublime talking (excerpt from album "Robbin the hood") RIP Brad Nowell
0535z SSTV, then signing off with most excellent microphone feedback
0537z off-air
Thanks for staying up late for all us night owls!

Sick guitar shredding at 0044z

Signal: 57-8+

Hearing male voice talking...
0110z SSTV

2200z R. A. M. O. N. E. S.
Signal 59+ here in New Hampshire USA

2225z Weird Al singing Boyz to men or something like that
Signal 56-7+ here in NH

2215z signal S4-5 here in NH

2225z ID RWI mailing address for QSL
Signal 59+ here in New Hampshire
2227z french language music

2322z 11Nov, 6.205 coming in at S6-7 here in NH, USA. SINPO 43343
Sounds like pop music of some sort...

Great signal into NH tonight. S8-9, comedy show, the Great Gildersleeve.

Ray : format for subject line

2145z, barely above the noise level here in NH, USA. Unintelligible voices...

Trippy noises coming in at S9 in NH

2248 Bad dance music in at S8-9

2130 The Great Gildersleeve

S5 into New Hampshire seacoast.
SIO 322

Coming in S3-4 here in New Hampshire, US.
Hearing music just over the noise...

Some fading due to only being able to listen via 1711kHz because my radio will switch to MW on 1710kHz and I'm far out of range to hear with a small ferrite rod antenna, but I'm hearing electronic music through the static in NH seacoast. Actually, I take it back, I'm hearing it on 1710kHz MW, very faintly. Signal is S4-5...

S4-5 here in NH. Electronic music and some talking that I couldn't hear because of the static.
0500z Off-air

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6950 USB 0000 UTC 26 SEP 2019
« on: September 26, 2019, 0003 UTC »
S5+ in NH
0009 came up to S6-7+...
Very noisy here tonight; good tunes though
0026 off-air

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